07 Mar 2018 22:05:41
Disappointing, another game where their goalkeeper is a passenger. We just did not work him at all.

1.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 07:19:58
Youre right, but for 5 minutes forget attacking and goals, there's no point scoring a lot of goals or even having a lot of shots if you can't keep the opposition out at the other end, . you may as well play with 2 at the back and just let it be an attack v defence game. It appears more and more evident that the players train seperately and in seperate groups, to the extent that the defenders can all pass the ball between them, so can the midfielders, and lasogga can't even get the ball to feet its been the same all season. lump it to the big man and see what he does, watch like lemons. there's a clear divide within the players, and what good is it passing it sideways. All credit to wolves, they play some seriously attractive but brutal football, i was really impressed. In honesty their goals weren't too classy, the last one exceptional, but that's the difference between a top team and a below par underachieving team. We were once that team, against brum at home we played shocking football, but we ground out a result and carried on to the end, proved by dallas' goal. Since september, leeds have lost 16 games. Weve played 29. there's a false hope around the club. we had expectations because radz bigged us up at the beginning of the year. where do we go from here? hecky in charge next year imo, he's got one of those faces and backgrounds and stories that the efl seem to love, sky love to interview managers like him, if we get a bit of momentum i think he could do well at leeds, but that won't happen this year. If you haven't written off the play-offs, i would. I thought i'd be the last one to do so, but I've been to or watched all of the last 500 minutes of leeds football and it is so poor. there is one, very, very minor light at the end of this tunnel for me, and its that young lad BPF, he seemed to look big in his goal, much more of a presence, and for once i wasnt heavily judging or worrying about our goalkeeper, i was more assessing him to see if he could cope. I think he deserves another start, made saves and committed in situations i don't think wied would have. he's another useful one to play as well because even if we do see another better goalkeeper come in in summer, he might have had enough time to prove himself and go out on loan at a better team. brutally honest, sell saiz, the man has got premier league quality, no doubt, but he's got a bad reputation discipline wise, and in all honesty, if you sold him for maybe 8-10 million, that's 2 great players for this level, just as long as the right person is scouting them. If derby go up i think brad johnson shoudl come back, he won't get much time in the PL imo and i think to pair him with forshaw wed have a good balance there. We revolve a team and a formation to suit saiz, and i think that's crypitc. To me, the best thing we can do is get players in shirts who are english, understand the game, the league, the passion of leeds fans, the way that forshaw and co do. Jansson is one of a kind to be honest, bit of a one off in terms of his passion, it was a great spot from monk. Based on last night, and their performances that I've seen this season, the players that should walk are wied, lonergan, berardi, cooper, pennington, anita, de bock, sacko, alioski, okane, cibicki, saiz, lasogga, ekuban, grot. there's a full starting 11 there of players that orta has signed which are not good enough for this league, or certainly not in a leeds shirt at least. it'll take time, a few snatches from the premier league of cheap, fairly old players (30-33) and some experience of this league, mixed with an attacking threat, and youve got yourself an understanding leeds team. I do think we need about 8 new experienced players, and it won't come cheap but it will be worth it. I also think one who I've nto really mention, bradley dack, is one we should go for.

2.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 10:34:29
Wow quite a post there Samo. I agree with a lot of it but do not think we need as many as 8 new faces and do not necessarily think they should all be English. Wolves, amongst others, has a fair sprinkling of foreign talent. I believe 3 or 4 strong signings can revitalise this team and give it the spine that succesfull teams need. The spend can be further reduced if some of the "ones for the future" step up and grab their chance ala BPF. He seemed to acquit himself well last night and certainly warrants a few more starts. I would like to see him under the pressure of aerial bombs, one of Felixs failings. The ball is certainly in Heckys court now, to see if his reputation for strong management and bringing the kids through is deserved. Forget top 6. He says he is planning for next year well let's see if that includes playing some of the kids with supposedly big potential and for goodness sake "Bring Back Ideguchi" (hope to God he's worth it. ) If Big money is to be spent let's use it on a proven striker and a partner for Pontus (if he's still here)

3.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 23:01:20
Berahdi samo?