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12 Jan 2012 21:08:28
All this talk about who's going to be coming. You need to be discussing who'll be going.
O'brien & Paynter are certs (providing somebody comes in for them) but there will definitely be more, either way Bates stated on the radio the other day that our squad is too big so players will have to go.
Just hope he's planning on getting rid of the deadwood and not planning on cashing in on the quality again.

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What quality, max gradel? We got Townsend. Or are you on about Beckford who can score at this level, did we not keep him and reject 2million from Newcastle.

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Oh my apologies. my mistake. I didn't realise that Gradel was not quality even though he won the Leeds' 2010–11 Player Of The Year Award and also the Players Player Of The Year Award for the same season whilst scoring 22 goals.
You mention not selling Beckford but you fail to mention the sale of Delph and the mysterious disappearance of the money paid.
Not to worry, we kept quality like Paynter, not to mention our superb defence & just to let you know we didn't actually get Townsend. It's called a loan mate, maybe you don't give things back when you loan them but most people have to.
You might also be happy with us selling players and getting 3 mill for them (Kasper & Max) and spending 500k on ahem IMPROVING the team but I and I suggest a lot of other Leeds fans are not.
Like most of us fans I'd like SG to get the CHANCE to get us in the Premier league where we belong that's all.
We might not need quantity but we'll definitely need Quality - give us a chance Batesy

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Ok ive kept quiet long enough about this but now i'm really p'eed off.
When are you gunna stop slagging bates off!?!?!
The bloke saved us if it weren't for him there would be no leeds united, GAME OVER simple as!
Before someone else says oh he had administrator and all the people who leeds owed money to in his back pocket.
(a) Thats a load of tosh 3 other parties came in for leeds and all agreed on the pay out in administration which was all roughly about the same as what ken was offering!
(b) The three parties as mentioned above could not prove to KPMG true funding! where as bates could!
(c) Bates was the only party with funds at the ready and willing to put them in!

As for the delph money it hasn't all been put into the new east stand hotel and corporate boxes, it has been used to turn leeds into 1 of 19 out of 92 teams to not run at a loss and 1 of 11 teams to turn a profit!
Yeah im gutted that some money isnt getting put into the team but id rather have a team in the championship than a team in the evo-stick league.
leeds for ever and a day not leeds till im sick n tired, grow up and be an adult we take this adversity with a pinch of salt.

tommo {Ed001's Note - I am sorry but Bates did not save Leeds, that is simply not true. Perhaps you should have a look at this article to get an idea of the man: http://www.thesquareball.net/lwmyd/2011/10/28/1968-ken-bates-noel-lloyd-and-the-fate-of-a-caribbean-island/ there are many more like it online.}

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Convict bates lover haha such a simplistic and rose tinted view you have on Kenneth are you his pr?

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First post/third poster here
My turn tommo.
First of all at no point in post 1 and 3 does the post actually slag Bates off. I have an opinion of him & I can assure you it's closer to Eds opinion than your blinkered and naive one. Either way Bates was still not slagged off in either post. Please point out which points were not truthful in either post relating to the sales and purchases of players.
I did mention that the Delph money disappeared. My question to you is,did it not? If you know where it is, please point Mr Grayson & Mr Bates in it's general direction (I didn't mention the East stand by the way, you did).
If you would have read the first and third post instead of acting like a petulant little boy you would have noticed post 1 states that Bates has publicly said the squad is too big. Players have to go before others come in.
I'm hoping that the people who will be going are players that are not performing instead of our better players as you put it "simple as".
I would also like the manager to be given the money from player sales to be put back into the team. Don't you want that?
Selling decent players and replacing them with loanees will not improve the long term strength of the club.
If I were to slag somebody off though it would be whoever is responsible for the contract negotiations. Letting Beckford's, Killkenny's & Johnson's contract run down and losing them for nothing was disgraceful and very bad business.
Not learning the lesson and potentially losing Howson & White (the future of the club) as well, is business suicide and totally unacceptable.
Lastly you lost your argument with your opening line.
"I've kept quiet long enough"
Quiet long enough to you must mean half hour. If it wasn't for GJ you'd be the most opinionated person on this site and I use the word person in the way it is usually referred to on our pages. How do I know? Coz you vainly put your name to your post and the reason I notice is coz it's the same as mine, Tommo.
Incidentally you said "WE take this adversity with a pinch of Salt"
Who's WE? Do you speak for us all or are you schizophrenic?
MOT- Till I Die - No Matter What Division - No Matter Who's In Charge

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12 Jan 2012 21:06:49
Latest rumour at leeds is that luciano becchio is to be sold before the end of the month with boro,derby and palace fighting for his signature. Leeds are after an out and out goalscorer. Theres talk of beckford coming back. Theres talk of an unnamed south american signing. We r also interested in matt tubbs of crawley. Lacy leeds

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Beckford cannot play for us this season at all - he has already played for Everton and Leicester !

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And as been mentioned many times. He can play for 2 teams within the same league. Everton don't count. Leicester/Leeds will be his 2 championship teams.

But he wont be back anyway.

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Could come on short term loan, but with leeds we are limited with how many loans we have left

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12 Jan 2012 19:26:21
Eric Lichaj WILL NOT return to Leeds. My mate is a Villa fan and said that Mcleish wants him to fight for a first team place. He also said that Delph is available for loan and that his first choice would be to come back to us

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Ha ha your mates a villa fan, knows slot for just being a FAN!?! I'm a Leeds fan and I say messi is signing tomorrow and ronaldo the day after, could have Rooney but wages are an issue ha ha ha

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So Mr McLeish confides in your mate who is a Villa fan? Good effort, I feel sorry for the other thousands of fans who have not yet reached those dizzy heights. Lets remember this is a RUMOUR site, and from what I can see there are so many people posting nonsence.
If Leeds can do a reverse of the Pugh deal," bin for next to nought and bring back for a sizeable fee", and get Delph for next to nothing, good business, and we can all have a slice of the pie in the sky.

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This is a rumour site, it's a rumour I heard from my mate. He's obviously not confided with Mcleish but he knows more than us

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Funny that, now it is a rumour, "WILL NOT return... and McLeish wants him to fight for his place.."is either more of the usual nonsence, or made up, or both

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12 Jan 2012 19:10:02
Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish says Nathan Delfouneso and Fabian Delph could be allowed to leave Villa Park on loan. News of Delph's availability could well trigger interest from Leeds who sold him to Villa for £5million.

Would be a great signing if true!

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Leeds are 100% in talks villa about fab, gods on honest truth, Swear on my mother, I spoke to fab last weekend

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Didn't we sell him for 7mil? And after signing Townsend on loan and Rogers how is signing yet another midfielder going to help our defence?
And another thing, would he really improve us anyways.....he hasn't achieved anything since leaving us. A little like Beckford and Gradel....

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Swear on your mother, over something made up by a few people, that's very sad.

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6 mil rising to 8 based on apps i think it was

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You don't need to be so aggressive to your mother to prove your right bless her

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12 Jan 2012 18:36:14
if Sg is looking at ssigning j.smith it must mean that he thinks we can do better at rb i would personally love to see lichaj come back. SG is big fan of his and bonus is he can play rb/lb

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Lichaj won't make full recovery till end of feb! Do your home work.

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Would love Lichaj back permanently but can't see it happening

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12 Jan 2012 14:31:02
snodgrass will not be sold according
to a reliable source within leeds he is
happy to stay and with robbie
rodgers having problems signing this
has been made even more true.
also bates said he wants good
money for him and a move to norwich
or leicester is not much of a move

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12 Jan 2012 14:13:38
leeds eyeing up young adam smith from tottenham on a loan deal until the end of the season. Had successful loan spells at bournemouth and mk dons and is england capped at u16,17,18 and 19 for england

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Good job he is England capped for England, and not for some other country

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12 Jan 2012 14:04:22
Leeds are lining up a move for Tottenham defender Adam Smith. The young full-back is currently on loan at MK Dons.

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12 Jan 2012 13:44:21
s grayson looking at smith from spurs played well while on loan at mk dons rback i think

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12 Jan 2012 13:20:01
Ignasi Miquel will seek a loan to the Championship if he can't be an Arsenal regular - this is a story in the Sun at the moment not saying we are linked to him but might be worth a look to help ease the defensive problems? also do you know what the chances of Robbie Rogers getting the work permit are Ed? {Ed007's Note - I think he will get a WP.}

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12 Jan 2012 16:22:50
Adam Smith on loan from spurs? its on the sky sports website at the mo. saying leeds burnley and ipswich are interested. think burnley will cool off as they have just signed trippier from city on a perm. sounds like a prospect... and without been against our current right back choices... cant be a bad move?


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Just one thing about this......who the f*ck is Adam Smith? How is signing a nobody good for Leeds United?

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I think you mean ALAN smith from NEWCASTLE...lol easy mistake to make tho adam/alan!

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Signing a nobody, not good for the club?!?!?! Who ever heard of Beckford, Gradel, Becchio, Snodgrass, Kewell, Radebe, Kelly etc. Before they came to us they were nobodys too really. But we took a chance and look what they were capable of. Signing nobodys and turning them into great players is the sign of a fantastic club and that is also the sign of a club that a player can learn to love (Kewell Is the only exception).

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12 Jan 2012 13:42:41
SMITH TO SIGN FOR LEEDS, Adam Smith that is Spurs right back

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12 Jan 2012 13:35:43
Smith is currently on loan at Milton Keynes Dons and the full-back has impressed during his stint at stadium:mk.

The 20-year-old, who has come through the youth ranks at Spurs and has won England caps at U16, U19 and U20 levels, also enjoyed a successful loan spell at Bournemouth last term

A number of clubs are thought to be keen on signing Smith with Burnley and Ipswich credited with an interest in the player, but Leeds are hoping to lure him to Elland Road.

Leeds boss Simon Grayson is thought to be in the market for a new right-back and he is now weighing up a move for Smith.

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12 Jan 2012 13:30:10
Leeds looking at Danny Gabidon, surplus to requirement at QPR, Hughes wants rid off.

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Why did he give him his Wales debut?
Hughes rates him very highly

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12 Jan 2012 13:28:23
Darren O'dea has stated he would like to move to Leeds on a permanent contract(SSN), this will be sorted in Jan.

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Crap defender,alot better players ahead of him

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Lets up we don't sign him. He has no pace and is mediocre at best. Not the standard of player needed to get us out of this division!

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Disagree-far worse defenders on our books. He's not as bad as you think, do you actually watch us from time to time??

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Honestly o'dea a good player? I go to all the games and he is not called o'deah for no reason

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Yes I watch the club regularly, and IMO he is not good enough to meet our current supposed ambitions. In case you don't remember he was a panic buy by SG, and a bad one at that!

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I watch Leeds every week and I honestly think O'Dea and Lees could become a good partnership long term. Think they look OK together. I'd be happy enough if we signed him permanently. It's the back up to these 2 thats the problem.

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Pal he is not called O'deah at all he's called O'dea... seriously you sure you go to games?

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O'dea played well against arsenal, and i think hes a decent defender and i got a season ticket.

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12 Jan 2012 13:26:23
I am the ex ipswich and newcastle professional and my son plays for pocklington town under 19's. Rumours are that leeds have approached two of their players sam taylor and oliver lee, a 6 month loan spell with view to a permanent deal.

Scouts were alerted after Sam Thompson, formally of Leeds United Youth team was being monitored in a game against Yorkshire Amateurs.

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12 Jan 2012 12:57:01
Anybody else heard that Martin Kelly is in talks about a loan move until the end of the season ?? hasn't he been playing the odd game for the scousers ? I may be misinformed it could be Matthew Kelly .....

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Didn't Matthew Kelly host stars in their eyes back in the day

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Irony really is wasted on some people! "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be a bit thick........."

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The irony was there and some of us got it. not bad haha

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Original Poster :- Those of a certain age will know who Matthew Kelly is.... Marvyn Gaye (heard on the garpe vine, for those inept people) told me it was a possibility MARTIN that is

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12 Jan 2012 12:45:04
some updates from todays insider at LUFC.

O'Dea permament looking good for the summer.

Rogers will sign for us, visa details sorted

and the usual but has legs this time, Alan Smith mulling over 3 championship teams, Leeds are one of them, West Ham and Leicester the others. Possibility of signing but highly unlikely.

Clingan nearly finalised, just waiting to travel to ER to finalise minor details

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Why should we believe you? Clingan mentioned last window, didn't sign, if Smith wanted to go to Wet Spam he would've gone with Nolan when he signed

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No he wouldnt have gone with nolan as smith was under the impression if he had got fit he would have got more games but since hasnt so therefore now would be sensable to leave.......but not to us

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12 Jan 2012 10:02:48
Ed- whats the truth in all the sammy clinigan rumours ? {Ed001's Note - I honestly don't know, he is available for sale, but I don't know if anyone has held talks about him.}

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Someone on here is determined for us to sign Clingan, probabley his agent! haha.

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12 Jan 2012 11:13:56
stop the rubbish on heskey.i sit right opposite a work colleague who brother plays for villa.heskey out for a month ,thats why they were keen on keane.

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U sit opposite someone who's brother plays for Villa?.....wow take a bow.

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12 Jan 2012 11:01:06
rumour has it, work permit for rogers will not go through as he did not make the necessary games in the past year to warrant one,

you apparantly have to play 7 in 10 games and he's made about 4 in 10 last year.

also, if rogers signs, which is looking doubtful, snodders will be sold on due to contract running out in 18 months time.

high price now so we're not rushed into a panic low price sale.

reliable source, through a friend.

Believable4 Unbelievable7

The criteria states that the player must have played in 75% of the 'A' Teams competative matches in the last 2 years.

Rogers doens't meet this criteria, but age and other things will be taken into consideration.

Southampton have obtained a work permit for a Japanease player who is older than Robbie, has played just 11 times for Japan and only made his debut for the national side last season.

There's hope, Grayson is confident that the deal will go through.

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Wrong snoddy wont be leaving anytimes soon he has stated that he will serve out his contract and why would we get rid of our best player, get real

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12 Jan 2012 09:01:47
gavin rae from cardiff on his way to leeds for £165k.

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Rae returned to Dundee months ago and will not be going back down to England.

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12 Jan 2012 16:22:17
Gavin Rae was released by Cardiff at the end of last season and is now back at Dundee do try get your fact right.


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12 Jan 2012 04:01:16
100% accurate January movements -

Robbie Rogers in
Sammy Clingan in
Sean St Ledger in

Trying to get Myachi on loan but not looking good atm.

A White > out (Derby/QPR/Wigan)

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Why would we sell Aidy white? He's a quality left back and great going forward also!!

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We wouldnt sell aidy to a championship rival who a worse team than us

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Sean St Ledger might be going to Ipswich Town, But that deals might fall through.

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12 Jan 2012 00:14:45
sammy clingan will be a confirmed signing today

Believable10 Unbelievable10

No it won't. Coventry aren't going to sell him in this window.

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Hope so, michael brown has got to be the worst supposedly (high profile) player i have ever seen in a leeds shirt since a certain mr brolin way back in 1985 MOT

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Wouldn't get your hopes up of singing any else this week think we are dune now till back end of next week . By the time we get round to such as ST ledger and Clingan they will have gone elsewhere nothing new there

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We may have dune singing, but have we done signing?!

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I hope both St Ledger and Clingan have both gone elsewhere! Not good enough for a promotion push and St Ledger thinks he's king of the world, don't want players like that involved with our club.

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Tomas Brolin played for Leeds between in 95-97 season not 1985.

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If they dont sell clingan this window he is free in the next, cov's owners are a liquidation company, they have lost 40 mill investment and are wanting to sell what they can, i know this cos i liv in cov and know alot of cov fans

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To the comment that posted that brolin played in 95-97, i know he did, its called a typo, i pressed the 8 instead of 9, but cheers i dont think the rest of the people would have known what i meant otherwise

Agree2 Disagree2

Typo or not about Brolin, Brown's been class in the last few games. Hasn't got the legs to play every game but is a great DM.

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If coventry arnt going to sell clingan how come hes up for sale then?

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11 Jan 2012 23:48:55
I like robbie rogers, i seen the guy a lot. he is quick and at this level hes got lots of ability, im from long island and enjoy watching mls but its a little gritty, my gf is a leeds fan so i like them too. He is a better player than eddie lewis and my gf said he did well at leeds.

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