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13 Jan 2012 23:27:01
St Ledger
Definitely NOT joining us. From a very reliable source.

Delph, Puncheon & Smith (Spurs)
Weren't mentioned so I'm not sure about possible deals with them.

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Good as Heskey is a liability,
St Ledger can't get in the Leicester team,
And beckford required 20 shots to score one goal, and couldnt hit a barndoor as shown at Leicester ATM, therefore having himself and Heskey on the pitch would be an interesting sight.... Tweedle dum and tweedle dee

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Puncheon wont join thats a certainty, Bates slagged him off on recent interview or Yorkshire radio, (somethin to do with joining, QPR?, when he had supposedly agreed to sign for us) a claim which Puncheon denies.

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13 Jan 2012 23:07:38
On various twitter accounts that Lorimer said at a Leeds on the road event tonight that a deal to re-sign Delph on loan was almost complete.

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This is 100% true but the only hold up is Delph him self because he would prefer to stay with a premiership team, but I think it's only championship teams so he would obviously choose Leeds, he is travelling up home this weekend so hopefully he could be putting the pen to paper.

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13 Jan 2012 21:41:13
Whats all this about Keith Andrews on here, it's nowhere saying about him talking to Leeds at all, although would be great signing

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13 Jan 2012 19:20:26
if leeds wont sign jason puncheon because he knocked us back once why would we sign keith andrews

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Its because bates thinks we are all thick up north mate and he knows he will still get 10k season tickets year in year out without putting anything back into the club or sorry new boxs in east stand which non of us will ever see

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Because grass isnt always greener. I hope we get Andrews

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We wont be signing either.I have a close inside source at training ground and we will be signing St Ledger and Adam Smith and Delph IS a possible.Also if we go down at the palace tommorow,Warnock will be manager this time next week(and i hate the man)!

PS we dont need either.when snods is fit he can do howsons job in behind mckormack,with townsend and rogers wide and clayton and pugh centre(unless we sign a cm).+ we should break the bank to get cox(WBA)!

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The reason we would still want Andrews is because he only turned us down because Blackburn did the deal for the whole season behind his back and he just wanted a short term deal initially.
Also Puncheon had agreed to join us and the staff were waiting at Thorpe Arch to conclude the deal when they saw him on SSN rushing to beat the deadline to sign for QPR and he didn't have the nadgers to phone and tell us or apologise either.

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My source says that Leeds may or may not sign players this month.
He knows because he is reliably informed by someone who once was at a Leeds game and on the way into the ground spoke to a match day programme seller who is related to someone who read in the YEP that Leeds have a record of signing players.

There, that is how silly it all sounds.

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13 Jan 2012 18:30:29
Anyone got any ideas on how we're gonna palm off Rachubka on some other poor unfortunate team?

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We should do a buy 1 get 1 free with the likes of o'brien or Connolly. Failing that we could give him a makeover so that he looks like a well known prem player and try and sell him abroad. If that don't work we must be able to get him a job washing up in Howard's restraint.

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Yes,pay him off,whats point paying his wages every week,cut our losses,The likes of Paynter and Parker may be ok in league 1 or 2,get rid.

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We could use that memory eraser they use in men in black on the rest of the football league

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I wasn't aware Howard HAD a restraint, let alone one that needed washing up. I did wonder where he'd been all these years...

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I think he would drop the plates! He would cost Bates too much money,replacing crockery.

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Love the second response it was flawless until the restaurant - restraint error.... Shame lol

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13 Jan 2012 18:14:44
Beckford won't come back to Leeds (Wages)
Clingan deal now more likely that he is out of contract
Expect Paynter to leave on loan and o'brien to leave permantly
Probably will sign adam smith (RB) from spurs, but would prefer lichaj or someone with more experience

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I'm not sure we need a new right back with how well thompson has been performing

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Dont think beckford can go anywhere as he's already played for two clubs this season ,?????

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Beckford has only played for 1 club he never played for everton this season he went to leicester in the summer, so he could still play for leeds this season

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Get over Beckford! Div 1 player at best, stop going on about him. Anybody who know's anything about football knows he's crap!!!

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Hows beckford crap? he did well for everton! if you knew anything about football you'd know that!

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Beckford is div 1 at best r u having a laugh . he scored 10 goals for everton in a short space of time in a season where he was on bench alot. he would b playing in everton team this season if 4 mil hadn't been offered to them . his goal scoring record is prety good .

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Agree with the post above, The fact we created enough chances for becchio to score 20+ in the championship undermines beckfords achievements with practically the same squad in the division below. If Leeds sign a quality clinical striker and a solid leader of a centre half we will be laughing.

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13 Jan 2012 16:26:35
Leeds to conclude 4 deals before jan 31st

RB Smith (spurs)
CB St Ledger (leicester)
CM Clingan (coventry)
ST Beckford (leicester)

o brien

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Disagree, beckford wont drop his wages and only loans now i bet. and i bet we couldnt pay a team to take that tripe off us


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Who's in charge of financing this. Santa Claus? Do you wake up and start typing what you've just dreamt? I wish!

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Come on same old posts of the same old players, if they were going to sign they would have done it by now!!

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If players, (and I use the word in the loosest possible way), are not going to be used, for whatever reason, then I say ship them out and use the saved wages to pay some decent young players who will bust a gut to play for Leeds, there are surely some out there.

I see no need for:

I however expect to be deafened by the crackles of hell freezing over first,
just a thought.

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I agree with these except i'd probably keep Sam and Bromby

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I agree that they should be shipped out but they do have contracts. They will only go to somewhere who wants them and only then if they want to go. It's not that easy. Which club other than Leeds would pay their current wages based on their performances?

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In any other walk of life apart from football, employers have a way of getting rid of those who do not reach the required standard, if those players above had any moral fibre they would volunteer to go.

Robbie Rogers may or may not get a work permit due to number of games played.
Would it be unreasonable to have a performance and commitment clause in a players contract?

It is written that O'Brien has refused to play for Leeds, if I refused to work for my employers I would be out the door.

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Keep bromby brown forssell and Sam a good sub to come on late

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'In any other walk of life apart from football, employers have a way of getting rid of those who do not reach the required standard, if those players above had any moral fibre they would volunteer to go' - yeah that's happened a lot where I work - people walking out because they feel they are not good enough (ha,ha)

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13 Jan 2012 16:25:47
Billy Paynter wants out of Leeds either on loan or sold to another club. Looks like Coventry are interested.

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Straight swap for clingan?.Bite their hand off lol

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Suspect it'll be Billy and about 150k for Sammy, would still be a fair deal for both parties. Hope Billy does well wherever he goes though. Has never had any luck since coming but always gives 100% and hope the fans welcome him back if he plays us again.

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13 Jan 2012 15:37:55
Tottenham full back adam smith, plays on the right, 20 years old, possible move being weighed up. Source sky sports.

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13 Jan 2012 11:35:41
A story from inside the club just left
a talk and a player will be joining
leeds today cannot confirm if it is a
loan or permo but watch this space
leedsunited.com simon grayson is
chokker with talks post on here alot
and have not been wrong yet

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Grayson said no new signings before Palace game so looks like you're wrong.

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Wow! so what you are saying is that a player may or may not be joining us in the transfer window..............hot news!

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I know the guys who has to print the shirts when a new player is signed and he's not text me yet to say he has been asked to print anything.

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S G said in the EP that he was cautiously optimistic that signings would be made before the Palace game

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Grayson out, Why the hell have we no defenders in yet ???

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To the guy who said grayson out and why havent we had any defenders in yet! We have a month overall to find the best players we need for the best value. Now if yoou would rather Grayson panic buy and end up with a awful defender like richard naylor then thants up to you. I would rather Grayson take his time and buy a couple of defenders that would be alot better. In grayson I trust MOT

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You would rather Grayson take his time?? he's had 3 F'ing years and he still hasn't sorted the defence.

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Fair point well made, just how long have we had a "below par" back four? too long i think is the answer ur looking for. still we live in hope, ups n downs:-/

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What a spot on source you have at the club, less than four hours to go before today is over and you can prove to all the doubters that you are not a spoofer

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13 Jan 2012 11:33:32
Leeds working on a deal for lucke chambershe is out of contract but bates still looking for a bargain.

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Signed a two year deal about a year and a half ago. he's not out of contract

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If he signed a two year deal about a year and a half ago then he'd currently be in the last six months of that contract and therefore be able to discuss terms with other clubs. The last six months of a player's contract is also when his employer looks to sell if he won't sign a new deal so he doesn't go for free. Jesus wept.

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13 Jan 2012 07:22:39
Elliott Kebbie has joined Atletico Madrid and we ar expected to get 500K compensation. Great talent lost for little money.

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Great talent? he couldn't cut it at Madrid, and wasn't even given a short term deal.

he's got pace, but little ability apparently, and I don't think we'll get anywhere near 500k.

no great loss, another who probably wouldn't have made the grade.

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Think that was Barcelona not Madrid my friend.

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How can you say that look what happened to taiwo and woods to apparant great prospects who have failed to live up to their potential you cannot say kebbie will be world class

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The 500 k was set if he joined another club after moving to Spain so you talk rubbish.4 yr deal given to him by athletico so they think a lot of him.

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It was barca for a start, he couldn't cut it! you wouldn't get close to a chance at Barca and he's signed for a class team in Spain. don't belittle his achievement

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Couldnt could it at madrid, firstly it was barca n secondly, theres 99% of all players in the world who cant cut it at barca, that's why they're by far the best team in the world

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13 Jan 2012 06:53:51
Leeds still looking for 3 new players before the transfer window closes apparently. My source (as close to the club as you can get) says they are looking at a RB, CB and a CM. Martin Kelly, Sean St Ledger and Kieth Andrews are major possibilities due to the fact that he refused to deny these players could be targets.

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We'll never get Kelly, he's playing regularly for Liverpool!

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Didn't Andrews ask for too much earlier in the season/pre-season?

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I love these people who quote 'my source at the club' this basically means a match-day steward or a programme seller..! love it

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Andrews wanted 7k a week basic more the Kenneth was willing to pay. How much would 9 goals be worth so far this season I wonder.

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What sauce do you mean that is close? Oh I know its the sauce thats on the counter in the fish shop opposite the ground. LOL

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Dont think so pal - try one of the chaps who sit in the bench on a saturday

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Ha ha sauce? bit o tabasco could spice things up a tad....

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Is your source the tramp who lives in a cardboard box just outside the stadium gates? He's probably as close as you can get to the club.

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12 Jan 2012 23:30:17
Coventry have agreed a deal with middlesborough to sign Jutkiewitz so Becchio won't be leaving and just remind all you Leeds fans of someone who is a great goalscorer when fit is Davide Somma he is recovering and close to coming back to training. I think the only two signings we will make in the next 5 days is Clingan and St Ledger! Mark my words...

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Somma probably wont be back until the last game of the season as we did with kissi so dont get hopes up about him this season

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Becchio was never going to go to Boro as they couldnt afford the fee as he is under contract. His agent did approach Boro though as Becchio was unhappy recently when he wasnt getting in the team. He wanted them to pay him 15k p/w and double it if promoted

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I thought jutkiwiesz (can't be bothered to get actual spelling) played for everyone and was laned to Coventry ?

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12 Jan 2012 23:07:00
Heard Leeds have had two bids for Matt tubbs turned downed, as they're search for an out and out goal scorer goes on.

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One of the bids was approximately 99 pence and a hot dog

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Give ya head a shake,im sure its a 99p hot dog.

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Half a hot dog with ketchup offered later as add ons depending on appearances.

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Rumours have it, that it was a choice of one item of the McDonald super saver menu per appearance. You heard it hear first

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