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17 Mar 2012 21:37:12
to everyone who turned up today at er pat urself on the back fantastic support !!!!!!! mot

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Yes, Excellent support and ER was back at it's best for the visit of West Ham.
Jusy thought Lonergan was at fault for the goal, even though Carlton Cole took O'Dea out of the game for Collins to head in from 7 yards. Lonergan could have punched it clear or deflected it away or even left McCartneys cross to go over the bar!!!
On paper we should beat Forrest, but they are fighting a relegation battle and they're sometimes harder to beat than the top three/foor clubs!!

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17 Mar 2012 19:58:01
Excellent attendance today, hope we can get 25,000+ in for the Forest game.

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17 Mar 2012 19:43:55
forget football for a while, think and pray for fab muamda.

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Never a truer word said mate,hope and prey for the fella.

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Just heard he's in a stable condition. lets hope he comes through this. thoughts are with his family.

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Yes nice 1 mate.

Pull through Fab, pull through

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I aagree hes now been described as significant

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17 Mar 2012 16:02:51
Terrible half of football from both sides not a single shot on target and that has nothing to do with great defending is just very very poor build up play. Clayton and Brown bossing midfield battle but Tomkins winning a lot sitting in front of West Ham back four. Snodgrass way too greedy today so far. Brown very luck not to have conceded penalty when his hands were up at his face. Even with the game being so poor the crowd is brilliant place seems to be buzzing. Hopefully they have something to shout about in second half.

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See this is not want fans want to hear at all, so much negativity, warnocks done a great job, and look playing one the best sides in the league, people like you wont be happy untill we are winning 10 nil at half time, then you might crack a smile....

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So much negativity telling the truth take your head out of the clouds. West ham were the better team today in a very bad game of football. Why don't you hold your hand up and admit it and stop acting like a Liverpool fan.

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To be fair tho a few months ago I would of expected us to loose this game I think we defended good

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It wasnt even a bad game if you watched it. we fought for everything, played well battled hard and deserverd 3 points. your just a negative **** and we could do without you. fed up of people like you, get behind the team or follow someone else.

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Maybe I was at a different game... I thought that us and WH were evenly matched and everyone on our team had a good game (Becchio could have had a better 1st half though).

Defending was good on both sides, so it was a very closely fought contest. Sure there wasn't many goals, but I think that a midfield battle is much more exciting than loads of goals.

I very much enjoyed this match personally.

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WH were the better team!?!? What game were you at? I think that each team cancelled the other out and a draw was a fair result. The only time that West Ham looked like scoring was from set-pieces and they certainly didn't like a team who were challenging every ball. It may be too late for this season but the performances that have been put in over the last 5 games, even though we may not have the points return we would have liked, bodes well for the remainder of this season and certainly for next.

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17 Mar 2012 15:59:41
it does gut me that we're a long ball team. i cant wait till we've got players who a comfortable on the ball. we play some good stuff, but a lot of the time its hit and hope. hopefully next season we'll get them players in. cant knock the determination though. MOT

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17 Mar 2012 13:57:23
can anyone sort out a link to watch the game please? MOT!

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I was surprised to see this game live in my local pub, they appear to have a foreign equivalent of sky sports. Worth looking around your local pubs for one that does the same, in case it happens again!

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