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05 Jan 2012 23:42:09
Ian Holloway to be next leeds united manager

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He would never work with KB and would not as done a good a job as SG with the budgets he as had to work with.

Would love to see SG given 5 - 10m then judge is transfer dealings.

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Grayson is very poor in the transfer market,more flops than successes

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Why do you need shed loads of money the
guy at Barnsleys had hardly anything to spend and he,s done okay as we well know

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But his good signings are quality. gradel, lonergan, mccormack, clayton, townsend although only on a loan... ok youll come back and say rachubka, obrien, brown etc etc are sh!t... but heres my argument... SCUM under fergie have signed... forlan, taibi, barthez, kleberson, djemba djemba, even the good ens get it wrong.... grayson has never had any real money to speak of and we wheel and deal on everything. id like to see him have some funds to see what he can do. but it wont happen with KB at the helm...

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Wouldn't want Holloway he's a right n*b - That goes for Allerdyce, Redknapp & Warnock

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To the chao that said the below - Well siad mate this should be said to everyone who knocks SG,

We finally get a good young manager who would do anything for the club and then we get KB holding him back.
But his good signings are quality. gradel, lonergan, mccormack, clayton, townsend although only on a loan... ok youll come back and say rachubka, obrien, brown etc etc are sh!t... but heres my argument... SCUM under fergie have signed... forlan, taibi, barthez, kleberson, djemba djemba, even the good ens get it wrong.... grayson has never had any real money to speak of and we wheel and deal on everything. id like to see him have some funds to see what he can do. but it wont happen with KB at the helm...

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Totally agree with the guy who made the point on SG and Fergie... well said mate

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Why do people compare grayson to fergie? Or leeds to scum!? They shouldn't b mentioned on our site! But to above, tge difference with our poor signings n there's is ours matter more, because we can't just bring in replacements Willy nilly wen a pkayer turns out crap.. so don't post rubbish bout us n scum..

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People compare Grayson to Fergie because as much as it pains me to say it, Fergie is one of the best managers in the history of football. I can't abide the man himself because he's an arrogant sod who thinks everyone should bow to him, but you can't knock his genius when it comes to football. Now I've typed that, I'm going to go and chop off my fingers. They feel dirty.

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05 Jan 2012 20:58:53
According to john sheridan chesterfield manager leeds are keen on there gk tommy lee as back up for lonergan

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What a load of Crap, Grayson confirmed today Mike Taylor will be back up for the season.

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Thats this season covered then, best not to worry about any others as long as back up keeper is covered for this one.

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Ive heard this rumour also ...Taylor has been signed as a cheap option till end of season but expect Leeds to sign lad from Chesterfield very soon ....also Forest interested in him.

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Why o Why have some supporters got to be so aggressive on this site like the what a load of crap guy. A bit of anger therapy, a lesson in manners or maybe a shoulder rub required I think? Despite Taylor coming back there might be a very good reason for Leeds looking at further/longer cover in the goal keeping position. Get a grip!

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Grayson has been given 5mil to spend, both him and Bates said as much at the start of the season, he's just chosen not to blow it all!

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05 Jan 2012 18:03:53
Rumours currently doing the rounds in Leeds are that LUFC have almost done a deal with Liverpool for the signing of defender Martin Kelly. _ Ed - have you heard anything about this? {Ed003's Note - Ignore them mate he is back up for Johnson }

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05 Jan 2012 18:04:23
Leeds are signing Martin Kelly from Liverpool on a 1 month loan deal

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05 Jan 2012 18:22:39
Paddy is out for season with injury, surely we must get a gud defender in now! With injurys and o'brian not playing again its a must!

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05 Jan 2012 18:15:19
john sutton from hearts to join leeds

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He is allowed out on loan Seen on sky sports news

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Hearts have put their big stiker on the loan list. This will suit grayson & bates.

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05 Jan 2012 18:05:11
funny how we can only renew are season tickets up on till 5 oclock on the 31st of jan and the transfer window closes at midnight you sly old dog bates

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Ive just renewed mine.

Cant stand Bates, but Love Leeds and if it saves me a few quid then im in!


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You cant hate bates that much he can go take a run and jump if he thinks i'm renewing in january

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But then you wont be allowed to comment on here, because only season ticket holders are allowed an opinion... apparently...

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KB is a sly old dog...season ticket renewing in Jan, he has always done this, the reason for this is it makes the balance sheet look healthy for 2 reasons:

1) A sale

2) To borrow money doing up the ground NOT ON PLAYERS.

At least this time is you renew in Jan, you wont have to pay through the roof when we are a premiership club in August.

Also, remember, you can pay by intrest free installments, so technically unless you are paying up front with the full amount, you are paying for it in Jan.

MOT - Get behind the team.

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05 Jan 2012 17:41:35
With Kisnorbo out, Grayson likely to sign St Ledger from Leicester. Pearson has told him he can go. If he's as good as our other signings from Leicester could be good for us.

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So why do are players like Beckford and Schmeikel end up going to Leicester?

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My mate at work is a Leicester fan and says he is s**t. He also says Beckford is not playing well because he isnt getting the service but he agreed with me when I said his touch is terrible and needs 20 - 30 shots a game to score! Id still have him back though for his pace and his goals!


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Beckford went to everton for prem football plus it was a free transfer and then he went to leicester for moneyso everton benefited there not leeds! Schmikel went because ken bates is a money grabber

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St Ledger is a n*b. wouldn't be good to have him around the team, hence why Leicester have transfer listed him. He's not good anyway. There is so much better out there

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Schmeichel went because it was a brilliant bit of business! Signed on a free, sold for over 1Million and get Lonergan for 100,000. As much as I liked Schmeichel, he was at fault for a lot of goals last season and he's still making the same mistakes at Leicester. For Me Lonergan has been one of the best keepers in the division for a few years now. One of the few good deals Grayson has done in the transfer window.

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Schmeichel was a terrible keeper, he was apparantly, the smallest keeper in the division. Agree with comment previous, he was to blame for loads of goals as the back 4 didnt have faith in him. AOB was just the same, notice how we havent leaked as many goal since both are playing anymore.

Need a CB to play with O'Dea
Need a CM to sit and break up play
Need a striker with 20+ goals in them

I would spend the money on Maynard, its worth taking him for 3.5, i'd let Bechio go, poss 1M for him, then Mayard at 2,5M looks a bargain.

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So by the looks of it we are trying to re-create the Preston back five that saw them get relegated...... Lonergan, St Ledger....

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05 Jan 2012 16:32:36
Can someone please help shed some light on the snodgrass situation? Just read that norwich are close to signin and a deal could be done by friday morning. 3-4mil. Hope its not the case. Whites fan 4EVER

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Don't think they will get him for that price, we rejected a 3.5million bid from them in summer and bates valued him at a ridiculous price. Plus I doubt we will sell him especially in january

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Nothing wrong with Snodgrass! Norwich bid 2mil, Leeds wanting 4.5!! Leeds won't play in case of injury, then unable to sell. I think 3mil will see him go. Doesn't matter really, we don't see any of it................

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I think 3M with an additional 1M in add on's, ie 500K over 2 years for each year Norwich are still in PL.

Since Norwich bid for him, we havent seen him at all.

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Hes had his apendix out nothing to do wi a bid

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Everyone bates wanted 8.5 million actaully and norwich will never bid that!

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05 Jan 2012 16:32:07

Smith wants to come back!

And before the smith haters start, i personly would not have him back, not because went to scum but because i think we can get better value for money.

MOT - Without Pappa

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If we could turn him back into the good striker he was, rather than the poor midfielder he became i'd be pretty happy with him coming back.

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Where does it say he wants to come back he hasnt said anything about movin clubs yet

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What is your source for that statement,or are you just guessing.

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According to his interview in The Sun he could have moved at start of season but Pardew didn't want him to leave. The interview reads along the lines of 'play me or let me leave'. He says he feels he could do a job in the Premier league or Championship but no mention of coming back to Leeds...he does however mention QPR {Ed025's Note - its hard to take someone serious, if they quote the sun!....no true football fan should buy it!..

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Agree with ED best thing about Sun is page 3! {Ed025's Note - even the bazoomas are false!

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05 Jan 2012 16:00:36
Leeds to sign stoke cb danny collins who has recently just returned from a loan spell at ipswich the deal will be a loan until end of seaason with a view to him signing on a permanent deal a similar deal to pugh one

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05 Jan 2012 13:26:43
Barnet star Mark Marshall is being chased by a host of clubs in this month's transfer window.

The 24-year-old has been an impressive performer for Barnet since joining from Swindon Town in the summer of 2010.

Charlton and Bournemouth both saw bids rejected for Marshall in the summer transfer window and Barnet are facing another fight to fend off interest in the flying winger.

Portsmouth, Leeds and West Ham are all thought to be keeping tabs on Marshall as they look to bolster their attacking options this month.

Marshall's current deal expires in the summer and Barnet could decide to cash in on him rather than risk losing him for nothing at the end of the season.

Marshall's adviser, Saif Rubie, has admitted there is a lot of interest in his client and that a move could be on the cards this month.

"I would expect a lot of interest in Mark this month as his performances over the last 18 months have been very good," Rubie told skysports.com.

"Two clubs saw bids rejected for him in the summer and I know a lot of clubs are watching him and weighing up moves for him this month.

"Mark is out of contract in the summer and if he doesn't leave in January he will see out his contract and leave in the summer."

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05 Jan 2012 15:01:46
Lots of rumours about smith, doubt it. Would of already happened by now. I never really got why he got reverted to cm, he was a top cf imo and never really did anything in midfield. And the clingan rumour too, not for me i mean we need midfielders but def is more important. If we get a centre mid then great but they have to improve the squad. I think we will still make the play offs and i also think the tactics will change before end of season. mot.

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We need all postions mate, we are not stong enough at the moment.

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Townsend has taken squad no 17, i'd say that kills any rumour of a smith return...

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Yeah, he'd definately never wear any other number either. Not like he had 39 here when he first came through or is allergic to every other number in existance!

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05 Jan 2012 12:21:16
Phil Bardsley has apparently fallen out with Martin O'Neill, Leeds are set to bring him on loan for the rest of the season with a view to a permanent deal to slot in at RB.
Paul Connolly could return to Derby if this happens.

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Right, Phil bardsley will not ever become a leeds player... 1 he is playing in the prem and 2. he is playing really well...

you have more chance of getting somone like erm..

Luke chadwick?

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Kisnobo out for season now.. official site is the source..so a new CB is a must...

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Well that's a stroke of luck for Grayson. At least he won't be able to pick him!

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Kisnorbo up against walcott n henry! Imagine that! Rather not thanks! As much as I like the bloke this is more of a boost to the team, and the fans, hasn't got the pace or ability to keep most championship attackers quiet never mind the above. PLEASE...PLEASE....PLEASE lets get a couple of quality CB in n maybe a MID n ST. First post on here so sorry to them who love paddy, just my opinion. 30 years as a whites fan. LEEDS4LIFE.

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Well i dont think Henry has the pace he used to have but your prob right. As much as I like Kisnorbo and he puts his heart into every match pace is def something he lacks. And lets face it who ever we have at the back walcott will beat em for pace the guy has a rocket up his asp

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Would like to see walcott on right wing up against white, be interesting to see who would win the battle for pace.

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05 Jan 2012 11:57:57
I read we're in the hunt for Barnet winger Mark Marshall. Havent heard much about him to be honest but West Ham and Portsmouth also keen

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I'm the original poster to those who disagree read ssn site...

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If were looking at Marshall and with the arrival of townsend, maybe snoddy has a deal pending to leave?

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05 Jan 2012 11:09:33
Did anyone know that QPR tried to buy Lee Bromby last January! Simon Grayson told them that he was not for sale.

Source: I play cricket with lee's brother

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I think 'your mate' might have been hit on the head by a cricket ball. Absolutly no chance. Why would QPR buy a player who couldn't even get in our Championship & League One side for the premiership?!

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Last January QPR were in The Championship, and seeing as their main CB's were all bought this summer might indicate that they wern't happy with what they had. Very plausable IMO

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If your a mate then why did you spell his name wrong

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Why didn't you use punctuation? What a silly argument.

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His name is leigh bromby. not lee. so whose his brother and where does he play cricket? i used to play football with leigh for liversedge and then the yorkshire district side.... im sure this story isnt true at all. lol

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His name is Nathan Bromby and he playes for Morley in th Bradford league.But I work with Leigh and Nathans brother in law and hes never mentioned QPR.He did play for Warnock at Sheff Utd though.

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You should know that Leigh Bromby would have capitals, so by your reckoning you clearly must be talking silly too! :D

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Doesn't surprise me, just before last Jan, Bromby played against QPR and looked very solid. He previously played under Warnock and if you google the brother as described by original poster its clearly his brother.

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Never said i knew LEIGH but i play with his brother NATHAN. So before you reply to a post read it. And correct for Morley CC in the Bradford League.

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I can back this is up as I also play for Morley CC and know Nathan Bromby

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Cant believe all this.
Dosen't matter how you spell his name,punctuate your posts,or who his family is,the fact is-he's not great.
Let's move on!
(how was my grammer/punctuation/spelling btw?)

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I wasn't genuinely criticising anybodys grammar or punctuation. I was simply mocking the fact that somebody wouldn't believe the story because Leigh was spelled Lee. Seems a silly reason to not believe somebody, I personally could see this being true.

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Know for a fact, from a "senior" member of his family that QPR did, indeed, want to sign Leigh but he was told he was in "future plans" at LUFC!!

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QPR are a rich club with a substantial transfer budget... Leigh Bromby??

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05 Jan 2012 00:59:44
Leeds looking to sign Chris Gunter from Forest. The Welsh International is looking for a bigger club and a fresh challenge after Forest's dismal season to date. Grayson believes he would solidify our defence by providing versitility across the back four. Watch this space!

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This is non-sense. i am a Leeds fan who now lives in Nottingham and in the local paper (Nottingham Evening Post), he said that even if a bid of 10m came in for him he wouldnt want to leave and has pleaded with Cotterill not to sell him.

he's obviously not worth that but he was just using that figure as a way of sayin whatever the price he doesnt want to leave. he is a good player n would like him at Leeds but it 100% not going to happen mate.

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Gunter is a sly, dirty player. Don't need someone who spends more time having digs at opponents than defending.

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Alan Smith didn't want to go to Man Utd, but they offered the most money, and in the interest of the club he went... Forrest are broke, they may NEED to sell

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Remember wen gunter stud on watts foot in that game yee and everyone hated gunter ye sure were getting him pal

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