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25 Feb 2017 21:11:54
How's this for a scenario - pontus suspension for bookings Cooper comes in and we don't concede a goal for the rest of the season and Cooper becomes a legend?

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25 Feb 2017 16:36:13
Not a classic today but a very good team performance. No matter what the managers said before and after the game, this was a 6 pointer. I am however confused as to what he is not seeing in Pedraza and Barrow? Still if the 11 he picks wins the game then more power to him.

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24 Feb 2017 18:43:20
Absolutely no chance of us scoring more than two. I cannot see us keeping a clean sheet. Rhodes, for one, always seems to score against us. Forrestiere also likes to do the same. On that basis I don't think we will win if they score twice. I hope we win but more like 1-1 draw or it can go horribly wrong.

I still don't see it as a season defining game though. If we can get the midfield working ie controlling the middle but getting forward in numbers we could just do it. I think, however, Monk doesn't have the confidence in the players we have. We play defence in depth, keep our shape for the most part and maintain a cautious approach .

I think he believes that if the midfield does push forward we will be too exposed and could lose it big time. I hoped that the Bridcutt / O'Kane combo would sort the problem but it hasn't. Vierra and Bridcutt is a strong defensive combination but gives us little going forward.

Two wingers and a lone striker is not enough unless Hernandez is on song which he isn't on too many occasions. If Hernandez has a 'blinder' we could win it otherwise score draw or loss.

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25 Feb 2017 15:00:53
I am not particularly good at predictions, but for what it's worth, I don't think eiter Rhodes or Forestieri will score against us, Wood will score and we will win 1-0 ! For good measure, I predict Rhodes will miss a penalty as well. we will see.

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25 Feb 2017 16:06:49
Lucky guess there K man

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14 Feb 2017 18:15:34
Rangers trying to tempt monk away to replace Warburton

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14 Feb 2017 19:10:28
I can see a few teams trying to tempt him away before the season is out. Especially if teams near the bottom of the prem get Carl Shutt of their manager. No much compo to pay as his contract is up at the end of the season. Has anyone heard how his contract extension talks are going? 💙

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15 Feb 2017 11:48:15
Rangers can't afford him.

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15 Feb 2017 13:31:15
would you want to leave the mighty Leeds for a tiny club like Rangers? Scottish football is dull.

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15 Feb 2017 13:51:32
With Leeds it's a challenge and there are new ambitions each year, with rangers, second is always good I supoise

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17 Feb 2017 15:05:59
He's probably not looking for a challenge, it's just a job to him at the end of the day so if rangers offered him decent money for little expectation then I don't see why he wouldn't

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14 Feb 2017 12:09:37
For me it's make or break for the season tonight. If we lose tonight, that's 4 in our last 6, and to me that's a strong suggestion that we aren't quite ready for the premier league. Which isn't a problem, because look how far we've come. I don't want to get ahead of myself and think that we can get top two due to a good run of form.

However so far this season we have won a greater percentage of games without Bridcutt than with him. I just hope we bounce back and quick. 2 defeats in games we almost needed to win to show our intent. I don't know maybe monk has other plans for Leeds in that next year we might tear up the championship?

But I'd be happier doing it asap given the opportunity, the publicity and high profile calibur of teams that now go up to the premier league is unbelievable. I just want to see Elland Road rocking again, and Leeds back where they belong. We deserve it, and we'll get there, but I hope sooner rather than later.

Predictions for tonight? I'm going for a high scorer with both teams having goal scorers, 3-2 Leeds and us to go 1 down. Garry won't let this group of players slip, Bristol will be looking for a huge upset but our team wants it more. 3-1/3-2 for me. Either way Pontus, Bartley, and Roofe to get the goals. MOT.

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14 Feb 2017 19:01:37
I'd rather get knocked back trying. than not. play offs this season wpuld be a luxury. COME ON LEEDS!

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17 Feb 2017 15:13:38
After how poor Leeds were last season I'm happy to finish n the top half, we definitely ain't ready for the premiership, there is a huge difference between Leeds and Brighton n Newcastle, yes we have improved a lot but to get up to the premiership will take more than what we have imo, our midfield for starters ain't the best, we need another bridcutt along side him, n we need better wide players.

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13 Feb 2017 10:03:32
Beugeldijk suggesting a move to England and Leeds have been linked before. Finally back up or even competition as a CB?

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17 Feb 2017 15:16:10
He's no better than cooper, we need better

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12 Feb 2017 19:26:57
Did Pontus grab Bartley by the throat in training? would explain his absence on Saturday.

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12 Feb 2017 22:44:47
Monk said they had the doctor out to him Saturday morning and probably won't recover in time for Tuesday so we can look forward to Cooper again. The Bart man and pilot are always hand slapping and hugging and have respect for oneanother so I doubt anything has happened because dropping janson is cutting the nose off to spite the face. It's probably just a bug.

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13 Feb 2017 19:03:15
Believe Monkey man on this one. Man flu is going around my work at the moment. It's the worst virus ever this one!

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12 Feb 2017 11:57:46
The base from which Garry works is - do not give away a silly/any goal - and to cement this he has tightened our once porous defence, but the price of this is his application of two defence minded midfielders to protect our back four.

You cannot argue with this as his philosophy has taken us to 5th. For all our questioning of the so deep lying midfielders it will take a great leap of faith for him to release the dogs of war and attack.

This league has a plethora of good attacking teams that I believe releasing just one DM to support Hernandez would be a large risk and go against his core principle (with this team).

I think that with the success we have had then we must just accept the deep lying double DMs and hope that the forwards can get us home with a run of 1-0s. Of course who those two DMs are is a rich and valuable source of debate.

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12 Feb 2017 19:52:17
Worked well Saturday eh?

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11 Feb 2017 09:56:33
I see Wednesday's speculate to accumulate policy is already paying dividends.

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11 Feb 2017 12:09:13
Yeah with the strike force they have they will score loads of goals. Wish we had bought any one of them

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11 Feb 2017 13:15:25
Agreed, however i can also see them getting into some financial dodo. I have heard that winall is on 40k. How true this is i don't know

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11 Feb 2017 17:30:26
Can't see it

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13 Feb 2017 10:36:01
What firepower one team has. Just looking at their squad; they have Foristieri, Rhodes, Winnall, Fletcher, Hooper, plus those I haven't heard of. As well as the cost, try keeping all of them happy?

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10 Feb 2017 07:40:37
Just read that Wood is the leading goal scorer in Europe so far this year, with 7 goals ahead of Huagin (Juventus) , Kane (Spurs) , Lacazette (Lyon) , Lawrence (Ipswich) and Lukaku (Everton) all on 6. Go you good thing, go.

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10 Feb 2017 13:00:22
Feel free to post a comment about this Ausman. The stats don't lie, our Kiwi Kommando is the best striker in Europe this year.

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10 Feb 2017 14:10:59
Your right lucas the stats don't lie although I know where Ausman is coming from. There have been plenty of players over the years that fans loved but I couldn't see why they looked pretty ordinary to me but I guess looking back people see different things in players. Wood works hard and is scoring goals o wonder if the goals dried up how many would jump on the band wagon to slate him. Anyway may the goals continue and see you all at ER tomorrow MOT.

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