04 Feb 2018 13:08:28
Reports from Angus Kinnear that both AR and VO believe that the current squad is strong enough to win a place in the play offs obvious tells us that the blame for the situation is squarely being laid at TCs door. So 1st question Mr. AR, What you propose to do about it.

1.) 04 Feb 2018
04 Feb 2018 14:45:09
Current squad is bottom six not top six. Thanks Mr Orta.

2.) 04 Feb 2018
04 Feb 2018 14:59:09
Just a thought, let's get rid of TC and let Orta pick the team for the remainder of the season!

3.) 04 Feb 2018
04 Feb 2018 16:27:11
1st post on here. was reading a wee bit about outa and his time at middlesboro and if true why did rads even hire him? Obviously there are 2 sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle but the guy seems like a cancer to a football club

4.) 04 Feb 2018
04 Feb 2018 20:50:39