10 Jan 2018 13:19:18
Just heard a rumour De Brock also to be loaned out to leonesa until end of season surely not! They wouldn't would they? 😲

1.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 13:52:54
Saying that was the original plan to loan him straight out but with Aylings injury the plan may well change. So looks like we only planed to buy for the future this transfer window but due to suspensions and injury Are being forced to act.

2.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 14:47:35
Oh yes they would. And it's not even panto season. Getting a bit miffed with this loaning of players to this Spanish side. What about us Mr Rads?

3.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 15:20:59
not being funny but when are this spanish team going to sign a few class players and send them our way? ideguchi, de bock, and bouy are all good quality players, ill be mad if this one goes.

4.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 16:51:31
Well said samo

5.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 19:03:12
Good post Samo and a bloody good question!

6.) 10 Jan 2018
10 Jan 2018 21:07:44
That there buoy boy is back at ER, not getting game time in Spain.