09 Jan 2018 08:05:42
Having looked at 'our squad' on Sunday it's made me realise that although I am not a fan of tc, I do think he's over achieved so far this season (in the league) . to be 6th with that squad is remarkable really, we have the same back 4 as last yr (Taylor didn't play that often) . keeper has weakened us, same midfield 3,Phillips, viera, o'kane. Pablo still plays, we lost someone who bagged us 30 goals. and have saiz and alioski, it's fair to say the summer recruitment with the exception of ss has been piss poor, we took a lot of money in for Taylor/wood, it's time to use some now and strengthen the first 11 (not the squad or under 23's) . I am not sure how many more foreign gambles we can take, we are getting the majority of these players cheap for a reason. most are crap. I think it's time to explore the English market and get players in who we know can play in the championship.

1.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 09:07:54
Good post Leeeeeds totally agree especially about the poor recruitment barring samu and Alioski, you have to question ortas judgement when looking at players, as klich average to poor Pennington not sure he's solid enough for championship, Cameron borthwick poor and attitude problem, lassoga not fit enough or mobile enough no passion, grot don't think he will cut it even though he's young he doesn't have any sign of skill/ability required, apparently Middlesbrough fans were also not impressed with Ortas ability to spot a player. Heres hoping de brock is in Samu's league (minus the spitting 😆) be great if we can prise the 2 Peterborough lads Marriott and their playmaker away from them but don't think AR will part with 10 mill+ for the 2 of them

2.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 09:44:30
I didn't say I rated alioski, I just stated he's a new player who makes the team. agree with you re the other players.

3.) 09 Jan 2018
09 Jan 2018 11:56:17
I want marriott and maddison as much as the next person, but radz wouldn't spend 10m on flint and bryan? 2 players who are now showing that they're easily good enough for the next step. shame really but that's what happens when you don't take risks you don't get the reward. suppose cooper has been a revelation this year and captaincy has made him a fan favourite, by far the form of his career. if radz wouldn't spend 10m on 2 lads with serious potential then, why would he now? suppose now he knows the team, he knows his manager better, he knows what funds he has, and he knows how much this club want it. with he get his balls out all over sky sports news and splash on the two most talked about players in the efl right now, and make a statement to the reest of the championship, or will he spend 100,000 a month on another new coach who 'might get us another 12 points this season' which i'm still waiting to see. i know were being a bit spoilt of leeds' recent times and i'm sure there's tsill financial debt, but do you want the premier league mr radrizanni?