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08 Jan 2012 22:12:34
Leeds United are said to be interested in Peterborough central defender, Gabriel Zakuani.

Defence is said to be the main priority to strengthen in this transfer window and Grayson is said to be contemplating a £400k bid for the congolese defender.

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Peterborough concede so many goals, whats so good about this defender?

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By that reckoning we would not have bought Lonergan and Cahill will not be wanted by Chelsea from Bolton !

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Good player, but would never get him for 400k. Posh are notoriously difficult and hang out for millions for their players

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08 Jan 2012 21:02:59
Huddersfield and the two Sheffields are looking at taking Billy Paynter on loan for rest of season.
Sheff Weds also interested in taking O'Brien or Gimpel till end of season.

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Cant see why he doesnt give Gimpel a try seeing as we are struggling in that department.

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I would like them to take Gimpel so he can gain some first team experience.

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I would love to know how many of you have seen Gimpel play none of the young lads at Leeds are ready for the 1st team yet

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Grayson doesn't seem to think so as he is thinking of bringing gimpel in at cb tonight (although he sort of is forced by injuries)

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Forced changes can sometimes be the best changes... Let's hope Gimpel storms it tonight!

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Arsenal are after gimpel so would not like him playing tonight,send him on loan to the wendies.

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Why would SWFC want a useless lump who can't score on loan, when we have two good strong strikers who can score already

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He's a central defender!but probably still a better striker than your two!

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What, Paynter is a central defender I never knew. Maybe thats where Leeds have been going wrong playing him as a striker. Read the first post to see what I commented on as I know Gimpel is defender. As for Gimpel we probably don't need him either with the possible signing of Liera, also he has little first team experience in english footy

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He was talking about gimpel being a CB. and yeah put paynter at back could work :P

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08 Jan 2012 20:58:34
The last manager to win us something was from sheffield (wilkinson), could Warnock do the same for us.

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So promotion doesnt count as winning something? who's to say a new manager wouldn't destabilise what we already have? Not to mention be a million quid short of an already non existent transfer budget because that's how much it would cost us to pay of Larry.......give him a chance til the end of the season or are we gonna become another Blackburn who can't back their own manager ?

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Our greatest manager was from Middlesborough. So was Clough.

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Neil Warnock. and Ken Bates. working. together. ...think about it.

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Grayson is an honest Leeds fan who has got us out of division 1 and challenging to get back in the premiership with what seems to be a relatively small amount of money compared to other teams who have spent a fortune and are still getting nowhere.

Im not going to slag Warnock off as he has done good stuff but I have to say i dont like him

But please please please stop slagging of the only decent manager we have had for many years and get behind him. Yes some of his signings havnt been great but some have and lets face it you can say that about any team in the premiership and out of it for that matter

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Warnock hates leeds with a vengence being a blade at heart i believe,when he was at huddersfield he denounced leeds many times,i for one wouldnt want a new manager whos heart isnt in the job!! billy davies for me!!

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I cant believe i have just read a post about somebody not wanting a manager who heart is not in the job and then in the next breath claim he wants Billy Davies...are you mad!?!?

Davies hates Leeds - Leeds hate Davies... it doesnt take a genius to work that out!

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Could you imagine a press conference with Warnock and Bates?!

He hates Leeds, and I really can't see him being someone who could work with Bates!

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Neil does not hate leeds,he has said in an interview that 1 of his regrets when he retires would be not getting to manage leeds utd.as for Grayson he still has over 50% win ratio in his 3 yrs at leeds and people are calling for his head,!!

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Just give Grayson till the end of the season...jeez its not too much to ask. Seventh first season, lets see what he can do this one! If it takes 3 seasons, that isn't that bad to get out of the Championship! Realism people...realism!

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Warnock wouldnt get on with bates cos he hates leeds?? they BOTH HATE LEEDS!

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Maybe Warnock and bates would get on, as they both hate leeds

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08 Jan 2012 19:24:52
Not a transfer rumour but what odds on warnock replacing larry should capt birdseye sack grayson, warnock knows the division and can motivate the players and is a good tactician. Pressure on larry now me thinks. Agree or not?

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No chance he says what he feels tells it as it is if sometimes more than it is .This would not suit Bates he needs a yes man and when push comes to shove someone to take the fall and right now he as one ,He will stick with Grayson

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There is no way Warnock and Bates could ever work together. Bates needs a 'Yes' man and he has a huge 'yes' man in Grayson ....Warnock is as opinionated and arrogant as Bates..it could never happen

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Warnock was in 17 th with QPR and thats with some really good players and deep pockets , we would get religated with him lets stick with grayson he`s a good manager as all as we need is 3 good signings

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08 Jan 2012 18:50:57
Leeds to sign donny lb george friend who can also play cb

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If were looking to sign donny players this transfer window, shows a lack of ambition and shows once again bates isnt backing Grayson! People that criticise Grayson need to realise he has a very small window of players that he has a possibility of signing so criticism must go to Bates not Grayson!!

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We arent even in for him mate dont worry, this was a rumour in the summer, and some people like to look good and bring it back up

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Why are you saying that bates isnt backing grayson, he made emergency loans and end of season loans throughout his whole time at blackpool and apart from the odd one or two that's all he's gonna make cos he does'nt have the guts to spend a lot on one player. im against bates as much as anymone but i font think larry would spend a whole budget available to him

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In response to the first reply - how can you say if were looking to sign donny players this shows a lack of ambition........would you not have Shap up front for Leeds then.

agreed there at teh bottom but not so long ago we were floating around at the bottom of a league table with robbo, smith, viduka, kewell, bowyer, radebe etc etc....

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Yeah but theres a difference between going in for a player like Sharp or Shap as you called him who is proven to score goals and signing an unheard of defender who was until recently playing along side Richard Naylor... he must have quality! Should sign St Ledger then look for a loan signing from Prem in my opinion

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George friend is injured and out for reast of season

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08 Jan 2012 18:50:01
Leeds to sign sean st ledger from leicster

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Your more than welcome to the dummy spiting donkey,, talking of donkeys how about taking bekford aswell

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St ledger has signed for the tractor boys on a free

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08 Jan 2012 18:42:05
Leeds will sign broadfoot, koumas and puncheon

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Broadfoot known as Klubfoot in Glasgow. I think we need something better than an hoofer at RB. Koumas and Puncheon would be welcome tho' MOT.

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Puncheon yes would be good koumas again he could be good for us but clubfoot pleas no

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08 Jan 2012 18:41:44
According to the daily star, Leeds are after Alan Smith!

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I would very surprised if we were but also would be absolutely elated if he come back to Leeds what a inspiration and driving force he would be .Would also go along way to bringing ER back to life get him here and give him the captaincy he could would be the enforcer we need at Leeds

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Think about what you just posted "According to the daily star"! Really think.

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Another paper with the best bits on page 3----Agree Ed! {Ed025's Note - yes mate...but the sudoku is good as well..

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Crosswords not bad either...strange today if you take various letters from all the answers it says Alan Smith...stange!

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08 Jan 2012 18:37:04
Leeds looking to sign newcatle striker leon best

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Not going to happen he is only one of four strikers at newcastle and with demba ba at the african cup of nations he will be needed for the barcodes

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We don't need any more strikers.if we did we'd sign Keogh. Best would cost money,therefore we're not signing him.

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OMG I hope so, great player given the chance Gj

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Luciano Becchio, Ross McCormack and Andy Keogh our strikers 5 GOALS IN THE LAST 16 GAMES THATS 5 IN 16 STRIKERS That's not each that's in total between them and you telling me we dont need a strikers. I beg to differ I think that's just what we need . I would go for Craig Mackail-Smith Brighten if we could get him

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That would be the 'best' signing of the transfer window if it happened!

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Where did you drag that statistic from?believe it or not,strikers rely the service provided and that's not been the best recently has it? It's not happening as Newcastle have lost Ba to the African cup of nations,if they sell best then who else have they? and I repeat he will demand a fee so we will not be signing him.

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To the previous poster who says Craig Mackaill-Smith would be the answer to our supposed goal scoring problems, this would be the same Craig Mackaill-Smith who has scored 1 goal in the last 17 games (yes that's right, 1 in 17) for Brighton?? You'd spend 3 million on a striker that's got a similar scoring record to Paynter? I despair sometimes

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It is patently obvious that we need a striker who is capable of scoring-simple as wether it be a 20 yard screamer or a tap-in as we do not seem to have anyone who can do that lately. Even though it will probably get me some stick and abuse on here but I would have Beckord back in a shot. I read someone on here saying that if it wasn't for his pace he wouldn't have scored as many- Isn't that the whole point about him? There are many lower division strikers who are scoring for fun but if there is chance to get a player who did it for 3 seasons then why not try and get him back

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08 Jan 2012 17:39:08
leeds united interested in swindin town winger MARK MARSHALL from swindon town

PROOF- sky sports transfer centre

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The same mark marshall were interested in signing who plays for BARNET?

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08 Jan 2012 16:39:41
This is true mark my words, Snodgrass is fit training and going to Stoke City

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Too tin pot for snodgrass - in fact too tinpot for billy paynter!

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I suppose you think they made it up about his appendix..what a muppet...obviously a hopeful stoke fan

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Watch this space then apologise we'll see who the muppet is

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He did have an appendix problem but there not operating

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They already did operate u ass clown. dont u listen to leeds utd press conferences? idiot

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08 Jan 2012 15:59:42
Jermaine Beckford to come back to Leeds on loan until the end of the season Billy sharp signed for Leicester so it is looking more likely! Sky sports!

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Talk at the forest leics game yesterday was Beckford is keen to rejoin leeds but leeds have not shown any interest and its highly unlikely leics will loan him to a rival side with chance of promotion anyway

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Wont happen, if you knew league rules you cant play for three clubs in a current season. Why do people like you put comments on this type of site without knowing all rules, get your self up to speed next time !

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"Wont happen, if you knew league rules you cant play for three clubs in a current season"

im not sure loan moves count?

when we had Lowry on loan, he also played for Villa and Plymouth that season and Townsend played for Tottenham, Ipswich, Watford and Millwall last season

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Hasn't he been at leicester since beginning of season which means if he did move back to Leeds that would be two clubs not three.

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He signed for leics in the close season, so he has only played for them this season?

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Didn't Beckford move before start of season? Checked Wiki n it doesn't say Everton for this season only last season?

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He actually signed for Leics on the last day of the transfer window at the end of sep. He played 2 League games for Everton this season. So it would be 3 clubs. But I'm also not sure if loans count. still wont happen though. Why would the foxes loan to a direct rival??

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You really think we want the guy after he walked away on a free?

Grass is always greeener on the other side, nobody forced him to walk...

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That 3 team rule applies to Scotland, which is why Grella couldn't join Motherwell on loan after playing for Leeds and Carlisle, he then went to Swindon playing for his third team that season. We won't get Jermaine though.

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To clear it up, you are not allowed to play for more than 2 clubs competitively on a permanent basis in one playing season, however you can play for as many loan clubs as you like. In Scotland however, the rule applies to loans also, hence the Grella situation.

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You are all assuming Beckford will be the one surplus to requirements at Leicester but remember Sharp played alongside Beckford before when leeds sent him out on loan so maybe they want to get Nugent offf the wage bill and reunite Sharp & Beckford's partnership!

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08 Jan 2012 13:04:29
On SSN it says Leeds have made an enquiry for Rangers centre back Kirk Broadfoot that can play right/Left back. I dont know anything about him?? My gut feeling is I dont want him as I dont rate O'Dear from the same league and I think we need someone proven that knows this league and can hit the ground running. We dont have any room for mistakes and therefore someone from the Mickey Mouse league at this stage of the season isnt ideal. I may be wrong and he might be a great player and I am big enough and old enough to hold my hands up if im wrong. Also just seen Richard Naylor has been released by Donny! Before rumours start, no thanks!!

Time to watch City beat the scum!!

MOT {Ed001's Note - the Rangers fans call him Clubfoot, that should give you a clue to his ability level.}

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I take back what I said about City winning. That Ref should be sacked. Shocking.


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Broadfoot is woeful, hence why he doesn't get a game for a very poor Rangers first team. The SPL has good players, as Leeds fans should remember where we got Snodgrass from Livingston, when they were relegated to the Scottish 1st Division (then the 3rd Division due to financial problems).

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Met rangers fans on hols they refer to broadfoot as CLUBFOOT so best left at gers if they think hes carp!

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08 Jan 2012 12:41:46
See Scholes has re joined Man U. What a signing that would have been for rest of season to help Clayton and Johnny

Can see it now just sitting in the hole protecting our fragile back 4

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He only came back because ferguson asked him to because of the midfield crisis! No chance he would have come back of grayson asked him to!

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You silly silly man

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Another has been to add to the list, why is is it that so many Leeds fans want veterans, surely we want players who will benefit us long term. Why would Paul scholes join Leeds??

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The question is ; Why would we want him to???? MOT

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We are at home to Villa in the fourth round after we beat Arsenal tomorrow

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08 Jan 2012 12:10:46
Leeds have contacted rangers about defender kirk broadfoot, he plays as a right back and can also play as left back, Bristol are also interested. On ssn

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08 Jan 2012 12:07:33
Leeds and Bristol city have contacted rangers about kirk broad foot never heard of him is he any good just been on ssn

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He aint too bad, bit slow but good cross on him, hes been there for about 4 or 5 years. better than what we have

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He's always looked alright, but when someone has been playing in scotland over the last 5-6 years you never know how good they actually are.

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He makes Richard Naylor look like Usain Bolt - I wouldn't want him at full back, but he's strong in the air.

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08 Jan 2012 10:45:37
Ivar Ingimarsson - could probably be a good short term solution till end of season now he's no contract.

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NO! He is terrible. I saw him play in a couple of Ipswich games with my mates, one of them the Forest game. He is crap!

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07 Jan 2012 23:54:44
Can i just ask.....I Jason Koumas genuinely on trial/potentially being offered a contract, or is this pure guesswork? He seems a good player, top ability. However he is a luxury player and never seems to settle at a club. We need a midfield general.

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