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21 Aug 2012 22:09:16
Well one of the top guys of GFH, David Haigh is a Leeds fan!

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Heard from a v good spires who must remain unknown that the investment is secure but it won't be a complete takeover KB will still be here for a while, the investors will slowly become more influential over time and when KB packs it in, remember his age the club will move into the ownership of the investors in its entirety, won't be up for sale and all parts such as ER and TA under one umbrella. It will be like a family business being taken over by younger family members when the owner retires. Also investors whilst having plenty of cash will not be stupid with it, which I think is good news for LUFC and the future.

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21 Aug 2012 22:06:30
Leeds to sign Maynard on season long loan and takeover should be over by the end of the York Ebor Racing Festival. Rumour that Boris Johnson is to become Chief Executive is a 100% fabrication.

Hazzy 69

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Why would a horse race many any difference to a football transfer!!

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The horse racing itself doesnt have anything to do with the deal. Its not as if the consortium are waiting for a big win to stump up the cash to buy it. Rumour has it that the investors have 2 horses running at Ebor in York so are over to tie up the deal and to see their horses run. Obviously the two things could be coincidence. It could just be that the same people that were at Leeds on Saturday have horses that are running at Ebor but we can dare to dream (all be it to probably have our hopes dashed again).

Regardless of takeover, lets get behind the team and help them push on for the season.


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Ofcourse the Boris Johnson is fake it was meant to be a joke that article...

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No Maynard or Takeover but Boris Johnson 100% true

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21 Aug 2012 21:11:17
For any of you still doubting its GFH Limited who are the potential buyers, David Haigh (founder and Deputy CEO) has tweeted about Leeds being fantastic and how he enjoyed the game. This more or less confirms that he was there and so most likely he is part of the investors. He's a leeds fan too, im hoping he will be the chairman, always good to have a chairman with a passion for the club. Another thing, GFH are based in the UAE (where i live) but also have setup in lots of gulf countries including Bahrain. This could be where the rumour of a consortium with bahrain came from! MOT lets hope this is completed soon! I will let you guys know if i hear anything over here, and im hoping this means a few people will convert to leeds supporters in the UAE!

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This just confirm he was at the game and as he is a leeds fan this isn't a massive surprise. Tbh. But hope I'm wrong tho

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He's a Leeds fan and he tweeted to say he enjoyed the game. That must mean i'm one of the group buying the club too as I tweeted something similar at the weekend. Better start raiding the piggybank to find the millions I need to buy it, I wonder if the bank will lend me that much :)

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Remember what happened the last time we had a fan as our chairman!!

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Personally I think its a good shout....The tweet is only the confirmtion he was there. I am a Leeds fan, but I have not been invited to watch a match with Bates, I am not a CEO of a huge private equity company and had been involving in many corporate investments, I If I was then Id probably been intrested in buying the club. lets wait and see!

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"Always good to have a chairman with Passion for the club"

Peter Ridsdale anyone?!

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21 Aug 2012 20:52:33
Ricardo Fuller just signed for Charlton

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Why did he reject us?

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21 Aug 2012 20:52:14
Contrary to what the Official Site has said, Andy Gray's squad number is 20, not 18.

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Who cares he's a barnsley reject 34 and rubbish signings like this are why we may struggle. would any one out there be happy to see him in a white shirt ?

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21 Aug 2012 20:51:47
Ricardo Fuller has signed for Charlton. Has been unveiled at half time in the game at the Valley against Leicester. Won't be coming to us then

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21 Aug 2012 19:15:48
Dave kitson is one of the players on trial he scored in the behind closed doors game against bradford i dont rate this guy at all anyone else got any opinions on him.
Brian H

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21 Aug 2012 14:43:38
Leeds supposedly "battling" Brighton for piquionne signing according to the daily Fail

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21 Aug 2012 14:26:40
The takeover will be completed this week, I've had it confirmed from a source of mine in the middle east. The new owners arrive today to sign and finalise the sale and are then due to remain in Yorkshire until the weekend. Both individuals involved in the takeover have runners at york's Ebor racing festival which starts tomorrow. I don't however have any info on potential new signings.

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If this is true do you have any idea to when it'll be announced?

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Hi, another scattergun rumour. If enough people throw enough rumours out there, then eventually someone will be right. Yawn yawn yawn.

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Leeds fan . drained.

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I hope it's true. After the game tonight I feel we need more quality in the midfield...

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I understand your drained im sure you all are. The takeover will be announced after the new owners have left the country, they are not interested as public figures. As I understand a former Leeds captan will be a spokesman for the new owners and will take the club forward with Shaun Harvey, my estimate would be Wednesday onwards next week.

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Brilliant so at most 2 days before transfer shuts.. thats going to give us a great chance of getting that quality if you're indeed right haha...

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21 Aug 2012 13:21:53
I am in greece on holiday
Does anyone know of any good streams to watch the Blackpool game??

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Doubt you would find the Leeds vs Blackpool game tho mate as its not televised anywhere, you'll prob only find the champs lge qualifiers or any other games on Espn or Sky sports

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Ls hunter then click on the game and a link its pretty self explanitory....but depending on whether the leeds game is considered one of the biggest it might not be on that website :)

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21 Aug 2012 12:34:27
struggling to find much info on GFH, from what i can gather they are an investment company, usually companies like that like quick returtns, i hope im wrong, i hope they sort it soon as my 2 year old is going grey from all of this!


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GFH Capital Ltd are the firm reported as being interested in Leeds United. Present at the Leeds v Wolves game were, Mr David Haigh ( Chief Operating Officer) Leeds fan and high ranking lawyer, Mrs Abu Hijleh (Chief Financial Officer), a finance manager, and Salem Patel (Board Member) high ranking associate of the firm, which has strong links to Bahrain. Just the three people you would need to conclude an acquisition, a lawyer, an accountant and a Manager. Although Adam Pope is reporting that they are likely the brokers of deal for a third party. For example they could be an investment bank for a certain Bahrian Sheikh...

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Venture capitalists see 5 years as the standard period for a sound return and often longer.......unless they are in to asset strip. no danger there matey as kenny boy has emptied the cupboards already! TeeCee

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GFH are here to broker the deal for an Arab consortium nothing more nothing less. This has been confirmed by LUST

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21 Aug 2012 11:51:07
alejandro faurlin from qpr doubt he will play much maybe a loan move

also jamie mackie or j bothroyd would be a good prospect

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Faurlin was absolutely quality last season really stood out in my eyes especially in the Chelsea game I can't see him not playing

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Go away with these jay bothroyd suggestions he is terrible!

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21 Aug 2012 10:27:32
These look like the 3 people that Mr Bates was sat with at the Wolves game


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I agree, both Salem Patel and David Haigh were pictured at the match, not sure about the lady! Hopefully a big investment is comin up

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It says David Haigh is a "Keen Rugby Player and a Leeds United Fan"

So pretty much to complete opposite of Ken Bates then :P

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21 Aug 2012 10:55:55
Leeds to sign 3 players before window shuts:
Templeton 500k up front.
Fuller freebie
Maynard on loan.

We will also sign Montogemery or quinn depending on green's injury

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Doubt we will get all 3 but would be great especially as our squad is very small

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Hope we get Quinn looks a class act on his day the kind of creative player we need in midfield and he'd come on the cheap! Karllambert ....Leeds

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Thanks for keeping us informed Neil.

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That would be fantastic work by NW given that we have no money to spend

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Well we have no money warnock has already said ! so unless we get an injection of cash it aint happening as we cant even afford the wages let alone the signing fee

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Seems a few too many considering the wage bill restrictions.

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Montgomery is retired!!

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Well fuller just been paraded at the valley for charlton so unlikely

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Fuller signed for charlton

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Once again a poor rumour , fuller has gone to Charlton , get your facts straight before u start posting rubbish !

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Fuller gone to Charlton!! Can't believe it!

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Fuller signed for Charlton.

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21 Aug 2012 12:02:02
The guy at the wolves game is a bloke called salem Patel he is a board member for GFH capital...... hope these are the dudes to takeover us!! ↖(^▽^)↗Supaleeds 1919

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They must be.... YEP reported that the deputy COE David Haigh was also there and it states on the compaines web site he is a Leeds Fan. They seem like the perfect candidates that could not only help fund but could also develop the business side of the club. I'd much rather that than to be a spoilt Prince's hobby.
Surely we on on the brink now, as if they would go to a game for everyone to see and not go through with it.

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No they are the brokers for the deal. the buyers wont be announced till its dead or they lose patience with bates stalling. starting to lose faith in the t/o. been dragging on for too long

white pumpkin

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21 Aug 2012 17:00:31
This the fellow.


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21 Aug 2012 11:31:32
DJ Campbell due to sign for Bristol City. Hope he wasn't on NW's radar.

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21 Aug 2012 08:31:20
yorkshire evening post have reported that some fiancial reps have been seen at Elland Road

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21 Aug 2012 07:52:03
GFH capital ltd a private equity company where the people at ER on sat.

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GFH Capital, formerly known as Injazat Capital, is one of the Middle East’s foremost private equity investors, advisors and fund managers, providing capital and strategic support for growth companies.

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David Haigh is Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Dubai based GFH Capital Limited. He is also a huge Leeds United Fan... could this be the news?

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21 Aug 2012 02:02:29
leeds still interested in templeton. stumbling block would be the funds to buy outright reported 500k. leeds looking to offload nunez so part exchange plus cash looks more favourable

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20 Aug 2012 22:54:17
ben parker gone to tranmere on trial ssn

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I played against him last week he was playing with his mates for south milford h and he said he had a few things coming up a really nice ladand still loves leeds

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20 Aug 2012 17:02:46
I have a source who is friends with someone who knows somebody from within Leeds (bit of a cliche but this is true ) and bates has effectively agreed the takeover but the last issue is he wants the buyers to pay £2million to the creditors as a deal put n place when we were in administration. Thisis the only nag

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