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04 Jan 2012 21:44:06
Leeds to sign midfielder david meyler from sunderland

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04 Jan 2012 21:41:28
Tom soares from stoke to sign until end of season

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Not you again surely-are you his agent? Come to think of it are you also the agent of Montgomery and Quinn too?

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04 Jan 2012 20:28:42
John Pantsill to sort RB problem.
Very experienced and would probably be available since he doesn't seem to figure in Leicester's plans, only making 5 appearances this year and Pearson's probably keen to chop the squad and bring his own players in.

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04 Jan 2012 17:10:43
Big rumour going round that Leeds have tabled firm interest in jimmy kebe. Not certain about this but I'm sure the lad is out of contract end of season and he's wanting a new challenge with a bigger club. He's 27 year old and his team have already rejected a bid. Would be an excellent signing for Leeds.

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Doubt it very much as West Ham and Leicester are in the driving seat for his signature and have the financial muscle to put him on bigger wages

Would be good in a Leeds shirt though..!

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04 Jan 2012 17:06:58
kriss commons would be a great signing for us,if he could stay injury free that is.

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04 Jan 2012 17:06:42
Apparently we have scouted Jamie Vardy of Fleetwood 3 times. I think he would be a quality signing as he has got bags of pace and an eye for goal.

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He's going to Burnley when Sam Vokes loan expires

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Vardy is going nowhere until at least the end of the season

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No disrespect to Burnley but if both clubs go in for him he's more likely to choose us.

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Oh god. Jamie Vardy loves posting on this site. JAMIE, let you agent (if u have one) do the work and stop fishing for a move on this site {Ed001's Note - actually Leeds did have him watched a number of times, as have half the Football League and Celtic too. But Fleetwood want too much for a non-league player, so it is not likely to be Leeds he moves to, or anyone in January really.}

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Do you know how much they are asking for Ed 001? We could have a whip around? {Ed001's Note - over a mill apparently, though that might just be bravado from the chairman to frighten off potential buyers.}

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04 Jan 2012 17:04:54
Matt Kilgallon On a season long loan from Stoke & to go back in for Sammy Clingan from Coventry (They're likely to cash in now for their skipper.)

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Is this the Matt kilgallon who plays for sunderland ? LOL

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Is that the same Kilgallon who plays for Sunderland?

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Same matt kilgallon that plays 4 Sunderland ?

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Must be an amazing transfer to get Kilgallon from Stoke despite the fact he plays for Sunderland.

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Is that the same person that played for sunderland last night in their 4-1 win @ wigan

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Okay he plays for sunderland we get the picture!

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Is that the same kilgallon that plays for sunderland mot

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Is that the same kilgallon that plays for sunderland?

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First of all matt kilgallon plaus for sunderland as we have stablished however secondly although he has only played so little games and people expected him to leave he recently came on as a sub as sunderland are very low on CB (similar to us) so i doubt O'niel will sell him just like Grayson won't sell any of our centre backs

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04 Jan 2012 16:48:10
simon grayson has said that due to leeds defensive crisis he may be forced into signing defenders!!!!!!Cant believe it has taken him this long to realise that things need to change but will be extremely glad to potentially see some new faces come in

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Why not finally give gimple a chance!!
he will soon be the next to go otherwise

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Maybe we sign santa, he can defend once a year lol

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Gimpel has said he doesn't want to play this season.

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Can,y believe that we need a natural goal scorer you cant win games if you cant score but you can still win games if you concede goals he needs a good balance and too many people are putting all there faith in the return of somma yes he can score but was very inconsistant before his injury

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I simply cannot believe who ever wrote "Gimpel said he doesn't want to play this season"

Surely, a youngster would jump at the chance of playing no?

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04 Jan 2012 15:33:45
sanchez watt rumoured to be heading to elland road on loan for rest of season

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The same Sanchez Watt that is on loan at Sheff Wednesday?

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The same sanchez watt on loan at sheff wednesday?

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Firstly he is at sheffield wednsday but also leeds isn't the right club for him to be it just like it wasn't last year as he started very rarely due to the strength of our wingers last year (snodgrass and gradel) wenger has realised he wasnt getting as much match fitness or playing time as he hoped which is why he has sent him into league one where he will play regular matches and gain and boost his confidence

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Sanchez Watt is also struggling at Shef W. Ben Marshall has really inspired them, so Sanchez Watt is overlooked

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04 Jan 2012 15:28:54
Josh Mceachran on loan till end of the season...! MOT

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Because no Prem clubs would want him? Owen Coyle would perform a naked acrobatic display to get hold of that lad!

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Owen coyle is clueless and will have anyone on loan from chelsea..... gael kakuta has just been on loan at bolton and did nothing.

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More chance of getting Ronaldo on Loan. Loads of prem clubs want him

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04 Jan 2012 14:38:42
Aidan White in contract talks with Bolton Wanderers and Arsenal

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If this is true i for one won't be a happy chap

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This would not surprise me, youth is our best chance to get back were we belong.

MOT - without KB

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He is average at best we have a better prospect in charlie taylor

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Average at best! You must not go to the games! Aidy White is one of our best players and definatley better performers!


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I go to games he has limited skill cant cross and often makes rash challenges his pace had saved him on more than one occasion this season

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Aidy white is clumsy and should not be playing LB put him on the wing and let him develop as a winger

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Player of season so far be even better on wing but its not his fault if arsenal want to sign him good look either way aidy

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Player of season? Don't think so mate, what about Clayton or Snoddy?!

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Snoddy - the guy who thinks he can do it all afer scoring a few goals...........

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Aidy White is too light weight for a LB, and not technically good enough to be a winger (he can't/won't ever cross the ball). Its true his pace is his only saving point.

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Some pretty harsh assessments of a good young player here

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Also is in talks with stoke for a possible 2 mill deal

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04 Jan 2012 10:47:04
Swansea are about to release winger David cotterill. Leeds are thought to be interested

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04 Jan 2012 10:00:54
karl henry to move to leeds to add much needed firepower to the midfield.

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Are you having a laugh hes Wolves best player!

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F*** off, wolves best player is heensey or that bloke with tatoos fletcher.

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