28 May 2017 10:33:43
Rumour that we are about to sign Sacko for €2m. Does anyone else think that it is a bit pricey ?

1.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 12:17:46
Hope not. Way to pricey. Not good enough? Anyway. Whose making that decision. I would expect owner to sit down with new manager and director of football and make a joint dec on who stays and goes. Not make the dec on hos own.

2.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 12:47:06
Think it's a good deal. A lot of potential is there, if we can harness it right. He needs to be allowed to attack, Monk's defensive tactics held him back, and I think he can easily hit 10 goals. Offers far more than Dallas, who is vastly overrated by some fans.

3.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 13:06:36
Cheap imo, with the money flying around lately. Sacko can improve.

4.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 14:27:16

5.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 15:42:23
Sadly I agree Vinny, the money trickling down from the prem has pushed player values up so £1.7m really isn't a lot in the current market. The thing is I think its an over spend based on last season but if he can add 4 goals and 4 assists next term, which is only 1 of each every 11 games or so, he suddenly looks a real bargain. As for the decision Aus my guess is because we had an agreed price that was set to run out when his loan officially does (I'm guessing the day after the playoff final, which just happens to be today) so we couldn't wait on it. I would guess he has gone on the advice of the assistant and the coaches as to where Sacko's game is and where they think it can get to.

6.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 15:42:33
Notts, not pricey. Martyn is correct. Sacko cannot cross, play the right pass and doesn't get enough assists or goals but add to that "just yet". In his favour, he is fast as fork. What does 1.7m get you these days? Perhaps the new manager can teach him new skills. I'd have triggered the permanent buy option too. Our squad requires thickening out no doubt.

7.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 16:02:37
Sorry tomorrow for the playoff final, got my dates wrong, either way, same point.

8.) 28 May 2017
28 May 2017 22:14:34
Bargain. Pace scares defenders to death. He's still young enough to improve the rest of his game. On Dallas, does he he still play for us I can't remember?

9.) 29 May 2017
29 May 2017 12:29:23
Think it can only be a good sign if we are spending that sort of money on squad players.