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09 Aug 2018 22:49:03
Yes slightly disappointed with end to widow. We apparently had 20mil kitty and incomings ( bam/ Doug) for? 11mil, then 3 loans ( baker/ jam/ harri) , no big outlay but maybe 4.5mil in wages per year
Sold vieira 7 mil so should have approx 12- 16 mil credit?
If rads really wants promotion and the rewards it reaps, has to spend as this squad not good enough.
Should have brought in CB, defense middle man to replace veira, another winger like Maddison and feel a pacey striker, then would have cover for every position to cover injuries/ suspensions. Need some loans now, Nmecha, foyth etc.

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09 Aug 2018 23:35:13
Nmecha out on loan too Preston I think.
I think we may get a good couple off top loans on top money in next few weeks. Here’s hoping.

09 Aug 2018 23:48:42
Nmecha took his boots to PNE
Think the plan was always going to be loan market but its getting right people over the line to help us.

10 Aug 2018 00:19:38
I think the budget is included for January too, and we also have a loan window.

10 Aug 2018 06:03:12
I don't know why we are talking about January. When we were told there's no value in the window.

10 Aug 2018 08:03:05
Too right wex.
To me. January transfer window is for teams and management that didn’t plan and get the right players to do the job preseason. Oh wait. That is us.
Well it’s all over now. Maybe couple of loans. Maybe not.
One thing is for sure. Biesla must be happy with what he has got cause radz wouldn’t risk him having a strop and storming out.
Let’s see how he does though. So far so good. Maybe he is a maestro and maybe he has got enough nous and players for the job. Time will tell.
Not that keen on the kit tbh.

10 Aug 2018 08:09:37
Loan with option to buy in Jan wex simples.

10 Aug 2018 14:52:48
And like I said before, we got Forshaw in January.

09 Aug 2018 20:52:41
Quick question, does anyone know where Peter Odewingie turned up today? I can't find anything on the web or Sly Spurts!

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09 Aug 2018 23:37:07
Heard he was seen getting bundled into harry redknapps boot by crouchy and nico krancjar. Harry always up for a deal.

09 Aug 2018 23:39:14
Funny Lucas very funny.

11 Aug 2018 09:45:26
I bet Sky were cursing their luck that Range Rover Harry is out of work. He is good entertainment though, Last year when asked about his new signings he said: "when the new additions bed in you will see a different Bournemouth team" this was while he was the Manager of Birmingham!

09 Aug 2018 18:40:50
Not surprised with lack transfer business today, think strategy was always around picking up some premier off casts on loan, but that doesn’t explain why we didn’t go for Maddison or that anyone else did? George, what’s the skinny on that one, guy must be gutted his age and record screamed bargain but then the Posh Chairman is notoriously tight on these deals! Hi hum let’s hope we get the right loan deals we still need a few for the marathon that is this League.

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09 Aug 2018 19:14:06
Another false dawn. No way is this squad good enough for promotion.

09 Aug 2018 19:31:58
Yet another false dawn. There's no way this squad is good enough for promotion.

09 Aug 2018 20:33:45
There I've said it twice.

09 Aug 2018 20:39:24
Wow, is that Wex being negative AGAIN! Cheer up lad, you're always moaning
We have a decent squad and will add some Premier loans. Along with a top manager, there is no reason we haven't got a chance of pushing!
Have faith and a camomile tea.

09 Aug 2018 20:42:32
Two false dawns Wex?

09 Aug 2018 21:43:09
add to that the away kit is astonishing and you have a bad day all round.

09 Aug 2018 22:14:09
One more time for effect, wex?

09 Aug 2018 22:52:47
So good he said it twice.

09 Aug 2018 23:05:23
Some are getting carried away here on the back of one game. Fact is we haven't strengthened enough to gain 6/ 7 places in the league. And now the ones that call me negative are left with all their hopes on the loan market. Radz and co have promised a war chest and delivered a tea caddy.

09 Aug 2018 23:08:25
Dave the regulars here will tell you I was ine of the most positive posters here but I have come to realize we are being sold a lemon Radz is a fraud.

09 Aug 2018 23:42:11
How can you say that with the manager he has brought in after ballsing up with the others. They type off player we have got over last couple off weeks compared too last seasons and it’s been a learning curve for rads too. He’s made mistakes and has said so as has orta. So I think it’s a positive step with how he’s approached this season. And a good few top loans with view too sign permanently will do just great. MOT. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️👍.

10 Aug 2018 00:04:35
Wex, I’m not sure who on here “ are getting carried away here on the back of one game”. I’m not, for me it’s game by game until the end of the month, after Derby, Swansea and Middlesbrough, I think by then, we will have a much better idea of how the tactics work against good teams and whether we can produce them game after game. Remember, this squad doesn’t “need to be good enough to get us to promotion”, it needs to be good enough after the loan period ends to get us close to a top six position by year end! there’s another month window!

I think the most common theme on here is, let’s get behind the team and see what happens. Spending doesn’t guarantee promotion, getting the right players, finding a way of gelling a team together and getting extra performance out of the fringe players can and I think there is still not enough evidence to write that off! Let’s see how everyone feels at the end of August.

10 Aug 2018 00:22:36
I've been a casual reader for many a year and I have lost my password for many accounts. I've seen legends of this site come and go, I've seen "close and personally friends of cellino" arrive then leave. But wex, you've always been negative as far as I remember my friend.

10 Aug 2018 06:45:19
But Del we all know your meds play havoc with your memory.

10 Aug 2018 08:34:34
Come on guys. Leave Wex alone. He is entitled to his opinion, as are we all, even if it doesn't come across as too positive

Personally i am happy with this summers deals. 2 very good signings in and no "crown jewels" moving out.

Yes, i don't believe Viera was a crown jewel. A good youngster, but not a game changer

Having Henandez re-sign and Kilch prove a previous coach he was wrong has also been brilliant pieces of business. And don't forget all the contract extensions that have happened for our U23s

In fact, for me the best bit has been our ability to find clubs for a lot of the lesser-abled Leeds United players. Some to gain valuable experience and others to find pastures new

Thank you Radz et all. I am feeling like i am supporting a stable club again.

10 Aug 2018 10:10:16
Radz selling us lemons? I really, really don't get the anti Radz hype. We've had some s**t owners and I think some people have fallen in to the mentality of if an owner doesn't come in, hop off his yacht and buy aguero, messi and Ronaldo whilst giving away season tickets in White Rose then they're also s**t. Give the guy a break, he's bought back the stadium, he's made the best signings in recent years. I remember when we were all over the moon at the fact Leeds united spent 1 million on Murphy. The guys the best owner we've had in a long, long time. ALAW.

10 Aug 2018 13:59:26
i like lemons.

10 Aug 2018 15:15:56
Pity he didn't have a really good director of football.

09 Aug 2018 18:25:44
5 signings, 2 permanent, loan window closing end it the month. That's a good summer window if you ask me. A couple more loans in then that should build a squad ready for rotation to save the legs.

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09 Aug 2018 19:45:22
Only average in my book LIG. The next 3 weeks will determine how successful the window has been. It's been a hugely successful window though in terms of dross eradication. Just Ekumiss Okannot and Anita to ship out now.

09 Aug 2018 20:38:11
Bang average. But 2 good signings say adomah and woods and a quality cb on loan. We could have been contenders.

09 Aug 2018 22:16:21
I agree with both of you, in a way. Our opportunity to bring in more is not over. 3 more will do.

09 Aug 2018 22:32:40
hit and miss, douglas was amazing, bamford i think will also be worth weight in gold, blackman decent baker. meh. but all pointless unless we bring in one good CB, we all know our defence is not good enough, it wasn't last year and will not be this year either, all good when playing well but when things get hard (like at places like millwall and cardiff) Leeds defence never stands a chance, also mistakes will yet again cost us. going in the right direction but with such a poor defence i can't believe we have not been able to make it stronger.

09 Aug 2018 23:45:58
Have a little patience Bermo. Next couple off weeks we could be ( hopefully) praising rads and co on the great loans we got. 👍👍😂⚽️⚽️.

10 Aug 2018 07:44:21
Cardiff are in the other league now, but take your point.
Add dem blades to that pair.
There’s some grounds we crumbled at last year.

A year on, maybe some players have learned/ grown a pair.

10 Aug 2018 08:13:05
A lot of fair points here both positive and negative, I think we all accept despite the great start the squad is still a bit light especially at Centre Back. Personally as I have said on here I did hope for a bit of permanent business yesterday, but as that didn't happen let's see if the powers that be are men of their word and get some additional quality from the loan market. Then if we are challenging after Xmas, strengthen again in the next window which previous owners failed to do when we were in a good position.

10 Aug 2018 14:10:10

Personally I think Ekuban should stay.

I watched Roofe against Stoke and thought that Ekuban can do that job. I totally agree that goalscoring-wise he wasn't there last season (mind you neither were Jermaine Beckford, Ross McCormack or Chris Wood in their first seasons) but actually Roofe didn't score in the Stoke game either. But Ekuban is bigger and faster than Roofe and seemed to have a pretty decent engine last year.

we should spell Roofe off in the lesser games but keep the same forward intensity.

10 Aug 2018 23:35:26
Axe I agree. I liked Eku at first. His problem is in front of goal he fluffs his lines. Like rabbit in headlights. I don't mind a 1 in 4 striker if he's a workhorse but he's closer to a 1 in 8. He needs a loan to League One.

09 Aug 2018 17:07:27
Is this Zilch fella any good?

Can’t find him on Fifa.

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09 Aug 2018 18:22:49
Yes. He wears the number Nein! 😄.

09 Aug 2018 18:28:11
heard he's for the under 23's.

09 Aug 2018 18:28:50
I dunno woody but I bet Aus is googling him right now!

09 Aug 2018 18:38:35
am I alone feeling slightly underwhelmed? feel as if we need just a couple more to push for promotion.

09 Aug 2018 19:18:16
Let's hope we have a couple of quality loan signings lined up as despite how good we were on Sunday we are lightweight in certain positions, especially if we get our share of injuries and suspensions. I am sure the Manager will want to strengthen his squad, so the hierarchy need to do right by him and show they are as committed as he is to hopefully having a successful season.

09 Aug 2018 19:34:34
Heard we just missed out on Nada too.

09 Aug 2018 16:30:21
We buy anybody.
Stuff the kit.
It's whose going to wear it I care about!

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09 Aug 2018 16:40:44
On that note Aus, don't buy the shirt. It'll make things worse for you. Interact with your meds.

09 Aug 2018 16:19:00
Don't have your afternoon tea just yet?

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09 Aug 2018 16:44:27
George has been reading the tea leaves again! What can you see gypsy Giorgio?

09 Aug 2018 16:13:14
After all the talk about that Nmecha lad, he's only gone to PNE! ambitious then.

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09 Aug 2018 16:45:22
Yep that’s a weird one, perhaps guarantee about playing time. Or he doesn’t want to travel far!

09 Aug 2018 17:08:20
Bus route was better for the commute.

09 Aug 2018 16:05:03
Can't quite believe all of the negative comments about the new away kit. You miserable lot have no style whatsoever. I think this will look great with my shell suit.


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09 Aug 2018 16:46:22
My money is on you as the designer MM, it bears all the hallmarks of your flair for design and color blindness!

09 Aug 2018 17:19:25
Lol mick! 🍻🍻🍻.

09 Aug 2018 17:22:52
Love it hope its a baggy fit.

09 Aug 2018 18:51:56
BIGE, In the words of the great shell suit wearer Shaun Ryder ‘gotta be a lose fit’.

09 Aug 2018 22:18:57
Yer twistin ma melons Lucas!?!

09 Aug 2018 16:03:53
I think our transfer deadline, strategy was to design a shirt with such a controversial design that everyone would start talking about and miss the fact that we hadn't signed anyone!

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09 Aug 2018 16:31:59
Agree Spaniard. At least the shirt was "busy".

09 Aug 2018 16:44:32
The new away kit designed to dazzle the opposition team when we attack a bit like strobe lighting.

09 Aug 2018 17:20:54
The away kit door has or lay slammed shut!

09 Aug 2018 22:21:32
*really. dunno where "or lay" came from!? Carp iPad!


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