12 Feb 2017 09:24:52
. can anyone tell me why bridcutt is in between the 2 centre backs all the feel time? . because he is so deep Hernandez is dropping deeper and deeper to collect the ball and try make things happen, so frustrating watching yesterday's game, we are really guilty of starting games slow and letting the opposition get a foot hold in the game, why we didn't come out and have a real go at them right from the first minute is baffling, we hardly get any players in the box through out most games, let's be honest, we have been relying heavily on set pieces this season for goals, the only time we got gehind them was when sacko came on, he must start Tuesday. I aren't overly concerned at losing bridcutt, apart from the derby county game I don't think he's been great, we played a lot higher up the pitch as a team whilst he was out injured. sure that will divide opinion

1.) 12 Feb 2017
12 Feb 2017 10:24:56
Couldn't agree more. More or Leeds word for word my thoughts. My mate and I couldn't understand the Bridcutt position. At Udders Incould understand and although it ain't pretty it nearly pulled off. But at Home? We have Good attacking players, so why do we insist they play as defensive midfielders and home to score from a set piece or counter?