11 Feb 2018 23:29:02
Roofe is poor. I thought one of his assets was pace. He hasn't anything like what is needed in the championship. Always regarded Vierra as a very good prospect. He can't pass yet but it is hoped that will improve. Unfortunately the rest of his game has slumped recently - it should recover. Alioski has been good but lightweight and very poor. Maybe he misses Saiz.

Phillips has an all round game that is average at best in the championship. He is reckless and can be hindrance on occasions. Hernandez has class but is inconsistent. I like Forshaw in the midfield. O'Kane is OK but he makes too many mistakes in and around our penalty area. Dallas is not great but is a decent all rounder. Good squad player. Jansson is good. De Bok? I hope he is still settling in. Was found wanting a few times in his first few games.

Ayling and Beradi are fine when they manage to play. Cooper is average at best Goal Keepers? We could do better. Lasogga is a class finisher but needs service. Taylor hasn't played but he's a stiker who couldn't get into an Albion side that can't score goals and was at Walsall. Hope he can step up better than Roofe, Bottom line. We need a keeper, at least one decent winger, centre half and a strong creative midfielder and maybe a striker for starters. Hope Orta can sort it!

1.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 10:34:13
Hesslian think if we play him in the right place he will be fine, can’t be that bad he our top scorer he did well for Oxford as well.