07 Aug 2018 21:23:20
Just having a beer with Mate who
Is a Brighton season ticket holder who says Norwood would be a steal anything aroun 1.5 million delivery and set ball skills excellent not an opportunity in the Brighton team as they play two defensive midfielder.

Tackling only perceived weakness but highly rated at Brighton.

1.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 22:17:44
Thanks for report Class. Worryingly it's been reported that Kinnear has said we're looking only at incoming loans for the remainder of the window. That would make me angry if true and would be an error. Woods Norwood Maddison there for the taking. Don't want rivals pinching these. It would also mean we didn't actually spend much making all that £20m talk cheap. Love the start we've made but we need to add more quality for the squad and competition for places.

2.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 22:27:23
We need a tackling midfielder.

3.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 23:48:58
Guys. I think he would strengthen our squad greatly and yes good at set pieces. pablo and Douglas both just as good at set pieces. As a Northern Ireland fan. Norwood rarely misses a game and is a certain starter every match so would be a welcome addition I feel to the squad .
For that price. Snap him up. ⚽️⚽️👍👍😊.

4.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 08:16:02
I agree George, just a bit of permanent investment and maybe a loan signing would do for me. I know it was only the first game, but it was so encouraging that Radz, Orta and killjoy Kinnear need to do the right thing as we potentially have a great chance of doing something this year. I aren't saying break the bank but let's speculate a bit.

5.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 09:09:57
Cracking post Fev. Couldn't agree more.

6.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 11:21:26
Agree George. That's a top post fev.