11 Jan 2018 10:05:16
In fairness to orta, we've wanted a LB all year. Yes we should have had this ladin the pipe line before taylor went, but were a third of the way through and 2/3 of my personal targets are in. i'm happy with that business. Hope ideguchi proves he's too good for the second spanish div. De bock is someone with experience, i think he will ease this league personally, really good feeling about him. that defence is now solid, even without ayling, its a good back 4, keeper with second most clean sheets in the league, yes he fumbles, and yes he isn't the best in the league, but he is getting better and is slowly adapting. we've asked for a left back, got him, we've asked for a cm, got him too, maybe the back room staff do also know what's required and aren't as delusional as we thought, then again playing lasogga week in week out. team for saturday for me: wield, berardi, jansson, coops, de bock, okane, phillips, alioski, hernandez, cibicki, roofe

1.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 12:30:57
Let's see him play before we expect too much, as fans we have built some of these 'foreign gambles 'up, only to be let down once we see them play, I do hope samo that we bring another 1 or 2 in but it wouldn't suprise me if that's it for us, tc has said he's happy with midfield and forwards. could do with Dallas back to free Pablo up for the 10 role but not sure how much longer he will be out, any news on viera for Saturday?