08 Feb 2018 08:49:14
Change of topic what's everyone's predictions for Saturday against that other lot? going to let heart rule the head and say 2-1 to us but with them playing 3-5-2 think heck will go with 3 in the middle of the park or a 4-1-4-1 hopefully

1.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 11:10:02
At the start of the season this is a game we would have all expected to win. Way things have panned out its going to be a test. Still think we are good enough so go for 2-1 to us. May end up with a draw though.

2.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 12:15:18
As everyone is starting to return my only fear now is the cloud hanging over Pontus's next yellow especially as the next game is potentially physical and everyone should be trying that little bit harder.