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15 Jan 2012 21:11:01
News is growing fast around elland rd today that grayson has left his post and will be confirmed tom,might I add this is just pure gossip at moment but no smoke without fire.

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Odd him not making statement after game - warnock in maybe - wheres your rumour from tho' fella - ?? hopefully not this site - its all kids on here

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Not likely, we're only like 1 point off the play off spots, he's a leeds fan himself, so will want to take us up himself

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Was waiting for a rumour like this. really? you don't think the money required to pay him off would be better invested elsewhere? like, a new player?

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If you read the rumour it says 'left his post' - that means of his own accord so there would be NO payoff

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Shut up how does it mean that? and why would he walk out of his own accord? back to school in the morning, it's past your bed time.

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He didn't make statement after the game because he was having is knee check out by the physio, it was said at the end of the game in the match review.

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After watching swansea beat arsenal,i think it's time for SG to go.Brendan rodgers has built a swansea side on less money and smaller crowds plus their chairman is tighter than KB.I've backed SG but it's time to give Di Matteo or someone a go

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1win from top 6 so no chance of him leaving.why is it only arm chair leeds fans want rid of Grayson because us leeds fans at matches are in support of Grayson.

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Funny that I'm a season ticket holder and most ofthe people where I sit want rid?!!

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They dont fans that go to matches want him out aswell its just unfortunate all the idiots call for bates head rather than graysons

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Couldn't disagree more about "armchair fans" wanting him gone more than those who go every week. Surely those who go every week are more for the Grayson removal...after all, we have to watch that rubbish every week!

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I go to every away match and no one calls for Grayson to go(hardcore fans)not the prawn sandwich brigade at elland rd.

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If Bates's pay structure is across the board then it wont take too much money to pay off SG. We could probably buy a local league player with the money so why not. Sincere thanks go out to SG and his team but they have reached the top of their ability, and when you get Snodin coming out with comments like he did in saturdays YEP you realise that they have to go. If they ran a Sales Team or a business like that and results were not forthcoming P45's would soon be dished out ! We need a motivator who can get the best out of a medicore bunch of players and get them beleiving that they can do better, I would go for Lee Clarke and hopefully he would bring Jordan Rhodes with him. He appears to be a winner !

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The only reason anyone would want Bate,s
head would be to scare the kids

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Simple matter is sg has lost the dressing room .when was the last time we had a clean sheet ? Not good enough FACT .gus poyet back with do matteo as his no 2

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Ok lets change manager . this doesnt make us have anymore money so thats jordan rhodes not coming . this doesnt make better players available for free . no point changing anything other than players and someone that will come in with so money to invest .

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Why would Di Matteo go from being No2 to AVB at Chelsea to by No2 to Poyet at Leeds?

Too much ex Chelsea around Leeds.

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FACT .gus poyet back with do matteo as his no 2...................The same Gus Poyet who took Billy Paynter on loan to provide their firepower!

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15 Jan 2012 19:23:59
Howson back in training this week, so hopefully not out for much longer.

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We're a better team when he leads!

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15 Jan 2012 19:19:10
Leeds to beat off competition from a number of championship sides to sign sunderland midfielder david meyler

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15 Jan 2012 19:16:43
Leeds to run the rule over oli johnson following his release by norwich city

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I first read this as leeds to run over oli johnson. I thought that was a bit harsh haha

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Agree! He was playing for the Shepherd's Arms in Wakey 3 year ago and was snapped up by Stockport! Went to Norwich and couldn't get a game. Get a grip............

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Why would we want to sign him? we want a goalscoring foward have you not seen his record? its something like 100 games and 12 goals for norwich and stockport...

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Wasn't he the singer in Frankie Goes To Hollywood ?

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Never heard the Leeds home fans called the "prawn sandwich brigade" before..Have you not being to Elland Road mate ? only prawn sarnies ate are in Kens new executive suites !

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15 Jan 2012 19:11:08
Delph will be a leeds player by the weekend fact

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Well... Loanee

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Glad to hear delph might be coming back. he will give us a lot more creativity in midfield as he did a couple of years ago when he was player of the year if i remember .

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15 Jan 2012 19:09:15
Leeds keeping tabs on st johnstone midfielder murray davidson

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15 Jan 2012 19:07:50
Leeds to make bid for dundee united duo garry kenneth and danny swanson

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15 Jan 2012 16:26:59
Leeds will sign free agent stuart parnaby sammy clingan from coventry and bring beckford back on loan as our other strikers cant even score and dont even look like it to be fair

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CANNOT SIGN BECKFORD!! He has already played for 2 clubs this season (Leicester and Everton), that is the max according to the rules set out and enforced by the FA.

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Beckford can't play for anyone else this season, he's already played for two clubs,,,

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Beckford can sign for Leeds the rule is you can nt have more than two transfers in the same season.

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The 2 clubs rule doesnt count for loan moves, so we could still sign him

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3. Players may be registered with a maximum of three clubs during one season. During this period, the player is only eligible to play official matches for two clubs. As an exception to this rule, a player moving between two clubs belonging to associations with overlapping seasons (i.e. start of the season in summer/autumn as opposed to winter/spring) may be eligible to play in official matches for a third club during the relevant season, provided he has fully complied with his contractual obligations towards his previous clubs. Equally, the provisions relating to the registration periods (article 6) as well as to the minimum length of a contract (article 18 paragraph 2) must be respected.

By my understanding he can because it's in a different transfer window, apologies if I'm wrong

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Actually I don't think loans count so you'll find he can

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Apparently beckford can play for leeds as he hasn`t played for 3 clubs in same league

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Dont want him anyway all the moaners who dont want smith at least he didnt sell us out for his own gain like beckford did judas!!

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Beckford is the one who scored the goals that took us up and the goal that beat Man Utd so he's alright with me. He gave us 3 years and deserved his move, do you hate everybody who leaves?

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Judas?? you div...he got us promoted..could have just sulked and picked up his wages...

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Beckford got us into the division we are in now,he fulfilled his contract and stayed with us til the job was done,in my eyes he did nothing wrong,the lad was given an opportunity to play in the premier league and he took it good on him.
As forca return to elland road I think it would be a good move for him and us and think moral would lift,as a season ticket holder I can honestly say I have never heard the ground be so quiet.
P.S 3 seasons in charge,1 play off 1 promotion and narrowly missing out on the playoffs last season give Grayson a break it takes time to build a quality consistent team.

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Waste of time signing him. On;y ruled by money. He's proof that he's a decent league 1 player, cant cut it in higher leagues. Suggest Wealdstone get him back not wanted at Elland Raod!!!!!1

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We can/cannot sign Beckford... change the bloody record? we CAN because Everton are not in our league.

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Beckford scored 31 goals for us in the promotion winning year from l1. He scord 10 goals for everton in the premiership and i bet would have scored more this year given the chance. the only reason everton sold him was they needed money to bring in new players.

He can and would score goals in thins this league especially for us. I fulfilled his contract with us and went to the premiership which anyone would have done given the chance hardly a judas just trying to look after his future.

on a down side his first touch is and alsways has been terrible but that can be fixed. I for one would love to see him back

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Everyone has a short memory, the lad was a nightmare all he did do was sulk. I wonder if youd all have the same opinion on him if it wasnt for his input to get us promoted in his last game. Im guessing not. Remember Grayson leaving him on the bench for a good while? Thought not!

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He was injured and would score goals for us again

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Quote...."Everyone has a short memory, the lad was a nightmare all he did do was sulk. I wonder if youd all have the same opinion on him if it wasnt for his input to get us promoted in his last game. Im guessing not. Remember Grayson leaving him on the bench for a good while? Thought not!"

What a complete idiot. most Leeds fans dont remember him for the 'one goal' he scored which got us promotion, we remember the other 70 odd in 2 seasons along the way too! call him mardy, lazy, a sulker whatever but argue against his goal scoring records and your a fool!

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Why do people moan about Beckford. The fact is he was an excellent goalscorer who got the chance to better himself by playing at a higher level. He did well at Everton, scoring more than some of the higher profile strikers within the premiership and was sold because Everton needed the money. If any simple minded person wants to slag someone off for trying to better themself they need to take a look at themselves- would they advise their son/daughter to stay put in a less well paid, lower grade job just to be loyal or tell them to achieve and earn as much as they can? I wonder what the answer would be! If it hasn't worked for him then I would sign him back in a flash. {Ed025's Note - good post mate..a lot of everton fans were sorry to see him go...

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15 Jan 2012 15:35:55
I'm hearing a lot of rumblings from Leeds that Bates has lined up Di Matteo to take over from SG. Anyone know any more on this? I certainly hope its not true! SG would do a fine job if Bates supported him financially. It's not his fault he has to scout freebies and loan players to replace all our best talent.

Please don't remedy are club by bringing in more of his chelsea cronies!


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Let's keep our fingers crossed that Grayson has departed the club and taken his failed railway line formation with him

New broom sweeps clean - and our defensive coach must be robbing his salary

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Di matteo is a quality manager did a good job at mk dons and a great job at wba very unfortunate to be sacked grayson has taken us as far as he can and we shouls thank him for getting us out of league onelets get di matteo in to take us on the next step to the prem

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There was a strong rumour circulated by a couple of the papers that Di Matteo will NOT consider leaving Chelsea until after the end of the season. Personally I dont want grayson to leave, I think he can motivate our 'average' team better than others. I think that if Bates pulls his finger out and gives him some cash to spend on better players he can go on and get us promoted and thena reputable position in the premiership to build on.

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Bates doesnt back grayson with money as he cant either sign decent free players look who we have missed out on the past 12 months people like chris burke, john carew, abdoulaye faye, barry ferguson, aron gunnarsson, kenny miller the list is endless and some of graysons most expensive signings have often been his worst for example neil collins and leigh bromby.

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Whatever peoples personal opinion on SG do you really think it'll change much with Bates still at the helm. Any new manager will still ahve to deal with minimal funds to work with or are people expecting miracles? lol

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15 Jan 2012 14:24:54
TNS winger Craig Jones is to have a weeks trial with Leeds United. The highly-rated 24-year-old, who can operate on the left or right side, will spend the next seven days at Elland Road, trying to impress manager Simon Grayson and his coaching staff.

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Wow we seem to have at least 10 wingers now, maybe Ken Bates want to be the KFC colonel.

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How many wingers do we need! SG needs to get priorities and look at the squad as a whole before bringing anyone in

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Why would we need to sign yet another winger? doens't make sense, I know Sam is rubbish, so unless Rogers isn't likely to get a work permit I can't understand this one

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Just what we need when the defense needs sorting, yes another forward player ?

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He's a trialist for Petes sake and we have them all the time! If he looks better than what we have already and we can afford him then bring him in as it can't do any harm. I am sure Grayson is looking to bring in the players we all know we need but if you see somebody better in a particular position you get him.

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Its because Bates can then sell Snodgrass for a healthy profit!!

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If we can get someone better than Snoddy for less money, and sell him, what's the problem, better player and money to keep Uncle Ken happy

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Who is better than Snoddy that will come to us? nobody! the man is a class act and would walk into any mid table premier team.

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15 Jan 2012 13:23:37
Mostafa Abdellaoue: 23 yrs old
2011 Top Scorer In Norwegian League.
Career goals 49 in 95 games
Loaned out last season, Tromso his team turned down a bid of 5mill Norwegian Kroner about 550k in Jan this year.
Come on Papa Smurf, 600k to 750k should be enough.

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His brother is scoring loads of goals in Bundesliga for Hannover....... go and get him

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Agree with post two, Mohammed would be a better bet, but Hanover might want some money, of which Leeds appear to have none

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I posted the original post and totally agree Mohammed is the better of the two but chose to target a more realistic target for Ken's tight wallet.

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15 Jan 2012 18:18:16
I posted this. I never said we were after him just that in our price range he might be a decent shout. Anyway here's a video. He looks ok.

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This gives us nothing at all. Finding the top scorer in some league many miles away doesn'tt mean we should or will sign them. Its never going to happen.

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15 Jan 2012 12:34:38
Leeds are targeting qpr pair on permanent deals rob hulse and Bradley orr.

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Rob hulse as loved as he was at Leeds was never the goal machine that we needed, that's still the case, he's just a more experienced andy keogh

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As i remember rob hulse actually scored
quite a lot of goals for leeds.

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Worthless lazy soft are words that describe hulse

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15 jan 2012 12:21:02
let me get this right. we are trying to sign mongomery who is on the bench for a division one team. who is keeping him out of the team, yes a certain michael doyle remember him. i rest my case .

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Agreed. Should have bought Doyle when we got promoted !

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We did try to but for whatever reason (probably Captain Birds Eye's tight wallet) we couldnt make the deal happen

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Didn't Doyle leave us and spend a season running the midfield at Norwich (who were promoted)!

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15 Jan 2012 10:46:24
Dj campbell anyone from qpr cant see him been in there plans now with mark hughes taking over

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I can't see it to be honest, but i think Leeds are in need of some fire power.

Becchio is struggling with fitness, and McCormack plays with not enough confidence.

I just don't know what we should do as clearly both these players have potential to score, but they seem to have run dry.

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15 Jan 2012 10:44:36
Leeds to complete signing of sean st ledger before next saturday game at home to ipswicch

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I'll pray night and day that this is untrue, terrible player and moron.

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He is a strong defender, it would be brilliant for Grayson to be able to rotate around him, Lees and O'Dea. I can see Lichaj coming in on loan and also Delph is in advanced talks. Already got Townsend on loan and signed Rodgers and Pugh. You never know Bates might have been told someone will buy Leeds off him if we get promoted. Maybe that is why he bought the club outright. I think Grayson must have seen that we stopped winning when he stopped playing Keogh and started playing Becchio. I think we should accept any bid for Becchio and get Sharp and Keogh on loan.

Lichaj Lees O'Dea/St Ledger White
Clayton Delph/Howson
Snodgrass Townsend/Rodgers
Sharp McCormack/Keogh

Somma to Come back from injury, Howson obviously out for a while. With Sam, Nunez and dare i say it Brown who can do a job of the bench if Bates can stump up the funds that looks like a serioustitle contending side MOT

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O Dea is far better than Ledger, I agree with second post, he hasnt got a clue, complete moron..

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True odea is better than st ledger, but odea is still pretty bad.

When you watch him, its like watching a donkey on the pitch. Worst defender weve had since michalik.

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15 Jan 2012 10:33:06
Leeds in a tug of war with a number of other championship teams including derby to sign nick montgomery from sheffield united

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We don't want or need him,he can't get in the sheffield side for starters

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This is a non starter, delph is on his way on loan. MOT

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15 Jan 2012 10:30:40
Bolton manager owen coyle intrested in signing leeds duo adam clayton and tom lees

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15 Jan 2012 10:22:09
Tom Lees and Adam Clayton getting linked to Bolton(see today's papers), anyone with talent moves on so it wouldn't surprise me to see them leave

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Say what you like about Bates but he won't sell for the money.
The only way he'll sell these excellent prospects is if they want to go. I'm not a big fan of the guy but his track record shows this to be true.
Didn't sell Beckford when he got the chance. Didn't sell Max till he transfer listed himself.
Held on to Delph as long as he could.

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Could happen, we could then get some more donkeys in to play with Brown, so he feels at home. Give the kids a chance those who have come in have done well,I think.
Get rid of Brown and the rest of the deadwood ASAP!

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You honestly believe bates keeps ours best players?

2009: best player, Delph - Sold
2010: best player, Beckford - Left
2011: best player, Gradel - Sold
2012: best player Snodgrass - ??

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I've heard Blackpool are interested inBrown,so he can keep the other donkeys on the pleasure beach company.Thi s is a deffo l heard it straight from the ahem horses mouth ;)

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Snodgrass best player?? Not by a mile do you actually watch Leeds??? Not near performance levels of Clayton or Howson

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Snoddy is our most influential player... That's hard to doubt.
His scoring and assisting record, especially this season, speaks for itself.
You're right about Jonny and Clayts though... We have to keep them too

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15 Jan 2012 10:02:54
I think realistic targets for leeds are... St Ledger, Clingan and lichaj on loan. Heskey and delph rumours are a load of rubbish as are the billy sharp rumours. MOT!

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Delph on loan is supposed to be pretty set in stone

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- There is no money available at LUFC for transfers and 15000 + weekly wages
- We are currently 11th in the league with confidence very low
- The very best to hope for is championship players on loan till season end or the purchase of 1st division no-hopers or 3rd rate Americans
- You have to remember Ken Bates will not shelve out !!!

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How do you know what the confidence is inside the club? Too much football manager mate

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14 Jan 2012 23:55:26
Billy sharp has rejected going to leicester, leeds should snap him up as hes clearly not purely moving because of money. think we need a cb but maybe only to cover for lees and odea. need a rb because thompson is good but cannot be the long term solution. rumours of adam smith who did brilliant at bournemouth last year, would love lichaj. heard we are in advanced talks over delph on loan. becchio is unfit, end of.

smith lees odea white
snoddy clayton delph townsend
sharp mccormack

bench: rodgers, becchio, nunes sam new cb

looks like a promotion winning side to me

JackTheWhite MOT

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I can t see bates spending that kind of money even if it is on a player which would improve the team. In my opinion it will be mostly loans or free transfers being brought in. Would love to see sharp at Leeds though

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Lets be real here, the total cost of Graysons signings in 3yrs wouldn't combine to the fee of Billy Sharp - Leeds cannot attract quality to the club unless they are 3rd or 4th choice in their own respective team - no ambition, no drive, no confidence in Grayson -

Michael Brown

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Whatever happens, even if bates gives Grayson a few million or a few quid, we need to stick with him as he has worked miracles whilst at Leeds where we have probably spent 2 million but have brought in about 15 million. If Grayson had been given the cash input that 50% of the other teams get, he would have took us up last season or we would be right up near the top this season. Although Bates may not be supporting the team anywhere as much as he should. We need to get off his back at Leeds games as it is clearly having an adverse affect on the team. I was on the Burnley match and our support was disgraceful. You could hear the players and officials talking before we scored and the only time you couldn't was when the kop was singing about bates. And Bates will think it is Grayson's fault we aren't happy and calling for his head. I just hope Grayson outlives Bates at this club. JackTheWhite MOT

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He can be bought for 1.85m, Leicester offered him 28k week going up to 40k week if they get promoted, Doncaster offered new deal @ 18k week to stay. According to my sources he failed medical at Leeds before he joined Doncaster(source current Rovers player). He plays better with the ball to his feet, Pearson long ball man thats reason he doesn't look like going to Leicester. It is up to Bates to show he means business and prove he isnt a loan/ freebie ranger !

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If leeds were willing to spend money they would be able to attract prem players . cant get much for 500 k from top flight

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Think you want to double that price fo sharp somehow

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We will not sign Billy Sharpe.
He's just lost a child - I really doubt he'll be in the mental state to want to pressure himself with a new club full of expectation.
If he moves it'll be to someone like West Ham, Southampton, Boro or whoever gets promoted... Another Danny Graham-type transfer

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To be honest id rather leeds not spend loads of money and do alright than spend loads and do crap like leicester or ipswich this year and middlesbrough last year

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