29 May 2018 12:45:58
Were now being linked with Cultural’s coach Ruben de la Barrera. Please god no.

1.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 13:20:36
😱😱😱dear oh dear! Nooooo!

2.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 15:18:15
No, no and thrice NO

3.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 16:38:47
Why are we being linked so heavily to coaches? Yes, the gaffer would have never been my first choice, but this squad isn't his, we didn't ay super well at the back end of the season but surely we've got to give him a crack of the whip with a little time and money. What the Heck has he done so dreadfully wrong?

4.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 17:18:46
Merely being from Barnsley is enough to set some against him, couple that with winning 4 from 16 (even tho there were many injuries and suspensions) and that about seals his fate in many eyes. He Wouldn't have been my choice either, but, you have to cut your cloth accordingly, we're, currently, a mid-table championship club . which top manager/coach would be actually really interested?

5.) 30 May 2018
30 May 2018 07:01:33
The football played under Heckingbottom last season was dire.

6.) 30 May 2018
30 May 2018 08:09:29
He turned saiz bad. enough said

7.) 30 May 2018
30 May 2018 18:56:24
Saiz turned himself bad, got himself banned then tried too hard when he came back