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07 Jan 2012 23:04:21
jason koumas is on trial at leeds with a possible deal until end of year

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07 Jan 2012 21:40:58
leeds to sign colin coates, crusaders n.ireland

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07 Jan 2012 20:17:09
Come on simon give every leeds fan what they want BECCHIO and BECKFORD up front together again,that would give them both that new lease of life.They need each other so sell mccormack to fund beckford,cos mccormack and becchio can't play together so you have to sell one.

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Beckford can't play for another club this season, and McCormack's better anyway.

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Oi! The only reason my missus comes to watch Leeds is cos she fancies Ross so how's about shut uP! Haha sell Billy pAynter instead

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Sell the big fat one then not the second highest scorer in the league

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Mccormack is better then beckford u must b kidding lol

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I would rather see gradel come back than beckford why did we sell gradel can you imagine what possition we would be in if we still had him he is far better than beckford

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Once again, Beckford wouldn't be allowed to play for us. You're only allowed to play for 2 clubs in a season and Beckford's already played for Everton and Leicester.

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Simple becchio and mccormack can't play together so you have to choose cos neither will be happy with sitting on bench,I choose becchio, so find someone who can play alongside him thats a non brainer beckford over 40 goals between them in league 1 in a season not bad.

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Read your last comment. Div 1! Beckford was/is a div 1 player(go on Leicester forums and see what they think of him)anybody who knows anything about football knows if you don't concede you don't lose! That's where our problem is.

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Your allowed 3 but can only play for 2. Aint played for everton this season

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Why would you be bothered about you missus turning up, if all she turning up to do is watch Ross? Personnally I like Liz Hurley, but I don't want her on the pitch. Fair play I would like to see her in a Leeds Shirt ha ha.
PS Bring Back Beckford even if he can't play this season, it would be a better option than actually playing paynter. Any one think we really miss Max?

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2 clubs in a season rule correct, but have to be in same league, so technically Beckford can play for anyone outside the PL

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I don't think we will invest in a striker this January. I think we may look more towards a defender and a centre mid.

I think we wont go out there and sign 5 players, January is a time to tweak the squad, not to give it an overhaul.

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Over 40 goals between them and beckford scored over 30 himself. People need to realise that becchio is not the answer. He's been found out since gradel left. He's not getting decent service into the box for him to win headers. He can't create anything himself. He has no pace and he can't hold it up. His 1st touch is shocking. Before anyone says anything I am a season ticket holder I watch them home and away. Just see if he plays him up front on his own against arsenal.

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Bullsh*t! just another negative leeds fan so what if your a season ticket holder that means u watch a lot of leeds it doesnt mean u understand or know anything about football!!! becchio has consistently scored goals when regularly in the team for 3 years and his hold up play is the best in the championship by a mile he just doesnt get the support he used to when the likes of beckford,gradel,watt and somma were up with him because they all have pace and play on the shoulder of the last defender but mccormack (keogh too) are of the same mould and drop into the hole and try to hold the play up but they just dont do it like becchio does!! for me one of the best old fashioned cfs around at the moment including the prem thats why the bottom half are all sniffing round him! oh yeah and barcelona would have him on there books for no apparent reason whatsoever wouldnt they?? why do these people even comment??always so negative get behind them ffs!! MOT

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Yeah 40 goals thats in leauge one its a lot different in the championship

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Look at paynter ffs, he scored bags full in league one and he scored one goal (against the bottom club last year) in all his appearances for leeds. theres a massive diff between league 1 and champ and beckford shouldnt come bk to leeds! + has grayson really properley tried becchio and mccormack together really?

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Beckford scored 10 goal in his first season for everton!!!!! say it all really 30 goal in league one, jumps two league, scored 10 goals. beckford would be ace and is without question the best forward we have had since j.f.hassalbank. mot

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Becchio's hold up play is the best in the championship! Wake up mate! Becchio's hold up play isn't even the best in Leeds!

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Leeds get alot of stick over the gradel sale.... On a recent Leeds united tour we were told by a member of staff (after a girl on the tour made some comments about how stupid we were for selling him) that gradel wanted to go back to France to take care of his little sister, after his parents died he moved to the uk to make money playing football and to send the money back to her living with grandparents. He didn't want to leave Leeds but wanted to be closer to his young sister.

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Becchio is useless i have a season ticket and hes a waste of space. all he can do is header and hold ball up not consistant enough!

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07 Jan 2012 19:36:58
De Marcus Beasley signing next Thursday @ Thorpe arch ...........not chris birchall

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Great - another winger. At least this one has his own range of jewellery...

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Hes got quality, not a chance we will sign him! Would be an amazing signing if we could get him

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07 Jan 2012 19:28:25
you heard it here first ! Billy Sharp is on his way to Leicester (fee agreed - jut to sort out personal terms) Beckford now surplus to requirents - He's coming back to Leeds - just wait and see

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Beckford is div 1 at best! If he's not doing it at Leicester(below us)and not even getting a shirt why would we want him? We need 2 decent defenders and a strong creative midfielder, not an over paid lazy div 1 forward.

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Lazy div 1 Forward! That lazy div one forward scored the goal that got us into the championship and the winer against Man u giv me that lazy div one forward anytime.............

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Dbeckford was scoring in the prem last year against chelsea and liverpool why wouldnt we want although i dont think we need him

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I would have Beckford back anytime sorry to divide the support between us but goals per game in a Leeds shirt not Everton or Leicester is as good as any in this division - come home Becks

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Remember, greedy beckford thought he was too good for leeds and left.now hes not good enough for leicester, we dont want him back.

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Gont want him, he left us for bigger and better things!!

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07 Jan 2012 18:34:48
Leeds keen on signing wolves full back kevin foley

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07 Jan 2012 18:32:13
Leeds looking into possibility of sign newcatle utility man james perch

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Good move for increasing our yellow and red card tally - might even get the odd own goal or two...

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07 Jan 2012 18:31:56
Leicester agree fee for Sharp - first step to Beckfords return

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07 Jan 2012 18:30:12
Leeds to make £30000 pound bid for doncaster rovers midfielder brian stock

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30,000, very cheap. Think u missed another 0 of their pal

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Wow a whole 30000, gzzz whats my team come to. In fact i'll throw in a penny bubbly.

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30k..sure you haven't missed a 0 off thet figure?

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I don't think Donny will accept 30k then again that's the kind of money Bates usually offers.

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I think u put one too many 0s on that one mate :P

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07 Jan 2012 18:28:33
Leeds to sign target man kevin kyle from spl side hearts

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Seems possible as hearts players aren't getting paid atm

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Kevin kyle been out since january 2010! his career is probably at an end so where this rumour come from?

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Kevin Kyle's career is almost over, his own manager has stated that he is very unlikely to ever play football again, due to a serious back problem. He hasn't kicked a ball for over a year and will not do so ever again, what a pathetic rumour.

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07 Jan 2012 18:27:20
Finally will some of are fans wake up and smell the coffee billy sharp is defo not coming to leeds as much as i would of liked him to come to us im realistic unlike some fans on this forum that think we have millions of pounds to spend on players such as rhodes who is unproven in the championship we already have proven strikers in this league who are much better

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According to sky tv leicester have agreed a fee with doncaster for sharp

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But Gradel,Beckford,alan Smith + Zac Thopson is the 2nd right back if someone who is a right baCK COMES IN

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Another poor rumour with no foundation, the fact Sharp has had a medical at Hull and his current club have agreed a fee with Leicester, means nowt to this rumour mongeral. Leeds can't afford 200,000 for a player, so where does the rumour person think they are going to find the 3.5m for this player?

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Why would anyone pay 3.5m for a player with a 1.85m clause in his contract!!??

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Rhodes unproven in the championship?are you for real? the lad has been scoring 4 and 5 goals a game in recent weeks but he was also scoring regularly when we were in league one with them that tells me he is a little bit better than league one!no?

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He doesnt have a 1.85m release fee!!!!!!!!!!

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07 Jan 2012 18:19:08
Alex oxlade chamberlain to join leeds from arsenal on loan until end of season after the fa cup tie on monday

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Would bea niceidea but it's really unbelievable haha

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Very unlikely, would love it to happen!! he's amazing in this league and will be for prem very soon

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Wenger never loaned out Walcott, this guy is already as good. Gunners fans all want him playing more.

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If he was to play in r league wunt he go to southampton 1st? anybody agree?

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07 Jan 2012 18:17:56
Leeds to make loan bid for everton youngster ross barkley

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Load of s**t as everton are riddled with injury and rate him highly

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07 Jan 2012 18:16:17
Gary gardner from aston villa to join on loan

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07 Jan 2012 18:15:29
Leeds to re-sign jermaine beckford on loan now that leicster have agreed a fee with donny for sharp

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Why do so many people want previous players back they went for a reason.... get a grip

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If he loved leeds so much why did he leave on a free, he obviousley didnt want to play for leeds,not doubting his ability but he doesnt deserve the shirt there are much better strikers with smaller wages, i just dont think he is what leeds needs

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Would NOT be eligible to play a competitive game until NEXT season if he signed for us . FL rules state that a player may be registered to play for 3 teams, but can only appear for 2, so any storys you may read of him returning will be untrue

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Why would we want an ex player,who cant do it at prem level,and is unproven at championship level.Lets get some players in who can take the club forward.

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When Jermaine Beckford went to Everton he must have given himself credit for all the goals he scored.what he should have done before he went was give his head a shake and realise Luciano Becchio fed him most of them goals and of course Everton dont have Luciano Becchio.WE DO. MOT

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07 Jan 2012 18:13:53
Billy sharp going leicster you heard it here first

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No i didn't, i heard it on sky sports.com first

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07 Jan 2012 15:07:17
Rumour doing the rounds is Norwich still interested in Snodgrass.
Deal to be sweetened by Canaries cult hero Holt heading in the opposite direction plus cash.
You never know.
I wouldn't like to see Snodgrass go but Holt's a good player and depending on the amount it might just be tempting enough.

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Would be awesome, but really we can't afford his taxi from Norwich let alone his wages

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Wake up from your dream , Snodgrass ain't going nowhere

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I might also be tempted by that offer if Holt were a couple of years younger, but at 31 he doesn't have enough years left in him for it to be worthwhile.

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Grant Holt is still a key player for them even in the Premiership, look how many winners he's scored.

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Holt is a much better player than Snodgrass, get him here

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I think if this rumour is true and Holt's wages are sensible, then it will happen.

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And who's gonna cross the ball for holt to score if snodgrass leaves,erm...Sam..i think not

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I live in Norwich and every transfer this rumour surfaces. The word is they want him but there not willing to pay what we are asking.

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07 Jan 2012 13:50:18
Leeds should sign richard kingson has back up to lonergan instead of taylor who is almost old enough for his pension plus kingson his a international for ghana and played a blinder against england at wembley not long back or and he is a free agent so would suite bates down to the ground

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Total waste of a post. Taylor has already signed making him one of the lads so stop such stupid speculation and back him.

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You mean the same Richard Kingson who is going to the Afriacn Cup of Nations for the next 3 weeks...

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Kingon is total

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07 Jan 2012 09:57:05
we should offer becchio and mccormack plus a milllion for jordon rhodes another 5 goals last night the lad just cant stop scoring thats 27 in 23 games unbelievable

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Yeah... In league 1. He is good, but he's not worth Becchio & McCormack!

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Think he will go to the premiership there,s
plenty of interest

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Mccormack on his on his better than rhodes rhodes might be sick but mccormack scored loads and becchio awesome what a stupid post

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I think if Bates were to offer Becchio, McCormack and 1 million he would get a very short and very rude reply.
Try at least 4 mill plus players and you might just might be talking.
ps Good luck trying to get 4 mill off KB

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I'm leeds through and through but rhodes is better than anything we have in terms of goal return, league 1 or not, the boy is class, mccormack works hard but har workers dont win you games as we have seen so very often

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Becchio,Paynter,Bruce and whatever else it takes to sign this goal machine for he would take us to the Promised Land.FACT!!! MOT

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Offload half our squad for one player?
We play long ball - we need someone like Becchio to hoof to unfortunately. And I doubt Luciano would go to League One anyways!
We won't get Rhodes.
Hudds hate Leeds and with West Ham and Prem interest, he's got better offers available

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I wouldn't offer McCormack or Paynter as i think they are both good players. I would offer Becchio and Bruce plus some money, Becchio hasnt been upto it since he came back from injury

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Anyone remember the banter about craig mackail smith last season?"leeds should buy him" etc etc....he hasn't exactly lived up to expectations in the championship because it is a harder league....rhodes is a talent just like mackail smith is but what to say he will perform in a higher level, there is no point splashing millions and millions on a gamble that may or may not pull off

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I think you'll find that McCormack did win us the game at burnley with his hard work.

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I'm amazed anybody rates Maccormack - I think he's the worst striker t play for leeds in my 40+ years of watching them - honestly!

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You would keep Paynter as he's a good player!? Honestly all posts her are ridiculous I'm a season ticket holder and that was by far the single most ridiculous post I've ever seen! I'm all for player support and Paynter 'was' prolific in League 1 but he hasn't worked out unfortunately. You can tell you people haven't a clue, granted Becchio hasn't hit all cylinders this season but he is proven in this league and so is McCormack. The same hype with Rhodes is the same as Paynter, I mean he's absoloutely amazing in league 1, he's young hungry and an international, I'd love him to play for Leeds but he'll only be leaving HTFC for a big sum, money Leeds do not have! The idea of giving away too very very very good and proven strikers for a gamble plus 1million that we don't have, is quite frankly ridiculous, stick to your armchairs!

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I agree that we should get rid of McCormack but, no chance of Rhodes coming

Agree4 Disagree3

What has McCormack done for you guys to decide he isn't good enough? Does the radio not give you a good all round assumption of him or what? If you don't go to games and watch the guy play then you haven't a clue as far as I'm concerned. McCormack was the leading scorer only a few months back and is still 2nd with 11, he's gone through a patch yet is still one of the best goals to games ratio players in this league. For 500K he was a steal and for Christ sake as I said above about the armchair supporters and 12 year old kids posting on here, yes very well done you have noticed that Rhodes is a good player... But he's unproven above league 1 and if he does leave it will be for big money, money Leeds United FC DO NOT HAVE!

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The guy who thinks McCormack is the worst striker to play for Leeds is obviously too young to have seen Wayne Entwistle!!!

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I try go to every game, i at least go to 2 out of 3 McCormack is ok at the most when he is at his best his good but leeds need a better striker we cant rely on a player who doesnt score in 8 matches in a row

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Dont want rhodes but want him to go to prem so gets a proper lesson that hes not as good there as league 1 plus hudds town are f*** all without him haha

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13 goals in 45 appearences, lol clearly one of the "best" goal to game ratios in the league sure....

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This season mate not as a total, and that total you have there is of sub appreances and including last season of which we hardly saw him through injury and the 4-5-1 formation too which haven't been the most useful for him, he's scored enough in the championship with us and Cardiff to be considered proven and prolific especially for the money we have, he's still young and does the job, the people moaning about him are the ones who have barely seen him and just jumped on the bandwagon. Not only is he gifted at scoring goals but his all round team play is excellent so all this rubbish about cashing our top goalscorer in is utter garbage, get behind the lads and stop spouting rubbish! MOT

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League 1 is a s**te league.....tresor kandol bagged 15+ goals in it + paynter was a 20+ goal striker and now we dont expect much better than 1 a season.

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07 Jan 2012 09:51:51
Ross Maccormack on a free to Huddersfield with money received from Jordan Rhodes. Leeds hoping to free up money for Beckford. This is almost a done deal dependent on Rhodes going. Thank god we can be rid of Mccormack - the only striker to make Kandol look like Messi

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This makes absolutely no sense. Re-post when you wake up mate.

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There is no way Leeds will sign Rhodes, there were 8 premier league scouts at the game last night when he scored 5 goals, west ham had a offer of 4mil rejected last week, birdseye is not going to spend any amount like that on one player!

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What are you talking about He has 12 goals this season, He is class ! get rid of Becchio instead !

Agree9 Disagree7

U talk a load of #### don't you. A month ago he was championship top goalscorer, one goal an overhead kick, he's a top player at this level and can only get better.

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Are you off your head go back to where ever you came from. People like you are a danger to society.

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What?! our leading galscorer this season? Didnt get a look last season,now has his chance and has worked hard to get there! i would get rid off Paynter and Becchio before him!

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Ross maccormack to huddersfield on a free thats the funniest thing i've heard this year sp far think your getting your players mixed up sure you dont mean billy paynter

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McCormack is a class striker. I think he struggles a bit in this league because A) he doesn't get good service and B) Games aren't as open as premier league or league 1.
We need to keep him as he has the ability to run our forward line in the premiership as well, although he needs a better partner.
I'd like to see a 'Viduka' not a 'Beckford' to partner him. We need someone who has finesse in front of goal and the ability to hold it up and play McCormack in. As he is an all round striker like 'Smith' was.

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This is a most unfair statement, every striker blows hot and cold so get off Ross's back.

Agree6 Disagree3

Paynter rid not becchio or mccormack there are best players!!

Agree12 Disagree1

Nothing wrong with mcCormack, like the above says, every striker blows hot and cold, look at rooney, torres etc.... n these are said to be a couple of the best 30-40mil players in europe! Does'nt help Ross when he is the clubs leading scorer only to be keeping the bench warm, its a massive blow to ur confidence wen the likes of fossil! n keogh were getting picked beforehand. He's showed us wot he's about, leave the lad alone! LUFC4EVA.

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Why all the get rid of becchio posts? Just cos he's on a dip in form?.Ffs he's been one of our best players for the last 3 seasons.Get off his back and get behind him.Call your selves leeds fans?

Agree10 Disagree1

Why in all of god's earth would leeds let their top scorer leave on a free, i can understand selling if the money was good but for nothing? ridiculous! i do agree he has be short of form recently but he scored a vital goal against burnley maybe this might have helped him refind his form?

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What a stupid post.without mccormack goals we would bin bottom 4.yes he went off the boil but so have all the players,the much applauded Clayton among them.shrew leeds

Agree3 Disagree0

Becchio 1 of top league scorers last season but season or 2 b4 he was only beckfords donkey and thats y beckford got so many in my opinion?

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07 Jan 2012 08:27:29
Leeds interested in Chris Birchill on loan from LA Galaxy - source Sky Sports
Not sure what value he could add ?

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Believe me he would add nothing barely
championship standard

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Chris Birchall is a free agent, the MLS season is over, and he wouldn't agree a 1yr extension with LA Galaxy. Perhaps a trial at the club before signing wouldn't go far wrong

Agree6 Disagree5

Birchall isn't good enough, we are setting sights far too low, he under performed for seasons in mls, if this happens i would be dissapointed

Agree6 Disagree1

Ha Ha

MLS = Mixed League Soccer!

Has beens, wants to be, money grabbers, old s**te gits!

Cant really say there is any quality in that league that could last more than 30 mins in the PL or Championship.

Just what henry on monday against leeds, Bruce will have him in his pocket!

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07 Jan 2012 04:41:01
Leeds top target is luke
chambers he is out of
contract next season and
could cost about 500k.

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07 Jan 2012 01:21:48
leeds currently have jason koumas on trial. he will be offered a deal till the end of the season. good repalcement while howson is injured if you ask me

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This is excatly what got said last season but was all untrue and this will be

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