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02 Jan 2012 23:43:00
Leeds to offer paynter and bruce plus 1 million for jordan rhodes

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Would welcome this rumour with open arms if true
however i think Lee Clark will push for better quality in exchange, or at least 3mill for Rhodes who is now a proven international striker

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We wish, he will go to a low prem club or a top 3 championship side, and unfortunately, as much as I love Leeds United, that doesn't include us. Top quality striker though without a shadow of a doubt

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02 Jan 2012 23:41:43
Paul caddis from swindon town to join leeds

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02 Jan 2012 23:40:26
Leeds to beat bolton in race to sign crawley cb kyle mcfadzean

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That's what we need to do, stop signing awful prem players on loan and look to the lower leagues for quality individuals. Worked for Norwich to a certain extent?

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02 Jan 2012 23:35:47
Leeds look set to beat a number of premier league teams to the signing of macclesfield town rb elliot hewitt

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02 Jan 2012 23:33:55
Leeds to snap up 18 year old highly rated northampton town winger micheal jacobs

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02 Jan 2012 23:30:52
Leeds to make bid for dundee united lb barry douglas who we was linked with last season

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02 Jan 2012 22:55:13
ROBERT SNODGRASS (24, winger) Leeds United Had appendix surgery at Christmas but wants to cement his place in the Scotland team. A Premier League club could target him.

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This posts of the BBC website how can u click unbelievable

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Its not unbelievable that a premier club could come in for him!

However, it is UNBELIEVEABLE that Snoddy would actually sign for them (hopefully!)

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02 Jan 2012 22:43:07
Pugh pens 2 year deal; becchio may go to Middlesbrough and Leeds to sign Gradel on loan,

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Why would gradel come back to us on loan when we have tpwnsend on loan (So he wouldn't get a game) AND he plays regularly for st ettienne?

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02 Jan 2012 22:16:14
Leeds should take a look at 21yr old Le Havre AC striker Ryan Mendes Da Graca. He attracted interest from Aston Villa in the summer and has scored 9 goals in 18 appearances this season.
Certainly worth a look.
Oh & he's very pacey.

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I'm on iPhone can someone post the link cos I can't get the vid

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02 Jan 2012 22:06:16
Come on then ! I was just trying to think who the worst striker we have had over recent years ? Here's some to start you off.


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Dickinson was a left back? remember Anthony Elding?

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He means the Dickinson that looked like Gok Wang (Gay clothes presenter).


I bet there are many more that I cant remember!


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Michael Ricketts 25 league games no goals, makes Billy paynter look Like a prolific striker,

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Showumni was a bit unlucky- Dickinson was dreadful at everything!

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Musta wiped dickinson from my memory... who was he, when did he get a game?? elding was bad! where is he now? how bout carl shutt?? apart from that 1 goal at camp nou....

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Carl Shutt- If my memory serves me right he scored 2 or 3 on his home debut. What about Ian Rush? Leeds managed to turn him from a prolific goalscorer to a useless has been in no time at all- Just like we usually manage with every high profile striker we sign!

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Liam Dickinson we got him on loan from derby he's at Southend now eldings last club I can remember his last club being Rochdale he is elsewere now though

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Cyril chapius, lamine sakho, remember them chancers when we were premier league and had a squad full of loan players lol.

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I can remember being at an away game at middlesbrough when Nigel Worthington committed a foul on the half way line and instinctively all Leeds fans sang OFF! OFF! OFF! he was deadful - I can recall Carlton Palmer playing in the same game - what a donkey he was!!!

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I think the original poster said strikers, but yeah roque junior was pretty awful! Lamine Sakho to be honest i remember him being okay.

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Two players which were dreadful for us but now playing ok. Marlon king and Danny graham.....couldnt hit a barn door!

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02 Jan 2012 21:30:01

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Don't even joke about that. I will blow my own brains out if it does happen

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Don"t worry! Get Painter to shoot at you - he's guaranteed to miss!

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This is not the Banter page! I dont want an early heart attack thanks!


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02 Jan 2012 20:58:10
Billy Paynter is back at Leeds read my post below Gj

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Which post is that Gj? the one about charlie Taylor going to Bradford, the one on the os. Oh yehhh, your good you.

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Ps he was on the bench for Brighton today. Plonker!

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02 Jan 2012 20:33:34
If the rumour is true Simon Grayson was 2 minutes from the dole but the late goals will keep him in the job until at least the end of January. He has been given 2 million and anything thing he makes on players leaving ER. The relief shown by him jumping down the sidelines was there to see.

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02 Jan 2012 18:08:53
Leeds have signed Danny Pugh on a 2 and 1/2 year contract from Stoke.


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02 Jan 2012 17:50:03
Well done ken bates looks like aidy whites next out the door with arsenal and bolton offering him a contract for end of season

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Well, they cant until its 3 months left on the current contract so shut it.

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If you had the chance to play for Arsenal wouldn't you go ?

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We urgently need a new owner and a new manager
Its a absolute disgrace

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If Aidy white goes it DOES show a lack of commitment......

Good to se Thompson coming through today, unfortunately you have to wonder if he'll be another on his way when we need these youngsters so badly?

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To say I was elated was an understatement losing a game against 10 men would have been hard to swallow on top of the last three games. I'm a Grayson supporter but playing one man up front against 10 men is maybe showing a tactical ineptness or is it that his players just aren't listening ..........we need new players sooner than later but it's time to get behind the manager

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He wasnt playing 1 man up front as much as nunez wasnt doing his job as a second striker. Grayson kept telling him to get further up but he kept dropping back into the hole

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02 Jan 2012 17:51:44
See what happens when you utilize the squad Larry. May have only won in last second against 10 men but better performance. Use the squad. That's why you have it. Keep players fresh. Introduce youngsters for a few games and give them experience. Use the squad Larry, use the squad. By the way, use the squad.

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Good to see Thompson pulled in, when are the Turners going to be given their chance?

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02 Jan 2012 17:45:48
Not sure if this is out yet but Leeds will sign SeanSt Ledger this week

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I hope not, the guys a t**t. I know him personally from his days at Peterborough. If you watch him carefully he's no better than Lees or Kisnorbo

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I dont think so mate always plays well at international level for ROI and will want first team footie in the lead up to euro 2012. But not at leeds (even tho he would be a good addition) papers on this side of the irish sea have linked him with celtic!

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Nah, defo no good enough for Leeds. If unwanted an Irish Footballers opinion I would have asked, but because your standard of football is so unbelievablely shocking I will have to decline your view. Now go and pick some potatoes

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02 Jan 2012 15:05:27
Not sure if this is confirmed on here already, signing of Danny Pugh confirmed on a 2 1/2yr contract. Matchday programme Yorkshire Radio

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02 Jan 2012 12:47:08
German striker Daniel Frahn.
6ft 2, just turned 24, played for Germany under 19's, is captain of his club, has scored 76 goals in his last 136 games (present club and previous club) and is valued at around £250,000.

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02 Jan 2012 12:45:50
What happened to Leeds signing Montgommery from Sheff Utd in the summer? Just seemed to fizzle out it appeared he was set for us then I heard nothing again?

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Everyone realised how bad he was before we signed!thank god. We need quality players not league one.

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He didn't want to come,,,,not worth going after

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02 Jan 2012 12:04:40
Bostock anyone? I reckon he's a pretty good player

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I would say yes. My mates a spurs fan and rates him highly but he cant get in the first team. I think he could be another clayton. Worth a shot i think.

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02 Jan 2012 11:43:54
Leeds youngsters Nathan Turner, Lewis Turner and Sanchez Payne are to be in the squad for the visit of Burnley

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Sanchez has just gone to lincoln so i doubt it!

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Would have been good to see, but didn't happen....

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02 Jan 2012 05:03:25
leeds to sign savic and killgalon on loan and they be our cb for the weekend game.i hope we will sign clinigan from coventry city.

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Why would we want another second rater in clinigan. I Have watched him play a couple of times this season is best described as average. I for one hope we dont sign him

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Killgallon had a great game for sunderland against man city...he's not going anywhere

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Killgannon is now in martin oneills plans why move

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Hope none of them saw us getting a
tanking at Barnsley again if they did no chance of getting them anyway do not
think we have a chance of signing
Killgallon think he is in sunderlands plans

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Would the clingan brigade knock it on the head we need quality no more average players hes crap and i am from n ireland

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I agree Clingan not the answer, no better than what we have

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Can somebody explain why i hear savics name mentioned on this site, he is a regular on the bench at manchester city. blaggs my head

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The only one i can see is clingan, but i live in the midlands, and i have a few mates who follw cov, and they dont seem thatbothered that he will be off.... he a tries... but thats bout it!
would much rather some players like orr and connoly from qpr and salif diao from stoke...hell i'll even take titus bramble.... is this what has become of us!!

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Titus bramble? no thanks, would prefer to put KB at the back

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Kilgallon back in favour at Sunderland with MO'N now in charge. Had good game against City so don't see him moving !

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01 Jan 2012 23:32:43
Big rumour; Newcastle don't rule out smith elland road return

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Where's the source? Leeds have been linked with him since he left? And will continue to do so!

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Not a fit player anymore for this level - and he is untested and unfit - with no games - He is what one would call a CROCKed and spent force - so NO THANKS

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Smith would walk into this Leeds team with his eyes closed.he'd be our best striker, and best central mid easy. Fouls more than David batty tho that's the problem.lot fitter than brown tho

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As much as i would love to see a fit, firing, hungry smithy back at elland road its fair to say the longer this rumour has gone on the less he has to offer us and the older he has become.... therefor i would say its time to put this rumour to bed because its not going to happen, and hes just not got what we require, sorry smudge, thanx for the momories....

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