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29 Aug 2011 23:19:27
Squads need to be big but because you are only allowed 5 subs then that is why we may or other clubs may not sign so many players

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29 Aug 2011 23:03:04
Why doesn't sg offer Owen hargreaves a pay as you play deal ? {Ed025's Note - good shout..

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Injury prone no point he'd rather stay in prem with wba

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Why would he come to Leeds? I'm sure he would want to play in the Prem after missing just about half of his career. We're not big enough for him.

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29 Aug 2011 19:50:35
I think we will sign a ST a CM and proper LB by wed as this matches SGs policy by 2 players for every position

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SG's policy? It's everyone's policy. SG will try no doubt but I don't see him being successful. There's only 2 days left of the window and I don't think any of the good players will bust a gut to sign for Leeds currently a bottom 6 Championship side on minimum wages. I'd actually look to go the other way on this now and accept defeat. We might as well cash in on Max and Snods while the going's good. Otherwise Premiership teams will pillage us in January and next summer.

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29 Aug 2011 19:48:36
What's peoples opinions on incoming and outgoing by Wednesday?

I expect Bruce bessone to be gone
And forsell and a CM or LB to come in.

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Predicted Outgoings: Bessone (please) Paynter

I think Bruce will stay.

Predicted Incoming: Forssel Hill

Love to see Lansbury but can't see it materializing.

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29 Aug 2011 19:46:35
I think Paynter will leave by wed and we will sign forsell. Becchio and keogh will be the "big" strikers and forsell and mccormak will b the "small" strikers. (until sommas back fit why forsell will only get a year contract

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29 Aug 2011 19:08:55
What's happening with the forrssell deal

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29 Aug 2011 19:08:53
No way Arsenal will let Lansbury leave the Emirates given that they are really struggling for players and he is now in the squad. He actually came on in the latter stages of the game at Old Trafford and Wenger is now giving him a 'sink or swim' opportunity. Lansbury is more likely to leave in January if he doesn't make the grade with Norwich his likely destination.

Looks like a full-back and a centre half will be unveiled before the end of the week as SG looks to sure up our back four. A Prem midfield player is on the cards too, on loan, following the close of the window on Wednesday. We will only sign Forssell if we can move players out i.e) Bruce, Bromby, Paynter but I know SG definitely wants to do the deal if he can. Only problem being the three noted are all injured or just recently back from injury which will hamper any deals being done for them.

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29 Aug 2011 17:56:45
In tonight's YEP SG is quoted "If I get one or two players out and the people in who I want then we'll try to sign him (Forsell) because he's a good player,,, But it might just boil down to numbers"

Grella already gone so is that another one or two? Which two do folk think it should be?

I can think of more than 2 .....but my two would be Billy (He might be a great lad but cut the cord Simon) Bessone (nuff said)

As others that some folk have suggested Ben (sad to say with his injuries I don't think he'll ever be ok at even L1 level) Connolly (Coach him in what you want him to do as he can improve) Bruce (Heal the rift - as my Dad allus says you don't have t'like folk y'work with ...just get job done) OB (get him fit he can still do a good shift off the bench)

What a day Wednesday will be Ticket details for scum match & hoping for three new "shirts" ;->

Leeds TID

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29 Aug 2011 17:07:57
hope Leeds will sign about 3 players on wednesday?

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29 Aug 2011 17:00:58
How bad can it be when two ex Leeds full backs are near the top of the championship with Southampton why did we let them go?

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Very good observation. Full backs, eh? More like we are the fools and now we want them back

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Richardson wanted to much money and we could not afford him.

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Because Harding was possibly the worst left back ive ever seen play for us. With the exception of the former premier league star Stephen crainey

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They weren't good enough at the time.. look at us now.

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Both league 1 standard, just because they are up there now after 5 games doesnt mean they are any good.

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With regard to observation about Harding, no way. You obviously don't remember a certain Dylan Kerr.

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29 Aug 2011 16:16:37
Howard Wilkinson would be a great investment for the team. He could give Grayson some advice on what players to sign and what tactics to use. As an advisor he would be a worthy talent to have. He could also help coach the team and bring some backbone into some of the more lackluster players

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Yeah i agree,other than Don,best manager we have ever had,Last englishman to win premier league/division 1

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Don,t want wilko back,have never forgiven or understood the cantana thing,worst decision i can remember and no reason given.

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What a short memory, I know he lifted the tittle but then he sold off the family jewels and produced a crap team that George Graham had to rescue, now George would be worth bringing out of retirement his sides knew how to defend.

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This is a joke, right? Wilko's time was over 2 decades ago. Game has moved on since then plus a former manager coming in to help a current manager never works. It's undermining. That said, I wish GG was still at the club. Least then we'd have a decent defence. That guy made Robert Molenaar look world class. GG yes but Wilko an emphatic no.

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Wilko No, George Graham No - both managed Leeds sometime ago - Wilko sold Cantona for 1 million and George sold Leeds out to move to Tottenham. Keep the faith in Grayson, Leeds have played some good football this season and am sure our luck will turn. MOT

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Howard Wilkinson is one of the most under-rated mangers in recent history, the last English manager to win the league, but yes, his time as manager has passed I believe, but as director of football I can't see any harm there, just my opinion

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The sale of Cantona was stupid especially for the low price. We ended up starting off the whole ManYoo dynasty. I saw the whole thing coming. GG did sell us out for Spurs but at least he knew how to organise a defence. I'd welcome him back but he'd clash big time with Bates. 2 harsh personalities together. Wouldn't work. Can you imagine if Grayson loses his next league game? We'll be talking about new managers for real then.

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Can never forgive him for Cantona, but would love to see George Graham back as defensive coach. SG struggling his tine might be up?

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Not sure about Wilko signing players, Brolin, Sharpe, Rush?

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29 Aug 2011 09:31:09
Leeds are keen on signing QPR defender Clint Hill source Daily Mail

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29 Aug 2011 02:02:26
Daily Mail says we are interested in Clint Hill. Pretty solid CB who can also play LB. Is he better than what we have though? Not sure. We defo need someone better at centre back though...the missing link to be honest for a while.

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29 Aug 2011 00:18:34
keeping Forsell is prob why we didnt sign Le Fondre ?
only thing i can think of - it better be
:Lansbury and a CB please for WED as the end of loan window is too far away Larry

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Can't see those signing happening but I do thing we need to strengthen the defense we need some discipline in there White is one for the future but not for the now, and we need someone who can keep the ball in midfield as we are losing it a lot and when we do have position we don't use it well enough

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28 Aug 2011 23:25:52
Forssel, Kelly and a cb will be signed for us , well I hope so lol mot

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28 Aug 2011 22:39:18
Grayson said Forssell decision to be made before the weekend... It's Sunday night and nothing has been said.. Let down again

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Forsell has agreed in principal to sign the 1 year deal offered to him by Leeds.
His agent is just mulling over offers that's all. He's trying to earn commission. But Forsell hopefully will choose to stay at Leeds anyway and overrule his agent. That's the only delay at the moment. Should be sorted by late Monday

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The decision to sign him may have been made, in negotiations, why would they tell us that? You know what Leeds are like.

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Am sure the decision has been made. A decision to sign or not to sign. Since Leeds normally tell their fans whether a trialist is being kept on or released fairly quickly and that is what Forssell is a trialist I think we can assume a decision was made to try and keep him. Try being operative word. Am sure now we are in negotiations with his agent. I expect something to be announced Tuesday afternoon. At least we'll have a striker on the bench now.

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