13 Jan 2018 18:04:16
As predicted - a loss. If it isn't lack of creativity or quality in front of goal it's lack of discipline. We have too many shortcomings. I think we were shading it in the first half then lost O'Kane. We were again shading it in the second but missed the chances we they came. You know that with this team they will concede in situations like this. We did at Newport and we have done it again. Ipswich were not good and were come off the back of three straight defeats. Playing like this we are in for a torrid couple of months. Mid table at best unless we bring in some quality. Losogga, Sacko need to go. Grot out on loan. So no Saiz, no Aling, no O'Kane. Vierrra just recovering as is Dallas. Chisbikki (can't spell it) out I think for a bit. We have just about eleven starters - no back up. Substitutions will not provide any game changers although I think some of TC's ideas in this respect are bizarre anyway.

1.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 18:33:57
Good post Hess. Can't really disagree. May even add a couple of names to your "out" list