10 Oct 2017 16:24:05
I seem to remember many on this site giving Rob Green stick at the start of last season, then tipping him for player of the year at the end of it. Monk stuck with him and his performances improved. Are these the same people who are now ridiculing the Cat? Yes, it's our right to be fickle football fans but all it takes is a couple of good games and everyone will be raving on about him. I think we should stick with him. MM

1.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 16:28:48
Couldn't agree with u more mm, I reckon it'll be a rob green situation and we'll be raving about him end of season.

2.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 17:52:42
Love your optimism Delboy and would love you to be proven right. Thing is Green had played at the top before he came to Leeds and although he was known for some of his mistakes he had been a good keeper, the difference is Felix hasn't done much in the past. Yes he played in Germany's top flight, but he was poor and we can see why.

3.) 11 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 20:07:12
Said after the Cardiff match that he got a lot of unjustified negativity, conceded 3 but not really at fault for any and everyone tore into him. The lack of a proper LB and a CB to partner Pontus is hurting us more than anything.

4.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 02:54:27
Ive only seen him once plus the cardiff goals. He had a good defence in front of him. An experienced defence. Just got to say it as i saw it. He couldn't catch a ball. He couldn't distribute a ball. He couldn't position himself right. He couldn't come out for corners right. i'm sorry chaps but it really was an appalling display and trust me. He is going to cost us many many many points. It was stupid getting rid of green. Wield should have been made to fight for his place. Green did make a few mistakes last season but ge generally got the basics right. This chap looks like he literally panics as soon as the ball is near him. Tc needs to admit his mistake and drop him.

5.) 12 Oct 2017
12 Oct 2017 10:21:30
Is that you martyn? Payback?