10 Oct 2018 11:22:08
The team that I believe will play at Blackburn:

Berardi Cooper Jansson Dallas
Alioski Saiz Harrison

The team that I would like to play at Blackburn:

Dallas Berardi Jansson Alioski
Hernandez Saiz Harrison


1.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 11:32:35
I’m hoping roofe and Hernandez are back.
Not sure it’s fair to drop cooper for one bad game.
Think Saiz needs a rest.
And while we are on the subject. I’m underwhelmed by Bamford. I know he hasn’t played much but I think we paid 5-6 mill too much for him. I’d have roofe and Roberts on team sheet before him.

2.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 12:34:16
Need Hernandez and Roofe in team if fit, even if Pablo just plays an hour.

3.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 12:49:47
Obviously, Roofe's form this season warrant a place in the team. However Roberts offers so much more as the lone striker, his link-up play is superb!

4.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 13:09:00
Bamford has played about 2 games for us so far - waaay to early to judge him and he is a proven goalscorer at this level.

5.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 14:35:11
My initial thoughts are we paid 5-6 mill too much for Bamford. He has looked clueless in my opinion. Time will tell but I think he is a dud.

6.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 14:50:44
Exactly Alf, well said. Not remotely possible to judge someone based on a few sub appearances.

7.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 15:52:11
Hopefully Roofe and Pablo back in, Shackleton at right back, maybe switch Berardi for Phillips, Baker for Saiz.

8.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 16:43:05
A couple of sub appearances, a cup game and U23’s is hardly the basis for rating a player surely Aus. I’m here to be proved wrong in time, but let’s at least get him back from injury, and give him a fair crack!?

9.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 20:10:00
Mr aus, been on the fosters again, talking baloney again.
Bamford not even had chance to get going. he will be our best striker in years
Says he, s down-underwhelmed. what a plonker Rodney.

10.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 20:19:01
Struth sheila" 7 million for bamford. that's 5/ 6 million too much.