06 Jan 2018 16:17:19
Sky sports transfer rumours linking Chris Martin of Derby with move to Leeds. Even if only a loan move this guy knows where the net is, he was great last season for fulham.

1.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 21:31:28
He's a skill full player, and has been prolific at times, but is currently not playing first team football for a reason Mezzer? This is for a second half push for glory, so players on form with a proven record in giving everything every game is critical at this time. Madine or Hugil far better options at this time for me.

2.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 15:28:30
With our luck we'll probably sign the fellA from Coldplay instead

3.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 09:55:05
He's better than Grot.