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Formula 1 2018 Season Preview

18 Mar 2018 22:37:09
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1 2018 Season Preview

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18 Mar 2018 21:28:46
Little to smile about as a Leeds fan at moment, so I resorted to the lowest form of satisfaction, chortling at someone else's misfortune. Must be a p1sser sat with owners of Birmingham, watching Derby results come in each week since they sacked Rowett. That said, they haven't got it all bad, Monk has come to the rescue. I really do need to grow up.

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18 Mar 2018 22:24:20
Played well at weekend. Better than us tory

18 Mar 2018 22:33:02
That about sums it up, we have to glory in other's misfortune, to hide behind our's. Still WTF MOT.

18 Mar 2018 23:01:15
Man utd and scouse have been living on that for ages! 💤💤💤😂😂😂

18 Mar 2018 17:55:16
FYI, LUFCTORY REYNARD posted 03-03-2018 08:53 AM first thing I want to say is I like mr radz and what he has done for the club. there is no doubt he likes or loves the club and wants us to do well but has he the funds needed to achieve this that is the question but maybe he is not as rich as we believe? looking at the accounts for mr rasz and his companies at first sight it does not look like there a pot of gold to invest in leeds. now I am not a business man so I am probably missing something or do not understand financial records fully? HAVE A LOOK AND SEE WHAT YOU ALL THINK. 24 Grosvenor Hill, London, W1K 3QD Mr Andrea Radrizzani holds 2 appointments at 2 active companies, has resigned from 2 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. ANDREA began their first appointment at the age of 35. Their longest current appointment spans 2 years, 4 months and 17 days at ASER SPORTS LIMITED The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where ANDREA holds a current appointment equals £42m, a combined total current assets value of £47m with a total current liabilities of £55.5m and a total current net worth of £-4.6m. Roles associated with Mr Andrea Radrizzani within the recorded businesses include: Director ASER SPORTS LTD 2016 CASH 38.322.378.00 NET WORTH - 3.835.739.00 TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES 44.811.117.00 TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 40.971.478.00 so was the money from chris woods sale used to finance all the new players and the money from the fans through the turnstiles keeps the club ticking over nicely. to get back to the top flight we maybe need a worldwide known brand to inject money into the club. so instead of players leaving they fighting to come here instead. remember the players do not have the same passion for the club as we do so to them it is a job but to us its a passion. something needs to happen we cannot go through all this every season please

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18 Mar 2018 18:10:20
Hi PA. Thanks for that. It makes sobering reading and presents a picture somewhat removed from my initial impression. I recall reading a piece when he first arrived suggesting that he owned all sorts of T. V. rights, which made him sound well minted. If I had known he was worth minus £5m, I would have tried my hand at this owning a football club lark mesen. I am setting me goals too low.

18 Mar 2018 18:37:16
Well well there you go, doubt no more, he needs to sell, has no funds and owns money it’s all there for the doubters to see what you go to say now, so called Leeds fans

18 Mar 2018 19:01:39

18 Mar 2018 21:19:38
Perhaps he can borrow a few bob from Victor, he orta have some dosh from all his transfer dealings stashed somewhere.

18 Mar 2018 21:30:31
Excellent post PA, unless somebody with the cash to take this club to where it belongs comes in we will just carry on being also rans. Surely somebody can see the potential here at LUFC.

18 Mar 2018 21:55:28
Trouble is LUFCfev we do have the potential, one club city, great fan base. But very few owners see great returns on investments owning football clubs. Mike Ashley at Newcastle wants out as he is unwilling to keep ploughing money into the club. Our club needs an owner like Manchester city, but these are few and far between. AR Came in with good intentions but appears he thought he could achieve things on the cheap and if reports are true he isn't as rich as we had thought of hoped. Looks like more dark days ahead.

19 Mar 2018 02:08:33
AR personal wealth is around £450M

19 Mar 2018 07:21:34
the info above does not tell the full story - it is just about one of his companies but there is far more info than that we would need before people start drawing conclusions. For example, he sold his company, MP and Silva for $1billion. I doubt he has fritted all of that away already.

19 Mar 2018 16:08:29
Your right Alf, plus it's only publicly available info from UK companies house, which won't cover his global interests.

18 Mar 2018 14:44:29
Looking around at Leeds Fan Forum (s) , one of the posters has looked into Rads accounts/Directorships and followed it with a suggestion that allegedly Rads is All In and the funds for investment are not there. If that really is the case Rads should move on. Take a small profit for the effort he has invested and let somebody with the money have a go . Are the players performances a reflection of what is going on behind the scenes as something is not right

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18 Mar 2018 15:05:05
Said it so.

18 Mar 2018 15:05:43
PA that looks a possibility, I said before that it's like he has all his eggs in the one basket. We have a business man who has invested in a football team and hoping he can run things like one of his other businesses. Many a good business man has had his fingers burnt investing in football. It's not like playing the stock market.

18 Mar 2018 15:20:24
Wouldn't be the first to think running a club and getting promotion is easy only to find them selfs looking like Ronald McDonald at the end of it

18 Mar 2018 15:52:25
Aye, but what evidence has the curious investigative fan put forward in support of the assertion? Could be b0ll0x. The sort of b0ll0x which suits the fans' current outlook.

18 Mar 2018 18:38:49
Lufc the b0110x is Radz

18 Mar 2018 19:22:43
If anyone can translate Italian, I'd be interested to see what their equivalent of Comapnies House says about him?

18 Mar 2018 19:36:16
Ronald McDonald is worth 100 billion. I'lle have some of that.

18 Mar 2018 22:52:54
Me too leodis. And I mean personally. for me.

19 Mar 2018 14:40:31
Ronald McDonald doesn't own mcadees leodis he's just a made up puppet to front the company, remind you of anyone?

18 Mar 2018 14:28:31
So some website saying hecky planning a triple swoop on former club Barnsley ? Well 2 problems with that A) he won't be at club in the next transfer window and B) Barnsley as Barnsley with 33 points 1 place above bottom 3 ? Sure we want there players ?

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18 Mar 2018 14:32:54
And 4) did he ask Orta?

18 Mar 2018 14:45:49
Also 3) can we afford them!

18 Mar 2018 15:05:47
And errrr is it 5 or 4.5?

18 Mar 2018 15:21:28
Also mcburnies not even there player

18 Mar 2018 17:48:47
Hopefully AR says no or he's sacked by then anyway. Don't want crap Barnsley players. What happened to AR using his contacts like Mendes does at Wolves?

18 Mar 2018 18:16:08
Cos his contact is called orta

18 Mar 2018 14:22:43
Watching the FA cup match on the box and impressed with what a good footballing team Wigan are. No major superstars just good honest pros. #teamwork.

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18 Mar 2018 14:29:03
Wigan would tear us apart at moment . easily better than us

18 Mar 2018 14:29:22
We have no superstars and no team work

18 Mar 2018 15:06:39
Scrap that they just brought on the superstar Noel Hunt!

18 Mar 2018 14:19:02
Watching the games at the moment there are very few players I would seriously back given their efforts and results. Peacock-Farrell is a young goalkeeper being thrust into a really tough situation and I think is doing at least as well if not better than the other two first team keepers. Pearce grew into the game after a shaky start and I'd keep him in the team next week. Jansson is a good CB but I think he simply has too much to do. He knows he can't trust either of his partners in Cooper or Pennington and tries to do too much to cover and his form suffers as a result. He needs a commander a la Bartley beside him so he can play his zonal game better. Berardi tries hard but is at best a sub or reserve who comes on, kind of like Andy Hughes for those who remember his role. We miss Ayling terribly. No way should we sign pennington permanently. O'kane is finished at Leeds. I don't know what has happened but he needs to go asap. Phillips is industrious but struggles unless we play three in the middle. Vieira has struggled this year but I think he will still come good. Forshaw has been nothing short of a revelation. If everyone played like this guy we'd be in the play-offs for sure. Works so hard for the team even when he knows its a lost cause with the guys around him. Captain elect for next season. Saiz is good, not great, but good. On form he looks like one of those players who could run through everyone in the team. Off form really ineffectual. On form he seems to link well with Alioski and that seems to determine whether he plays well or not. Up front Lassogga is what I call a luxury goalscorer. Knows how to find the net inside the box but that is all he offers. If we were a dominant team who gave him two or three good to great chances a game he'd be in Chris Wood numbers right now. Ekuban can't finish and Roofe has regressed from a strong debut season. I'd give chances to Roberts when he comes back fit, Temenzuhkov, and Jack Clarke. Summer needs to see O'kane leave, give Klich and Ideguchi chances in pre-season before making a judgement.

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18 Mar 2018 14:43:06
By this time of the season we should have a settled side. Injuries are unfortunate and part and parcel of the game. Silly suspensions, poor form and bad recruitment are something else.

18 Mar 2018 12:19:28
Just seen the form table since Boxing Day, bottom of it with 8 points from 14 games. Thank the Lord we got the other 42 points in the bag under TC. Can't remember being this bad even when we went down to Division 1 under Wise.

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18 Mar 2018 19:05:03
And yet the irony is we sack the person who ensured our championship status for next season. Not that I want him back. Just a sad state of affairs. Bit like owner Radz. He's the best thing we've seen in a decade and a half but he's woefully short of what's required.

18 Mar 2018 12:11:58
The big question is why are our players, some of whom have put in some good performances individually, not performing as well as they are capable of and not performing as a team. Take Sol Bamba as an example started off really good with us and looked the part, then was so bad could not get in the team, now he is one of the best in the league, will most likely be in the League 11/Team of the season. Young Viera the same looked nailed on to go all the way now hardly getting a game . Another question on that is Lewis Cook hardly got a game when he went to Bournemouth now has an England call up. Remember Crainey came from Celtic looked like the worst fullback ever, went to Blackpool and ended up playing regular in the premier League. What is going on with all these players ?

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18 Mar 2018 12:49:49
Nail on head. So frustrating watching fringe players get moved on then start playing extremely well!

18 Mar 2018 14:47:28
Because there's been something rotten at our club for a decade and a half or haven't you noticed? It all started with the home defeat to Newcastle United in December 2001.

18 Mar 2018 11:50:13
Eerily similar to Birmingham sacking Rowett and replacing him with Zola. Thank God TC won us all those points to keep us up. We are in freefall and if we keep PH next season we will go down sadly.

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18 Mar 2018 12:15:21
No Rowett had Birmingham in a play off place, TC had us in free fall.

18 Mar 2018 14:17:47
Who picked TC. who picked Heck? Crap managers.1 gets the job with powerpoint presentations and the 2nd gets the job because he's British. BOTH with no history to warrant the manager of our great Leeds!

18 Mar 2018 14:43:23
Also after the cheap option and hope to find a gem

18 Mar 2018 15:39:55
Maybe just me, but I wouldn't have appointed a manager with 1 win in 16 games and a 27% win ratio.

18 Mar 2018 16:02:29
I would certainly never compare TC to Rowett but i certainly wish we had Rowett right now


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