01 Jun 2017 14:06:33
Leeds linked to former Barcelona and Juve Centre Back Martín Cáceres. Celtic and Swansea also interested so probably unlikely to happen but Victor Orta is linked to him as he signed him for Sevilla which is probably where the rumour has come from.

1.) 01 Jun 2017
01 Jun 2017 15:33:57
Hope so, he is good with the ball and is a perfect partner for Pontus, hope we sign Bartley too.

2.) 01 Jun 2017
01 Jun 2017 18:10:03
We where keen on him before he signed for Southampton on a free last year, if we did put in a bid this time he might just take it since he got stuck on a bench in the prem last season. I would take him going to Swansea though, got to think they would be more open to letting Bartley go.