22 Aug 2017 21:23:50
Anyone else agree leeds1988, daz, mrbean123 is our lucky charm? LOL

1.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 21:35:21
There's other things I'd call him first

2.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 21:46:51
Thankyou I try my best because let's face it you need all the luck you can get with your team lol

3.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 21:53:02
Interesting you came back after we won, not after you lost at the weekend!

4.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 22:10:28
No I did come back just my post didn't get put up :) n I was saying how unbelievable you all are for saying Tottenham lost to Chelsea like Chelsea are easy or something lol you beat Sunderland n then you think your in a position to slag Tottenham of lol Jokers. Sunderland and Chelsea humm big difference don't you think lmao.

5.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 22:16:31
You do a lot of laughing, do you have mental disorder?

6.) 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 23:02:09
How many accounts do you need? You're not fooling anyone.

7.) 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 00:02:57
Burnley did it quite easy bean.

8.) 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 07:48:12
Come on you guys, stop being nasty you should know better than pick on a child. Especially one with a learning disability.

9.) 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 08:21:21
Mr Bean etc, has probably pi**ed every one off on the Spurs site, a bit like someone once on here a sort of mystic meg character if you know who I mean. Someone who supports another team but spend so much time on here, well it just does not bode well . When you think back at the other fans that have come on from other clubs to ask or tell us about a player we or they are signing, it's clear that this person does not have a sound mind . unfortunately I only have the ability to deal with problem canines (dogs to you Bean ) .