01 Sep 2014 14:04:57
Just been reported on radio Leeds that Matt smith is in talks with Fulham about a move to join up with ross mc.

What's your thoughts in it?


1.) 01 Sep 2014
Would be stupid to lose Smith now - we need his height. We don't need the money…. plus he's just signed a new contract? Why have Fulham suddenly replaced Norwich in regarding us as a 'feeder' club? They can Foxtrot Oscar.

2.) 01 Sep 2014
Realistically, how many games is he going to start, with all the new boys there it won't be many. We will miss his height but by all accounts that is all we will miss. Time to cash in

3.) 01 Sep 2014
A good coach would get a lot more out of Smithy. He needs to slim down and run off the ball more. he's not scored that many because of dire service from the midfield….but look what happened against Bradford….and yes, he really should have scored with that header in injury time. Over the course of a long hard season I reckon he'd get quite a few games - plus he's got a good attitude….not to be underestimated…and he hasn't asked to move, that I'm aware of.

4.) 01 Sep 2014
Don't really want to loose him, yes he is 25 but he has only been in the professional game a short time but I really think he would have had an impact this year.

This is the main problem with the Leeds / MC set up, where the "coach" has no control over transfer going ons.

5.) 01 Sep 2014
Take 3 mill and make them take 5 or 6 others as well as freebies
Won't be sorry if he stays, but I'm hoping our new style of play won't leave us having to play hoof ball

6.) 01 Sep 2014
I think smiths presence makes us play the long ball. he's no good with his feet, extremely slow off the mark and not great at hold up play although I do rate him as a last ditch impact player but without any wingers he is quite pointless

7.) 01 Sep 2014
So if we need his height i'm assuming we will have to pump the ball up to him!
Wouldnt it be better to play footbal on the floor?
Most of the GOOD footballing teams these days keep the ball close to the grass.

8.) 01 Sep 2014
01 Sep 2014 17:37:46
I think Smith gives us options and sometimes height from a floated corner or cross is invaluable - it does not have to be hoof ball! A decent coach and a bit of time is what is needed - I want him to stay.

9.) 01 Sep 2014
Lump the ball up to him? i'd say with some width and decent crosses he can be a very effective player. Last year he done amazingly well and although I wouldn't have him as a regular starter he can prove his worth over the season of 46 league games.
Lee Chapman was not a great player and most of his goals were with his head but he was some player and scorer for us. And I don't remember the ball being lumped in to the box often, just great crosses from Dorigo and Speed one side and Sterland and Strachan the other! Smith might not be another Chapman but can do a job for us.
However, if Fulham offer big cash again, that's another story.

10.) 01 Sep 2014
Andy - don't think I ever mentioned hoof ball…if we get more width Smithy should trouble defences from conventional crosses and free kicks. I'm a big fan of the ball being kept on the floor, but also a fan of big centre forwards with good heading ability who can intimidate defences. We don't want a forward line full of diddymen.