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23 Apr 2019 00:44:14
Reading with great interest the varied and diverse take on today’s results. That being said every single one is valid because the pain is excruciating ALAW

That being said, when I look where we have come from, incredible, when you look where we are now from where Radz started, thank you, no bloke with an ounce of savvy would set out to lose£170 million but maybe just maybe that’s all the money he had if it was that’s ok too.

I remember in the darkest of days when Hock et al were in residence we ALL used to say we could accept a lack of talent but none of us could accept a lack of effort in a Leeds shirt.

Irrespective of our differing and valid viewpoints this Leeds Team have for the first time in a very long time ALMOST performed as well as its supporters over the season and for that I say thank you to every last one of them. I am proud to be a Leeds fan, especially this year and if it’s Wembley I’ll do my best to be there but if it’s championship I’ll be here what’s the alternative, really who could I choose over my magnificent Leeds United.

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23 Apr 2019 06:31:51
Great post class, it ain't over until it is. I think this group will still do it, the playoffs are a lottery, but there is no team better than ours in the division when on song and when you poke a tiger you know what happens. The team will feel gutted, but will have fire in their belly, so we MOT through the playoffs if that is our destiny.

23 Apr 2019 10:08:27
Great post Class. I reminded everyone last winter that for the playoffs there is on team that will come steaming through the pack (Villa) and one team who have shone brightly will slip away (Leeds) .
With no idea at that time I just hoped it wasn't us on the slippery slope, but sad to say.

23 Apr 2019 11:26:38
Nicely put Class. On the money subject though, I really believe that Radz was keeping an eye on the FFP rules, after all, if we can get fined £200,000 because a bloke stood on a public footpath what would happen if we broke a real, actual rule?

22 Apr 2019 23:15:45
Ok I appreciate that emotions are raw tonight but the sooner we and the team get a sense of perspective the better. MB and his staff will need all their man management skills to lift the squad. My view is that barring a small miracle automatic promotion won't happen. The team today and against Wigan looked like deer caught in headlights. MB needs to rest some key team members and have them mentally and physically ready for the 11th May. I still think we are the best team in the play offs but need to control the nerves. With a fresher team we can beat anyone in this league. I'm glad that our disappointment came today rather than on the 5th of May. We now have 3 weeks to prepare. Despite what some doom and gloom mongers would have you believe, our season isn't over yet.

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22 Apr 2019 23:13:03
For those that are saying I told you so or having a go at those kept going on about believe and MOT why shouldn't they?
We all have to believe and stick together. we are all Leeds.
Anyone who knows football knows we were short a couple at the start of the season like a CH and CF especially.

We all knew that in Jan we prob needed these still plus a winger and a number 10 of quality. We all knew this. We didn't get them. Every Leeds fan was disappointed.
We knew that Bielsa had taken a bunch of no hopers and some how got them to play some amazing football at times and in the top 2 for most if the season. How he got them to do this god only knows.

We then had big injuries to the likes of Bamford, Cooper and Roofe to name a few.
On top of that we had bloomin spygate.
And to top it off some bad refs who can't see a penalty 5 yds infront of him!
Itd a long hard season.

But none of this stopped us believing and keeping the faith. that's what we do. We are Leeds.
So let's not give each other carp on here.

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22 Apr 2019 22:26:24
Ah well. Playoffs then.

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22 Apr 2019 22:24:28
Spanish. I can see you must be fed up replying to negative posts. I for one am 100% behind you and all your input you have given me anc this forum lad. So don't let the neggers get you down pal.
While there is hope. There is a way. As much as we blew 6 points up the shite pipe anything is possible. Iv a feeling that blunts actually may go up as champions. Watch this space. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

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22 Apr 2019 23:03:23
Thanks Batty, appreciate it! It’s not that I don’t feel the pain, I do, I honestly couldn’t talk to anyone for hours on Saturday! I’ve always been someone who thought it’s better to look for the positives. Gutted for Pablo on Saturday and again tonight. It’s obvious that he wanted it so much and I don’t believe any of the other players didn’t . its easy to criticise and blame others when you’re not personally in a position to do anything about it. I honestly believe that for what they have achieved this year, the top three deserve to go up. Let’s see if we can still make it happen, that’s what I want!

22 Apr 2019 23:36:12
To be fair. That’s a real
Honest assessment off the season. And yes. Maybe the top 3 do deserve too go up. I feel our balls have dropped and Beisla and his stubborn but straight forward way is maybe going to haunt us. Vila are flying. And if anything. We beat fat frank. AGAIN! in playoffs to get villa in the final
At Wembley is our only hope and wish. And it could not be harder. 👍👍⚽️⚽️Spanish I’m on spain at minute. Broken after results today. But I still have hope lad. 🇬🇧🇪🇸👍⚽️😉.

23 Apr 2019 00:48:10
Keep fighting to the end MOT.

22 Apr 2019 21:50:57
104 shots I believe in the last four games.
Four goals scored.
That says it all. Bielsa can't score them himself.

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22 Apr 2019 21:02:16
If MB does go Corberan and Hernandez as managers to continue the style of play. Get the squad up to the right size and quality for the campaign. This current team and squad in the top flight? How many players have we got who can perform to premier league levels for 25 to 30 games in a season. Think MB has done his job well. It's the players on the pitch that is the piece of the jigsaw that's missing.

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22 Apr 2019 21:45:54
Bielsa is a magnificent coach. The players have performed beyond their ability this season and that is down to MB. Not sure he can be called a master tactician because he only plays one way - to attack and win each game with style - and we have rarely, if ever seen a switch to keep a lead. The style of football has been exquisite on occasion but ultimately, there’s not enough grit in the team to break stubborn teams down. I think he takes things personally so if we don’t go up I fear he will walk. AR has done well with the finances but I don’t think he's keen to spend big on transfers so we may have an issue if we don’t go up. Also ironic that if Villa don’t go up they appear to be in massive financial trouble but gambling for them appears to be paying off. If we do go up - a lot would need to be spent. For starters, Cooper has heart but he’s not Premiership material and neither is PJ. Bamford is a wonderful footballer on occasion but we saw today there’s no great fight or desire there. Going up by winning a play off final at Wembley would be fantastic. MB just has to rally them now. Whoever finishes 6th are going to be tough before we even think about a final. And I reckon West Brom could do Villa over 2 legs with the local derby angle.

22 Apr 2019 22:24:11
Why are people expecting MB to go? 1. The season ain’t over. 2. He’s contracted to stay. End of this rubbish!

23 Apr 2019 00:49:40
Bub staying at least for 2 more seasons.

22 Apr 2019 20:47:04
That Henry Winter article certainly has done its job of jinxing us!

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22 Apr 2019 20:59:58
Is that the Fonz? Didn’t know he’s a White!

22 Apr 2019 21:01:56
Radz is to blame no investment in jan, sold made money didn’t put it back, bought ER or one of his companies did made it look good by given use 33 months free rent but stands to make 2 mill each year from rent, MB hopefully will stay but now needs to wise up, As for Radz couldn’t give a 💩.

22 Apr 2019 21:18:43
Surprised to hear you say that Whiteman!

22 Apr 2019 21:25:45
Italian Bates is more interested in attention seeking on Twitter and talking to the media than actually putting up any funds to help. Twice his greediness has cost us promotion now.

22 Apr 2019 21:31:22
Likewise Spanishlad, who'd have thought it 😲.

22 Apr 2019 22:13:56
Whiteman. 😂😂👍👍🐂💩.

23 Apr 2019 00:51:25
It's not greediness, it's playing within the rules, or should history repeat itself?

23 Apr 2019 16:43:20
Bang on AL. Brum, now others facing sanctions over FFP. Everyone would have a fit, and slag Radz more if we were one of them! Anyone remember Ridsdale?

22 Apr 2019 20:43:12
Time to rest Kiko, Jansson, Ayling, Klich, Phillips and Pablo for the playoffs. Play the likes of Bogusz, Struijk, Stevens, Edmondson, Shackleton and Brown for the final 2 games. The players are clearly mentally shot. They need a break to get the mojo back for the playoffs. Also we will be trying something a bit different.

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22 Apr 2019 20:52:00
OMG! . why not just use the catering staff? . oh yes there aren't any! Or the full U21 team! . DOH!

22 Apr 2019 20:56:44
Eh? Why not play u23s for two games? They've been superb and are full of confidence. We can't be going into the playoffs shot and low on confidence. That will be our undoing.

22 Apr 2019 21:02:30
The under 9s don't have a game.

22 Apr 2019 21:09:57
Absolutely agree SG90 if the results go against us next weekend then give those senior players you mentioned a week off. Give the U23’s a go and a chance to impress.
We need some fresh impetus and more importantly we don’t need to pick up injuries or suspensions in dead games.

22 Apr 2019 21:43:12
Keep on keeping on, Villa up next with them looking for an 11th win on the spin. Leeds win I reckon. Auto's gone, pride to play for, let's nail 3rd and put the hurt on Fat Frank or Lee Johnson. MOT.

22 Apr 2019 21:31:22
SG. We’ll get proper stuffed with those players in the first team. Not ready, and the gulf in standards is huge. They are talented, with potential, but why destroy them when they’re not ready?

22 Apr 2019 23:04:28
I understand what your saying Brighty but you never know? IF It did happen then maybe just a couple. If the season does totally fizzle out and Radz does not have the money for quality players then I for one would be more than happy to see a few young faces start the pre seasons. Give them a chance, and for once set up pre season games against meaningful opposition. Whilst I have every faith in the U23s, now is not the best time to introduce them.

23 Apr 2019 16:46:06
Yeah, definitely Leodis, for next season, absolutely mate. I was just talking about the next two games, not the time to blood some new ones who haven’t had a sniff this season, but 100% agree that they are given the opportunity next pre season!

22 Apr 2019 20:32:32
Massive challenge for MB now to turn this around . To get the players heads right to safeguard third position and avoid West Brom and Villa until Wembley where really anything can happen . But where does he start? Keep the same team? That surely isn't the answer . But you can't start giving kids like Edmondson and Bogusz debuts at this late stage either, it's desperate and ridiculous. He has done amazingly well with his resources and injuries during the season but as others have said he has some blind spots like playing Dallas at left back when he could have used Berardi, like playing Forshaw anywhere much less instead of KP ( just bizarre) , like continuing to play Harrison when he's not up to it and bringing on Roofe to play at ten which has never worked . Somehow he needs to galvanise and produce the right formula to ensure we finish third and come into the playoffs against the 6th placed side in some kind of form . I would start by finding a place for Shackleton probably on the right wing with Pablo switching to the left . Think he will persevere with Bamford as Roofe is out of form . He must bring KP back for Forshaw obviously . None of this will compensate for lack of clinical finishing but we must still have a chance and on our day we can produce a glittering performance. To the " told you so's " and Metisse the time for post mortems is when the season is over not now . Think everyone would agree about the lack of investment especially in January but what's the point in banging on about it now unless of course it helps you deal with the disappointment. For what it's worth I was resigned to our play off fate after we ballsed up Wigan it was always going to be tough to come back from that mentally .

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22 Apr 2019 20:50:22
Really? . only at the last game?

22 Apr 2019 20:59:49
Metisse, please explain to me why any Leeds fan would have given up on automatic promotion before the Wigan game? After I can understand but before it? Why would you assume we would lose against Wigan?

22 Apr 2019 21:44:30
He didn't give up Spanish, don't forget he went to Brentford 😂🤣😂.

22 Apr 2019 22:07:16
Spanish, AL,

Have stopped commenting on Mess and Hess's post.

They are both just WUM.

Brentford yeah! 😁😁😁.

22 Apr 2019 23:09:50
Al and Tewit, just love you guys. you keep my spirits up when all around are trying to drag me down! Didn’t you just want to grab Pablo tonight at the end of the game, carry him to the nearest pub and share a bottle of the best Rioja with him, or a few pints!

23 Apr 2019 02:28:44
No probs Spanish, I'm hurting but I refuse to blame the board, the players, the manager or the fans, every one of them has given their all so far and we haven't finished yet MOT.

23 Apr 2019 08:19:59
Brought a tear to the eye to see Pablo, he cares, as do the rest.

Damn right.

Will SUPPORT them forever. Through thick and thin.
MOT. 💛💙

PS. Would love a pint with you, AL and Pablo but somewhere warm please.

23 Apr 2019 16:49:16
Gutting seeing King Pablo like that. Just horrible.


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