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14 Jan 2012 23:26:16
After Snodgrass' celebration today I really doubt that he's not going to leave.

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I agree with snoddys celebration but i remember beckford doing the same and after the match saying he wernt going anywhere and he left

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Leeds refused to renew beckfords contract saying they knew he wanted premiership football and were willing to let him have it so dont blame JB for that

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14 Jan 2012 22:48:01
Leeds looking at sam sodje as a possibility to steady our defence. Martin allen has said in interview an offer from a championship club has been accepted and contract talks are on going. I think the lads past it but we shall see if he returns!

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Sodje could do no worse than some of those already there. All this talk about needing defenders, there are one or two who the club had and let go, but seem to be doing okay elsewhere,
Mc Cartney

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The problem is not the players but the manager and defensive coach

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I live in Southampton and have loads of saints fans as friends, and they all say dan harding is great. So perhaps a good point made.


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The problem is bates doesnt believe in pay rises for players . easier to let them go and bring in someone else who will take a smaller wage

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I dont see how paying players more will make them play better

surely they need to be coached better?

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14 Jan 2012 22:09:17
Heard from an insider on part of medical side of things at the club that Leeds are to sign O'Dea on a permanent deal this Jan. {Ed007's Note - That is a distinct possibility, I heard the same from the Celtic end of the deal, but not sure about the medical side, but a permanent deal could be done this window.}

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Trouble is do we really want O'Dea ??
Is he really that good ??

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Not the fastest but he has a great head on him, when teams do along punt up field the ball is like a magnet to his head. He also has good distribution from the defence and rarely makes any mistakes, I also doubt he will cost much. I would sign him to be honest.

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O dea or odear , he really is not good enough for a team with any ambition, but then has bates got any serious thoughts of premiership football

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So O'Dea is not good enough for a team wth any ambition you say? Have you told

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So O'Dea is not good enough for a team with any ambition you say? You should let the manager of the ROI know this as he would like to do quite well at the World cup,(ambition), and has no problem in picking him, and by the way St Leger, who has been equally dismissed on this forum seems to get the odd game too. Maybe Leeds are better than the ROI?, so it comes down to this, go and manage a team, put up, shut up, or go for a trial at ER and save the club

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14 Jan 2012 19:57:13
Do people seriously want Warnock? HHorrible cheating moaning anti-football bag of wind! If he's the answer, I don't want to know the question.

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I don't like the bloke but the only good thing about him is the interviews he does, they crack me up with laughter.

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Grayson is the man for the job trust me we will get no 1 better with the budget he always has to deal with

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Warnock hates Leeds,and can you really see him and Bates working together.
Dont think so.

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I think Grayson will at least see the season out. Bates and Grayson seem to have a good understanding with each other.

If Grayson where to go, I can't see why Warnock would want a move to Leeds. Warnock will want a transfer budget.

I think a manager who works on a tight budget is more likely, like Holloway, but probably someone who is unattached to a club.

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Im sorry but there is no way on earth Warnock would come to Leeds! cant anyone remember the massive argument that erupted in the tunnel after qpr at home last year? All he would get is stick from the start

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14 Jan 2012 19:56:09
Peter Lorimer has tonight revealed were close to securing the loan deal for FABIAN DELPH :-) talks are at an advanced stage and i know leeds have a policy in not saying transfers until there completed but there is a simple explanation ... he has had injury probs so villa want him to regain fitness and delph has stated to villa his prefered destanation is leeds ( they wont loan to a prem team ) this will happen before friday. Talks of puncheon coming were true untill bates messed it up , kilgallon or smith will NOT be returning but leeds will get Beckford back if leicster complete the deal for sharp. If you click untrue you will look stupid when there done deals :-)

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When will peopole realise that Beckford cannot play for leeds this season. A player can ONLY play for 2 clubs in a season, He has played for Leicester and Everton this season remember. Hopefully Delph will come back for fitness, desperately need some ideas in the midfield or if only to get Michael brown off the pitch is good enough for me :)

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He didn't kick a ball for Everton this season. get your facts right!!!!

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I think you'll find he's made 2 appearance's for everton this season. so you should get your facts right lol

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You both need to get your facts right! He can join on loan as this doesn't count.

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Only way Beckford can move is via an emergency loan, so a club has to prove they are short of fit outfield players to make a squad of 16 for games. This isnt the case at Leeds so forget it !

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He can play for another club just look at the keeper we had his played for reading leeds and now on loan at ipswich

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Im willing to take my chances " looking stupid" and click disagree.....Captain Mug

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14 Jan 2012 12:18:27
People now starting to believe me now about Delph rejoining, give you all another clue as well he is back in Bradford and Leeds this weekend, even tho villa are playing everton.

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He is a sub for villa today, perhaps he as a twin

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Really? well that must be his twin brother of the same name on the bench against everton. Get your facts right before you start mouthing off

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Grayson out now 6 mins gone lonners 2 great saves 1 0 down even if we win grayson out

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'Even if we win Grayson out' - get lost, some 'fan' you are.

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I am a fan grayson is a joke more chance of a 1 day old child keeping a clean sheet than us under grayson hes a joke.he has to go

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Do all of us proper fans a favour and go and support Bradford, they really are a joke. As for my Leeds, currently 1-1 away at a play off rival as I type this. If that's cause for Grayson's sacking then you're even more stupid than you already sound

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Didnt realise grayson was in defence today cant believe he conceded us that goal lol

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Play off rival haha neither will be in play offs,and remember all leeds fans are intitled to an opinion.

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Grayson is doing a good job .if owt bates out hes the 1 not giving any money

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The proper fans are calling for graysons head

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No they're not, just the fans who don't go to games and think they're an expert just because they play football manager. We were good today, every Leeds fan clapped the team off..and Simon grayson

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"just fans who dont go to games" what a pathetic statement!not everyone can financialy or logisticaly go to all games, makes us no less a leeds fan. MOT

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I have to admit I hate all these fans who think that because they go all the games they are true supporters. I spent 20 years watching Leeds home and away but now have a mortgage and kids and can't afford, it doesn't make me any less a fan.

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No it doesnt but it also means u just see the result no how we play in the game

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Look I want Grayson to be the manager we all hope he will be, but you have to face it guys he makes the same mistakes EVERY season and he just ISNT learning from them! How is he to progress when he wont address issues that need addressing EVERY year?

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Year 1 - League 1 play-offs. Year 2 - promotion from League 1. Year 3 - 7th in Championship.

Please explain what part of the definition of the word 'progress' isn't covered by the above sequence?

Everyone is entitled to a view on Grayson but to say we haven't made progress during his 3 years is really quite ludicrous and makes you look pretty dim frankly.

We haven't made much progress this year but Bates sold our most effective player at the end of the last window and refused to invest the cash. That's not Grayson's fault and I fail to see who else would have done better with those constraints.

As for the guy with the mortgage and kids, yes, it's expensive and I sympathise. But the guy who says you can't judge is right. We dropped points early in the season (West Ham, Brighton, Boro and Ipswich) when playing really well and have struggled to score lately because two of our most creative players have been out. We do need a few options at the back but I'm pretty sure Grayson knows that and is doing his best to find players but with no money to spend he's going to struggle to find them. Changing the manager is NOT going to help - just look at Forest.

And as for the real fans wanting Grayson out - I go to all the home games and some away and that's not my impression. Most real fans are grateful that we still have club to go and watch and that we are making steady progress.

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It is true,only leeds fans who don't go to games want Grayson out.great support from us at palace for the team and Grayson.you do not hear people at the matches wanting Grayson out so why do the arm chair leeds fans?

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The quality within the leeds squad compared to other teams is minimal, yet regardless of this distinct lack of quality Leeds are always there or there abouts in the battle for promotion. The only reason for this is the quality of the Manager and his ability to get the best from average players. People calling for Grayson to be sacked may be fans but are not football people with football brains.

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Very true. if it wernt for grayson we'd be in league one at the best. happy to be upper half of championship for the time being, considering how low we've been in past 5 years. gradel, delph etc. where has this money gone? grayson got us firmly into top half of championship selling our best players, imagine where we would be if we still had the players we'v let go or at least had that money to reinvest over past few years. hes still learning and given a little bit of backing he could become one of our best managers ever

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I go to games i have a season ticket home and away and ive been to every one since the leicester game and we been rubbish all those games except maybe the forest game and our 2nd half peformances against derby and burnley however since that game we have only won 4 out of 11 games and two of those were lucky results against burnley while forest and millwall are terrible.

the reason i want grayson out is because in the three years he has been manager we have yet to sort the back 5 out despite playing numerous goalkeepers and countless defenders. also in the past few games especially against barnsley the players cant seem to be bothered and that is down to the manager also we have lost the ability to break teams down and score goals so how do hope to improve on last season. also looking at graysons signings all except clayton, gradel, lonergan, potentially townsend and mccormack have been poor signings and it is the 15th Jan today and we have see no new defenders brought in GRAYSON OUT!

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14 Jan 2012 11:13:50
If Leeds lose today and then at home next week Grayson will be sacked and warnock will be appointed in time for Birmingham on the Tuesday.

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After the grief warnock had with his last chairman, do you really think he could work with papa smurf, grayson needs to be backed in transfer window

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Everyone says war nock won't come coz he hates Leeds, didn't stop bates though

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I dont even think he will get that long,bad performance today and di matteo will be in charge for ipswich

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We didnt lose today...that seems to put your view to bed

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Dont want warcock incharge at leeds the biggest moaning person ive eva seen .

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To the starting comment here. One word pal 'MUPPET'.

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14 Jan 2012 10:56:59
Leeds back in for Lichaj source YEP great news lets hope we get Delph back aswell MOT!

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That would be a great deal, cant see villa letting them both go though.

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14 Jan 2012 10:50:51
Delph and Smith will sign on monday, Delph is coming on a season loan and Smith will sign a 3 & half year contract.

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Which smith is this Adam or Alan hope the Delph rumour is true though ed are u aware of these being true

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Been informed by aston villa fan that delph
as had talks with Barnsley who also want him on loan

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I would guess that this is Adam smith judging by length of contract

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You don't have talks with the club that is taking you on loan,the 2 clubs do at leeds villa started theirs 1 week ago.

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Yes Adam smith, i think Alan is going to Ipswich to hook up with Bowyer.

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14 Jan 2012 07:21:43
Smith Ready For Move

The Whites face competition for old boy Alan Smith.
The Newcastle United midfielder has declared he is prepared to leave this month in search of regular football - and has nominated QPR as a club he would welcome discussions with.
However, the Daily Star Sunday report that Leeds and Ipswich Town are chasing Smith in the January window.

souce Leeds united mad

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I wish people would stop putting alan smith forward, he is a has been player whos wages we are far too high for what the players ability is at now. Just get a grip and give your head a shek we dont need these types of players in our squad, we need young hungry players who want success not a 30 something player who went to scum lolllll.

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I agree we need young hungry players and not 30 somethings like O'Brien,Brown etc. But Smith only went to the scum cause they gave us the cash up front!

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Oh yes he had no desire to go to scum himself lol

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