21 May 2014 01:23:38
Leeds looking at readings Royston Drenthe. It says on direct sport that MC is a big fan as he can play left full back or left wing and has played for Real Madrid and Everton and MC see, s him as the type of player needed to help us back to the premier league. What do people think as Charlie Taylor has signed today and also plays left full back?

1.) 21 May 2014
Would be a great addition on left wing with tayor at lb

2.) 21 May 2014
Cant believe that when we aren't even going to have a training ground!Thought ER and TA were going to be bought within a week!

3.) 21 May 2014
I think it's clever ploy to get the rent reduced .
After all who else would use it or could afford it .
Think! if you ring up your sat service and say you want to cancel do they give you a better deal to keep you as a customer?
Think M C is a cunning so and so who will look to get the best deal and I don't blame him .

4.) 21 May 2014
Charlie Taylor has a lot of ability. Now Pugh and Drury are out of the way, we should see him figure a lot more.

5.) 22 May 2014
I see Taylor being perfectly timed to replace Warnock as he gets older

6.) 22 May 2014
Play him left mid and Taylor left back and aidy white as back up