24 Aug 2017 16:11:18
I have had said for sometime that Wood is an average Championship striker. He is a forward who can score goals not an out an out goal scorer. He had a freak season last year and I don't think he will repeat it certainly not at premiership level. 10- 15 at the best. Although he scored a bucket full of goals I think in some ways he was a hindrance. I saw just about all the games last season and in the majority he didn't play well which meant others couldn't feed off him and after a while they stopped trying. Running past him to be 'played in' was usually a waste of time. He vindicated himself by scoring goals but it was usually the one thing he did. Others didn't usually chip because nothing much was been created. Hence the usual 1-0; 0-0;0-1, or 1-1 score lines. There were exceptions but not many. Trying to get balls into him was very difficult as hewas often isolated and because too much attention was given to this nothing much else was happening. It may be a blessing he has gone particularly with the transfer fee. I think AR is doing an excellent job. He seems to have a plan and he and his team are working at it. Bringing in and developing youth is a sign that he is not only looking at the present but at the longer term. It may all come to nothing in the end but even if it does nobody can say he didn't give it a good go. Personally I wouldn't bet against him.

1.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 16:26:04
Completely agree with most of that. I'd point out Wood was pretty useful defending at corners but, as a centre-forward bringing others into the game, pretty rubbish. Dude can't link plays.

2.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 16:27:21
Totally agree Hess, T C and Radz do seem to be giving decent long term contracts or letting players go and Wood for the price was good business . It really would not shock me if we didn't see a couple of strikers signed before transfer window closes .

3.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 17:24:44
Totally agree, was saying same thing last season but a lot of people were blinded by the goals, which were welcome. Look at us now everyone getting in the box. Dallas looks like a different player.

4.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 17:43:36
I got tired of seeing him waste Pablo Hernandez through balls tbh.

5.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 18:43:01
With the players we now have and the style that suits them we need a more fluid, gifted forward who can pick up balls with a good first touch. Not so much the old English style of get to the bye-line and throw in a cross. A nimble forward with a quick brain and two good feet would feed well off Saiz Hernandez Alioski and O'Kane.

6.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 18:59:46
he didn't do too badly scoring 27 goals though

7.) 24 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017 20:49:54
The point is he got in the way of others and it was a freak season. Can't argue with the goals in the season but the overall team goal tally was not good enough and he won't do it again most likely.

8.) 25 Aug 2017
25 Aug 2017 16:09:59
No offense Hess but i'm pretty sure you are the geezer who claimed Bellusci to be our best centre back and Cooper was a total joke. Sorry to say but you were wrong brother. How is Pepe if you don't mind me asking?