21 Jan 2019 22:58:29
Great evening in Tadcaster. Well done to the club for providing the base for an enjoyable experience.

First half better but more goals in the second! Roberts, as others have said looked classy in the first. He worked well with Stevens and Edmondson and we missed him at the start of the second. He was driving us forward and Izzy takes time to get going. Not sure why IB didn't play the whole game, perhaps to give Roberts another chance at 10. Izzy came into as the game went in and started to show better touches.

Aapo full of confidence, great header for the goal and an assist for Diaz as well. The three CBS all looked good. Tom Pearce, getting back to fitness and made some good runs and superb cross for the first goal. Stevens made some great runs with the ball but final ball missing a few times.

Great to see Ryan getting another goal.

Creditable performance, when we went 1-2 down, didn't think we would get back into it as Southampton we're starting to play a bit down the wing. But we regrouped and got a great result.

Can't have done Aapos chances any harm for Saturday. Gives us height in both defense and attack.

1.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 02:35:58
And a crowd of 2,500 for an U23 game, outstanding :)

2.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 05:35:53
Yes definitely worth the 3 quid . Halme was good at the back also fort Gotts gunna b a right player very comfortable on the balll . Izzy looked better more the game went on . Good win ALAW.

3.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 07:13:22
Gotts does look a player, probably why Samu bailed 😉.

4.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 09:12:21
we could do with a bit more size in the team.

5.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 11:18:00
I've said that a few times alf, specially when Coops was out, Pontus and BPF looked like giants.