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03 Jan 2012 23:07:56
heard we are looking at signing a central midfield player on loan to replace howson for the time being. not sure who though, any suggestions?

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Shelvey on loan, quite impressive once Liverpool don't need him as cover.

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My wife supports Villa. I accompanied her to Villa v Liverpool. Shelvey was the best player on the park.

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Shelvey is the best player I have seen in the Championship this season.

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Leeds should by karl henry, he would fire power toi the midfield

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Paul Coutts from Preston might be a good shout.

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03 Jan 2012 22:19:10
Leeds looking at Luke Chambers of forest along with several championship clubs. Contract due to expire so should be in our price bracket (cheap). Personally think he would be good buy as he's good at this level?!

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Sick of this price bracket talk, you know fa of what leeds price bracket is

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Thats a bit harsh he was only voicing an opinion and he is a good player

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I agree that the response is harsh - after all the original poster is not incorrect in saying that we only ever buy on the cheap because that is what we do! its proven that our price bracket is cheap going on bates' record at teh club

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That'll be the same Bates who has said that we have money that the MANAGER has chosen not to spend!

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03 Jan 2012 21:07:06
Stephen Hughes just been released - good midfielder for this league

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03 Jan 2012 19:33:04
Robbie Blake back to Leeds from Bolton on loan as back up cover

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Why would we want to bring in another striker for cover when we have enough as it is? Would only reduce the chance of signing anybody else because of the wage demand that would be included.

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03 Jan 2012 18:06:20
I Know its a rumour page but its all ''Leeds to be'' when the fact is it should be ''Ken Bates will not pay for'' thats a fact only players we will get in this window is loan players apart from pugh who has signed full term now

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Too right mate the sooner he is gone the better ! i have also heard off of a VERY reliable source (who i can not name for obvious reasons) that Grayson will be gone before Palace match. I pray this is wrong because on the tiny budget he has had has done an amazing job lets hope im wrong ey !?

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Well i think the Burnley win saved him but what is needed is premiership quality players if we get up this season i think we will be going straight back down which would be a shame

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Grayson should stay put until he doesn't meet the requirements of his contract. We may be struggling at the moment, but that's no reason to sack him. While ever there's still a chance of promotion or at least the playoffs, then he's not failing IMO. game on game there are definitely questions being asked, but he's trying to address them, and should be given a chance to improve things.

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I said during our losing streak that he should be given until the end of the transfer window to show his intent in the transfer market and then have turned things around before any decision is made regarding his future...i hope the burnley result is the start of a winning streak because at least SG loves the club

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I've had an idea...

Instead of sacking the manager and spending loads of money on players that aren't good enough (cos if they were theyd be in the prem league ...ahem...Leicester), why don't we just get the players we've already got to play better?

They've proved that they can as they bossed West Ham (if Gradel had scored the pen wed have won) and annihilated Boro and Ipswich (poor refs caused results), so instead of doing what Leicester and Ipswich did and spending loads of money, why not give them time and support and let them develop and play the game.

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03 Jan 2012 16:19:02
It's a long shot but what about Gael Kakuta he has returned to Chelsea after a loan spell at Bolton, only problem is wages though really. Don't think he will make many appearances this season in the PL so maybe bring him in for a month as a temporary replacement for snoddy

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He has gone to france with dijon nice idea though ha ha

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03 Jan 2012 15:55:00
Leeds to sign Rhodes from Huddersfield
Paynter plus 1M

Also Leeds to sign Jason Roberts, lechji , Dorrans, Danny Collins and Jason Punchoen on loan till eand of the year

team will be



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If only this was true, nice dream team though

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Well including Keogh and Townsend that's 7 loan signings! How many do you think we are allowed?

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Why would we sign jason roberts and then not play him?

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Fact is premiership teams looking at Rhodes and ken bates will not pay the money for him which is valued at about 3.5 million

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Sorry to disappoint mate but we've already got two loanees, Townsend and O'Dea, and we're only allowed five so you're two over by my maths

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Hasn`t huddersfield chairman said he will never sell to leeds??
However if Grayson dosen`t survive,Lee Clark for manager and bring Rhodes with him :) South Trev

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I don't get all this not selling to leeds lark. It's such a one-way rivalry, i didn't know who huddersfield were until we got relegated into league one. Anyway, what I meant to say is, we'll never get Rhodes. Great player but we'll be outpriced left, right and centre so we might as well not even bother.

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Huddersfield Town would NEVER sell their prise asset to us. They Hate us more than you could imagine. My Missus is a season ticket holder their.

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03 Jan 2012 15:49:54
Garreth Hall spotted at elland road with Tom Shaw... you herd it here first

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Why at elland road? if they're here to talk about a contract they should be at thorpe arch

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03 Jan 2012 15:04:57
2 new players to come in before our next league game on the 14th

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03 Jan 2012 13:55:10
Grayson to try again for Jason Puncheon on loan after the midfielder returns to Southampton from his loan spell at QPR. Grayson just missed out on Puncheon on transfer deadline day in August due to a last minute effort from QPR. Now it seems Grayson will try again to get his man.

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03 Jan 2012 12:31:20
ken bates in talks with gillette and hick about possible investment into the club {Ed025's Note - burke and hare were not as big cutthroats as them

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Will you please stop posting rubbish on the
site no chance of this happening

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Why not would make sense both love to keep money in there pockets like ken bates

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Wouldnt be surprised if they have a flat next door to Uncle Ken. Lots of similarities too in fruitless court cases that they cant win and wasting money on none playing matters. They could be investing in one of the new Exec Boxes because it doesnt look like too many other people are !

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Yeah i have heard he is talking to a Mr B lobby, aswell!

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03 Jan 2012 11:01:55
Aston Villa to address the fitness of Eric Lichaj after his injury before letting him join Leeds on loan until end of season.

Graham Dorrans is another loan target, but Leeds must off-load some players before a deal can be reached.

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I think it more likely that Snoddy will be joing Dorrans than Dorrans coming to us

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03 Jan 2012 10:43:52
James McAthur to join on Loan from Wigan and Grayson is also looking at German Striker Daniel Frahn

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Mcarthur mate is a sick player hell never sign

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02 Jan 2012 23:56:51
Leeds to sign 2 more talented young prem players on loan until the end of the season. Announcement in the next week.

I would love to know by the way how many people go these games and have the cheek to comment on this site and who should be sold or not. I bet 70% do not hold a season ticket! Twonks!

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I have a season ticket and townsend was brilliant today but i think at times he was quite greedy. but fantastic signing .

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I am a season ticket holder, although becchio was ok today, he is surplus to where we want to go and not on the level of the exited keogh,mcCormack, somma and all these rumoured players. Becchio out!

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A Leeds fan that isn't blind to the lack of ability that Becchio has. He works hard but hard work doesn't compensate for a lack of ability. He is the best player we have at scoring with a header in the 6yrd box but he has no pace and has no skill and his 1st touch is poor. By playing Becchio Grayson is putting the test of the team under pressure as he can't hold the ball up. The game changed today when Forssell and McCormack came on. Sell him whilst we can get some money for him because if we go up he won't cut it in the top flight. M.o.t

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By the way I am a season ticket holder and have been the last 15 years

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I ain't a season ticket holder but I don't think that makes me a twonk. Everyone has their right to comment but if they ain't been to that particular game and shoot their mouth off just because they've seen the scoreline is wrong too.

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Ive never been a season ticket holder at E.R but go down every matchday and pay my ticket on the day - does this mean i can't voice my opinion..?

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I hold a season ticket, but that gives me no more right that any other Leeds Fan to comment on what I think about our club. I didn't realise in the Leeds United's Supporter handbook you had to have a season ticket to be able to voice your opinion. {Ed025's Note - your right mate...in this financial climate, a lot of people cant afford a season ticket!, that does not make them less of a supporter..

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Just because somebody is not a season ticket holder it doesnt mean they cannot voice there opinion or there any less of a fan! fair enough the people who dont have s eason ticket will not see first hand as much which players are playing well/bad but does this mean they cant voice there opinion!?

on the other side of the coin, i bet it's people like you who are the first to sing and want ken bates out but your'e happy to line his pockets with a season ticket, programmes, food/drink - is that not just as hypocritical? it's obviously people's chouice whether or not to have a s.ticket but i now have a 11week old baby and i cant afford to renew mine this season! - doesnt stop me from posting on the site pal!

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I,m not a season ticket holder but go to gameswhen i can, but you fella are missing the point fans and i mean all of them can and should state opinions.And in my opinion Leeds are an average second division team with not one top notch player,which isn,t good enough for OUR club.

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Well said you dont need to be a season ticket holder to voice an opinion if your a Leeds fan your a Leeds fan simple..i think you the original poster is the Twonk..and i am thinking you are probably not a season ticket holder!! i live in North Ayrshire now and it is not that easy getting to all the games, but i was at Barnsley on saturday to watch that shambles so i think i have as much right as you yes you TWONK to voice my opinion on issue i like about Leeds MOT

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I think this is possibly the most revealing post I've read yet. We're supposed to be one of the great clubs, right? So how about the thousands of fans around the whole of Britain and beyond for whom the possession of a season-ticket is not feasible? I live in London and come to games when I can (also to away games); that requires a certain amount of devotion. But what about the men and women I've met on match days who somehow get themselves to ER a couple of times a season from Ireland and Scandinavia to see their team in the flesh? Are they any less a fan than the self-satisfied person who posted this. Maybe some of our supporters are getting a little narrow-minded. Being a major force in football means attracting a lot of interest from beyond the back yard. Which is somewhere I suspect the poster has rarely been.

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The original poster is as guilty as condeming us 'Leeds' supporters who don't have season tickets as the people he decries who voice their opinions?

If he had to pay for a 300plus round mile trip to Elland Road every home game he might not be a seaon ticket holder himself?

I have been to Elland Road many many times to support Leeds over the past forty years or so, and resent being called a Twonk by a TWIT!

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I have supported LUFC for over 45 years now and have held a season ticket for over 30 of those, due to business commitments in starting a new venture I havent renewed this term but still get when I can but this doesnt mean I cant have an opinion. There are plenty of others like me for financial reasons etc that have not bought one but still love the club , so grow up and stop posting stupid comments you person !

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70% of Leeds fans don't hold a season ticket. I think your maths is probably a little out there fella. I would say only about 1% of Leeds fans hold a season ticket. Considering there are MILLIONS of Leeds UTD fans around Great Britain and the World I would say the minority of Leeds UTD fans HOLD a season ticket. I'm lucky I live 14 miles away, some more dedicated fans travel 100's, but if I was to move to the USA next week, do I lose my right to exercise my opinion? What a d!ck.

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I'm not a season ticket holder, cos I live in Australia, but I went to Elland road yesterday and paid alot of money to watch a lot of rubbish....but does my opinion not count? Townsend impressed me, so did young Thompson. I agrees with some of the Becchio Comments but don't think Forsell is the answer. Defence needs improving then results will change, we always have goals in us

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Orginal poster is the kind of guy that posts were about to sign someone like Messi/Ronaldo... Twonk

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I think your the twonk pal bet you av never seen leeds play if you have a season ticket bet you dont go away did you go abroad when they were in europe? i no the answer to that and its NO NO NO as for becchio last season people said he could not do it at start of championship that y we go pie muncher bill and ross but he did and these didnt so does that make him great last season and sh@t this and ross poor last and great this get a life and do some research and find out who pie muncher bill and ross is im honest im a season ticket hold with my 2 boys no i dont go away and i did not go to europe to watch but went to european home games stop trying to pull us real fans down

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I live in the Hague and also make about five or six games a season which to me is an away game every time I go and costs me about ten times the cost of a season ticket for twonk poster. I'm also mancunian that's supported Leeds for the last thirty odd years and risked life and limb through school and teens voicing my opinion. So, mister Leeds diehard don't be a pr@ck and think you're the only one that supports them. I also have my my coaching badges and coach in the Hague, does it make me better qualified than any other Leeds enthusiast? Does it f@ck.

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I am not a season ticket holder as I live over 160 miles from Elland road but does that make me twonk? Everyone has a right to post here regardless if their a season ticket holder or not. If I were you I would make more posts to do with "transfer rumours" instead of stupid comments like that.

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Although I do not agree with the twonk part, I feel there is a valid point here. The majority of the users on this site will most likely never go to a game but still feel they can comment on a game based on a radio show with eddie gray. What annoys me which the first person is that the majority of these people are calling for Grayson to be sacked and that bates is a d**k because he is not spending money which got us in the posisiton we are trying to fight our way out of currently. Grayson is the best thing that has happened to lufc in the last 10 years as he bleeds yellow white and blue. Some of the most important fans are those who travel great distances and support fromgreat distances and that is the reason why the originator of this is a twonk. Lufc to all fans whatever the reason! Mot

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Wake up and smell the coffee, season ticket holder, non season ticket holder, pay on the day or whatever. It is quite clear to see that Mr Bates is just taking money out of Leeds United.
You dont have to step foot in ER to see that, look at the league position and the squad. Look at the income and expenditure.
We are going nowhere !

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When bates sells the club, he'll sell if for more than he paid for it, with no debt and plenty of assets. That means that the club is worth more than it was before he came in, so how can he be "taking money out of the club" apart from the legalities of actually doing that, what would be the sense in it?

I agree that Bates is a character, and I sometimes question whether he has our best interests at heart, but it's in his best interests to make the club as successful as he can in the next 2-3 years so that he can sell it and make a tidy profit.

He wont do that by throwing money down the toilet on over expensive players, or by changing manager every time we lose.

When Bates leaves the club, if we're in a worse state than when Ridsdale left, then I'll hold my hands up and say "Fair point" but I really dont expect to have to do that, and if we're not in the Premiership by then, we'll be a well established championship club with prospects, which as far as I'm concerned is a damn site better than being stuck in league 1 or worse (take a look at Stockport County's recent woes for example).

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

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If bates is left to continue we won't have any assets left and can anyone show me the proof that we are debt free, no they can't all we have is papa smurfs word and i wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him. The man has not put a single penny of his own money into the club.

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What are these ASSETS that you are talking about? The ground? dont own that!, the training ground? dont own that either!
Bates paid nothing for the club!
Bates has put nothing into the club!

When he sold Chelsea they where 80 Million in debt!

Do some homework!

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