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16 Nov 2012 13:01:41
McCormack back on bench for Millwall trip.


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Hope this isn't too soon though

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He cant come back quick enough

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16 Nov 2012 17:40:47
its not scoring goals thats the problem - we need a much tighter unit down there....if leeds go behind early i fear a bad day!

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Bad mistake if we use mccormack while things are going so bad ,i would wait until december for our luck to change . with the way things are going i can see mccormack coming off injured ,it will be better for him to be fit and ready for the xmas period .

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Start Ross for f sake, we can't score goals nobody runs the channels.colin reckons "he's looked sharper in training than he's ever seen him" why not start him and if he's not match fit take him off,don't bring him on expecting him to win the game on his own it's Ross not messi or Ronaldo!!

Team that should start:


Byram lees Pelts white

Ehd. Tonge. Norris. Hall

Ross. Becehio

I would love to put Green in because I think hes a decent player but I think this is best team for balance. I will also state: White, peltier and becehio are clueless and are only there because basically what else do we do?

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16 Nov 2012 09:44:27
Update on BBC, GFH have been granted an extension to the exclusivity period so that they can get past the finishing post without any distractions and hope to make an announcement soon

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What an absolute farce this is. we are a laughing stock on and off the pitch at the moment. Why would the club put the statement on o/s yesterday then GFH totally contradict that today. Out of the frying pan into the fire springs to mind, if this t/o goes through. Whats the betting it wont go through until after the loan window finishes next week then we cant bring anyone in until jan at earliest
its an absolute joke of a club at the moment. sorry to rant but this whole thing really hacks me off

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You're far from the only one. These guys seem less competent by the day. Get it done and then let's see what you're made of.

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An announcement soon?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

how do you compare the word 'soon' against the word 'imminent' then??

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I agree the yanks seem like the best bet to me already talking about spending 10 million in January....lets hope they nip in and close the deal gfh are messing about far to much

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Please Nooo yanks well at least not this one who m8's with master bates anyways He might have a supposed 10million to spend...we've had one master bates do we really want someone who has any links at all with master bates...could turn out to be another master bater.
Just sayin
and m

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We dont want yanks no f**king way , they are all crazy nut jobs , yes he would probably give us some good yrs back but 10 yrs down the line we will be worse off than we are now . i think the takover is still aiming to be done for end of the yr but these announcements are just to keep the fans quiet but its not working ,they would be best to keep quiet .

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There probably wont be any other bids until after 1st jan as thats probably how long they have extended the exclusivity period for.

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17 Nov 2012 12:42:56
It is fairly obvious that GFH made Mr Bates give them an extension as if he refused they would call for the 2m loan to be repaid immediately which the club have not got. I suspect that the backers of the takeover are getting cold feet because they would have been sold this deal on the basis of Premiership football next year, which is now very unlikely.
Unless this mess is sorted out this week I think the deal will fall through and Leeds could fall into administration again. I hope not but it is a decimate possibility

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17 Nov 2012 17:13:50
Don't panic, it's imminence will be imminent soon.

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"It is fairly obvious that GFH made Mr Bates give them an extension as if he refused they would call for the 2m loan to be repaid immediately which the club have not got."

What a load of bull....

..if you think Bates would ever leave himself open to that then you obviously don't know Bates!

Bates is in the driving seat and he can see 40 million pounds heading his way, thats the only reason he's agreed to this extension.

He doesn't give a sh*t what happens to Leeds once he's got his money and gone.....

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Whats betting we will get some kind of announcement in 48 hrs before we play palace. these imminent announcements always happen before a home game

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