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07 Mar 2018 22:21:59
3 managers have been let down by Sahko, yet he started if he ain't using his pace to take us up the pitch, he's pointless ! The 1 at 7/8 games we took teams apart, we now have Forshaw a better player than O'Kane, so why can't we win matches?, because we've chopped and changed teams, sometimes through injuries, but we have a great 1st 11 or reserves ain't good enough!

Even our poor goalkeeper Weidwald a great shot stopper, but poor decision making on crosses, but just thrown under the bus! Can anyone really say Peacock - Farrel is better? Pennington is a joke, should be no where near our first team! Let Everton have him back, he must be more suited to the Premiere League # useless .

Shaunessy may be one of ours, but shouldn't be no where near our 1st team! Has anyone ever thought UNITA is a midfield player, try playing him there! We give Lasogga no service, then bring him off and give Ekuban no service, why ain't nothing changing?

Dallas will run all day, but has no quality on the ball, try athletics? Football is simple, win the ball, then do something with it . Give the opposition the ball and wait for them to do something, you lose, simple.

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07 Mar 2018 22:41:44
Shaughnessy is out injured? So wtf are you on about?

08 Mar 2018 11:52:12
Couldn't understand Heckys faith in Sakho (he must be s**t hot on the training pitch) and then to pair him with Anita down the left. Well that beggars belief. BPF had a reasonable game in the circumstances and is certainly worth a few more starts. I think Penningtons problem is his decision making. When to play it out and when to just hoof it clear. Maybe that will come in time but it is certainly something Hecky needs to work on. Shaugnessy, tho injured, showed when he did play that he is not out of place as a CB and I think Dallas is a workhorse who gives his all and would be a shoe in for a FB slot where his creativity is not so much required.

08 Mar 2018 13:53:55
Raggity. Whole post is hilarious.

09 Mar 2018 14:08:01
Ive thought the same about Sacko - all managers seem to start out with him really enthusiastic and believe he can do a great job (which he probably could if he had an end product) but then slowly realise he is about as much use as a condom to a eunuch.

12 Mar 2018 12:21:53
Well Brightwhite, so he is but when he's fit, he'll be playing Weilwalds being dropped, doesn't stop him from being shite !, Ausman, we all need cheering up, watching our team taking one step forward and 3 back, it's like being a gerbil on a wheel, going around and around, but going nowhere . If a player is shite, he's shite, a good manager should be able to see who can make a contribution and who can't !

12 Mar 2018 13:58:46
Wiewald a good shot ? Not sure about that

12 Mar 2018 19:20:33
Where do you think the Hartes, Kelly's, woodgates came from raggity? The development squads. Did they all make mistakes? Yes. Shaughnessy is a centre mid, and showed plenty of quality in his first games.

16 Mar 2018 07:19:38
He's a mile off being a cm player at championship level, that's a fact

07 Mar 2018 22:05:41
Disappointing, another game where their goalkeeper is a passenger. We just did not work him at all.

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08 Mar 2018 07:19:58
Youre right, but for 5 minutes forget attacking and goals, there's no point scoring a lot of goals or even having a lot of shots if you can't keep the opposition out at the other end, . you may as well play with 2 at the back and just let it be an attack v defence game. It appears more and more evident that the players train seperately and in seperate groups, to the extent that the defenders can all pass the ball between them, so can the midfielders, and lasogga can't even get the ball to feet its been the same all season. lump it to the big man and see what he does, watch like lemons. there's a clear divide within the players, and what good is it passing it sideways. All credit to wolves, they play some seriously attractive but brutal football, i was really impressed. In honesty their goals weren't too classy, the last one exceptional, but that's the difference between a top team and a below par underachieving team. We were once that team, against brum at home we played shocking football, but we ground out a result and carried on to the end, proved by dallas' goal. Since september, leeds have lost 16 games. Weve played 29. there's a false hope around the club. we had expectations because radz bigged us up at the beginning of the year. where do we go from here? hecky in charge next year imo, he's got one of those faces and backgrounds and stories that the efl seem to love, sky love to interview managers like him, if we get a bit of momentum i think he could do well at leeds, but that won't happen this year. If you haven't written off the play-offs, i would. I thought i'd be the last one to do so, but I've been to or watched all of the last 500 minutes of leeds football and it is so poor. there is one, very, very minor light at the end of this tunnel for me, and its that young lad BPF, he seemed to look big in his goal, much more of a presence, and for once i wasnt heavily judging or worrying about our goalkeeper, i was more assessing him to see if he could cope. I think he deserves another start, made saves and committed in situations i don't think wied would have. he's another useful one to play as well because even if we do see another better goalkeeper come in in summer, he might have had enough time to prove himself and go out on loan at a better team. brutally honest, sell saiz, the man has got premier league quality, no doubt, but he's got a bad reputation discipline wise, and in all honesty, if you sold him for maybe 8-10 million, that's 2 great players for this level, just as long as the right person is scouting them. If derby go up i think brad johnson shoudl come back, he won't get much time in the PL imo and i think to pair him with forshaw wed have a good balance there. We revolve a team and a formation to suit saiz, and i think that's crypitc. To me, the best thing we can do is get players in shirts who are english, understand the game, the league, the passion of leeds fans, the way that forshaw and co do. Jansson is one of a kind to be honest, bit of a one off in terms of his passion, it was a great spot from monk. Based on last night, and their performances that I've seen this season, the players that should walk are wied, lonergan, berardi, cooper, pennington, anita, de bock, sacko, alioski, okane, cibicki, saiz, lasogga, ekuban, grot. there's a full starting 11 there of players that orta has signed which are not good enough for this league, or certainly not in a leeds shirt at least. it'll take time, a few snatches from the premier league of cheap, fairly old players (30-33) and some experience of this league, mixed with an attacking threat, and youve got yourself an understanding leeds team. I do think we need about 8 new experienced players, and it won't come cheap but it will be worth it. I also think one who I've nto really mention, bradley dack, is one we should go for.

08 Mar 2018 10:34:29
Wow quite a post there Samo. I agree with a lot of it but do not think we need as many as 8 new faces and do not necessarily think they should all be English. Wolves, amongst others, has a fair sprinkling of foreign talent. I believe 3 or 4 strong signings can revitalise this team and give it the spine that succesfull teams need. The spend can be further reduced if some of the "ones for the future" step up and grab their chance ala BPF. He seemed to acquit himself well last night and certainly warrants a few more starts. I would like to see him under the pressure of aerial bombs, one of Felixs failings. The ball is certainly in Heckys court now, to see if his reputation for strong management and bringing the kids through is deserved. Forget top 6. He says he is planning for next year well let's see if that includes playing some of the kids with supposedly big potential and for goodness sake "Bring Back Ideguchi" (hope to God he's worth it. ) If Big money is to be spent let's use it on a proven striker and a partner for Pontus (if he's still here)

08 Mar 2018 23:01:20
Berahdi samo?

07 Mar 2018 22:05:26
Well Mr Radrizzani if tonight's game doesn't impress upon you how poor our team/squad is and how far we are away from being a decent team then nothing will. Wolves have spent a lot but they have bought quality, another lesson for AR and Orta. Next season a big clear out required and quality replacements needed or else we will be in the same position. I am totally embarrassed by our team and that hurts me to say. MOT.

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07 Mar 2018 22:21:43
UNLESS BIG MONEY is spent we're stuck here and then even if BIG MONEY is spent it'll 2 yr be fore a sniff of a chance of going up. why us! ?

07 Mar 2018 08:45:29
So, we are told the Leeds players are playing for there futures, good luck getting rid of all the dead wood, who is realistically going to buy any of it? we have a load of players who are a mile off it on long contracts (earning better money than they will get elsewhere).

who's going to pay for Felix, O'Kane, Grot, cibiski, klich, antonnson, roofe-sacko etc., we are going to end up hoping to send a load out on loan like we did with Luke Murphy. he's another who somehow got offered a long contract extension on decent money and nobody wants to buy.

worrying signs for next season with Radz saying the wage bill is at the max the club will pay. how are we going to bring in the players we want / need? Sell saiz and jannson? where would that leave us as a club? and if we sell them would you trust orta with the money anyway? like I say, very worrying.

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07 Mar 2018 10:20:33
league 1 and 2 will take all of those players. I think we give klich and antonsson another chance to be honest, they've proved their quality in their respective loans, but for me the rest can go. If you get 500k for each of those players, its a hell of a cut on the wage bill, okane and wied both on 6k a week, roofe on 8, grok cibicki sacko all on 4, you're saving 18k a week, and about 3m. for 2 million you could buy danny ward, and he'd probably want 12k a week being at liverpool and feyenoord. then youve got 1 million and 6k to contribute with radz money towards a new player

07 Mar 2018 11:21:30
Samo Cloud cuckoo land if you think we're getting 500k for that dross. For a start, don't see us selling Roofe Sacko or Grot. Rest we'll be doing well to get half of 500k combined. We ought to be selling Cooper and getting in 3 quality central defenders.

07 Mar 2018 11:52:14
Also cloud cucko land if you think league one teams will match the wages, the players will be advised by there agents to stay at leeds, as that is in all honesty the best money they can ever earn

07 Mar 2018 12:46:17
Leeeeeeds I think you will find Murphy actually took a pay cut when he signed his extension

07 Mar 2018 14:35:36
its just not good enough really is it, makes you wonder what a job monk did, then again, look at the assets he had, and look at the dispense radz was left with. I think when the statement came out before the bolton game that 'we are aiming for the play offs' everyone was a bit shocked to see so much ambition with a new unproven manager, and not half the talent in the ranks, this is before wed seen saiz play, no forshaw, he said that based on hernandez, ayling and jansson being our only proven performers, and with everybody thinking wood and taylor were off. naive mr radz, spend your money righ this summer please.

07 Mar 2018 22:42:53
He may have took a wage cut, I never said he got an increase, but why give him 5 more yrs at the time. what had he done to deserve it? . we have so many poor/average players on long contracts. that's the worry, alright samo saying sell them all for 500k, yeah, great if it was that easy, I assure you it won't be. no league 1 teams are going to pay the wages these players are on and that's a fact

08 Mar 2018 13:57:11
And janson. Sell the idiot. There. I've said it. He is useless. Let some team pay 10-15 mill for him. He ain't good enough. Wingeing wussy.

12 Mar 2018 19:22:07
Anyone offers 15mill for Pontus, i'd snap their hands off right now!

07 Mar 2018 08:41:33
if Bartley and Pablo go to Brum, i'll be broken.

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08 Mar 2018 00:57:53
Don't think either of them will wanna plat league 1 :)

04 Mar 2018 15:21:36
Well after that shambles of what some people call football on Friday i've accepted that we're going to be in the championship for another season, yes, mathematically we could still do it but not with this squad unfortunately. We'v had an income of £15.75m from the sale of players and a spend of £25.59 million giving us a defect spend of £9.84m.

Lets be honest here, that is the highest spend since leaving the Prem and under other regimes would likely have sold and not invested at all, so it looks to me like the money has been available and there is a genuine desire to take us forwards but the money just hasn't been spent wisely, with the few exceptions of course, millions has been wasted and that i'm sure is going to be a lesson for AR and a bitter pill to swallow.

As for as AR goes, i'm going to reserve judgement for the summer and see what he does, he can stick his 5 year plan right up his arse but i'm still going to give him the benefit of the doubt this summer, if he doesn't get it right this summer then i'l be very much in the Radz out camp along with quite a few others i expect. As for Orta, well, he should know better.

He's been in English football long enough to know what's needed, instead he's wasted millions on euro trash when he could have invested that money on a few decent players that know the league, perhaps he had his hands tied, maybe he listened to TC, who knows, maybe Radz will get it right this time and let him shop at Sainsbury's instead of Lidl. ALAW MOT WACCOE

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04 Mar 2018 15:41:32
Waitrose, M&S or even Tescos.

04 Mar 2018 19:22:24
Paulo not available at them stores as they don’t sell crap, or do they.

03 Mar 2018 00:14:27
Until now I've held AR in high regard but he now needs to take a long hard look at himself and his decisions. Lots of things he has done well but the recruitment policy has backfired massively. This season is over and I think TC must have been a magician to accumulate the number of points he did with this very poor quality squad.

Until we get a manager who has had success and can pick and choose the players he wants, we will never go anywhere. Please send Orta on his way and take his flops with him. I've been a fan for 53 years and the last fifteen, apart from one promotion, have been dire. I hope things change but I am not optimistic.

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03 Mar 2018 17:08:08
Totally agree. Radz has his heart in the right place but doesn't have the knowledge and I'm not sure he has the cash to get us out of this league. It's going to take someone with the financial clout of a Red Bull to take us back to the promised land. Can't be done on the cheap

03 Mar 2018 21:46:59
Your right speedy

04 Mar 2018 11:39:14
Hudds and Burnley didn't have a red bull? Cardiff, titties and blunts don't either? Why should we be the only ones to NEED one?

04 Mar 2018 14:21:44
Exactly Bright. Fact is with purchase of ground we only fairly recently completed our financial recovery. The financial recovery was always going to precede the team's improvement or recovery. I see us spending another few seasons dawdling in the Championship before a push is made into the PL.

04 Mar 2018 19:26:21
Brightwhite, they didn’t have crap players either.

04 Mar 2018 20:31:15
Whiteman, roger me senseless, but do you have a bag full of one line negatives? The reality is that the above teams put in place the exact same plan, both business and sporting, as Radz is trying to deliver for us now! It's proven to deliver success. But no, we are Leeds and we expect it immediately! Don't forget how close we got to going out of existence, and then appreciate we still exist, and are moving forward! Ffs.

05 Mar 2018 13:58:02
Brightwhite Oh now your talking MC save Leeds not Radz mate

05 Mar 2018 19:30:04
Your wasting your time whiteman you can't have an opinion with brightwhite unless it's his. Beginning to think it's heckys wife in disguise

05 Mar 2018 21:20:22
Martyn to true mate 100%with you.

07 Mar 2018 09:52:10
Good Leeds fan is Bright.

12 Mar 2018 19:29:45
Lol fellas. I only dress up as his wife on Thursdays! Pop socks and sling backs! But as I've said on here many, many times, everyone can have their opinion, and I am equally allowed to disagree, which I do freely. MC started the resurrection, yes, now Radz is completing it. Business stability first, then on the pitch. If he doesn't deliver, I will be at the front of the queue to get rid of him. Satisfied?

02 Mar 2018 23:01:56
Why doesn't Berardi seem to get any flack from the majority of fans, he is absolutely shocking! He loves a tackle and wears his heart on his sleeve but he is a terrible footballer! Ayling has been a massive miss for us it's all gone wrong since he got injured! Anita has played for the Dutch national team, let that sink in for a moment.

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03 Mar 2018 04:14:53
Anita was the worst player on the pitch. Atrocious Berahdi the best. Defenders are sposed to tackle! Let that settle in.

03 Mar 2018 06:26:12
The Dutch National team never qualified for the World Cup! Now you know why!

03 Mar 2018 08:32:54
Out of that performance you chose Berardi to single out? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

03 Mar 2018 08:47:47
Every single one of them needs singling out! From 1 to 11 they were absolutely useless, Anita and wiedwald should never ever pull the shirt on again!

03 Mar 2018 09:02:29
You talk of missing ayling? I remember people slating him before he was injured

03 Mar 2018 12:46:48
Anita is being used to fill gaps but never in his best position. Given the options I'd like to see him used in midfield alongside forshaw. DeBock at left back and beradi at right back then judge them. As for keeper, whoever turns up with a pair of gloves!

03 Mar 2018 13:19:33
Agree Giles. Anita looked the worst player on the pitch because he was up against the stand out best player on the pitch! Traore was outstanding, and I doubt there is a faster wingman, with such good feet as him in this league!

04 Mar 2018 19:28:25
Ausman what for it, I agree, wow.

05 Mar 2018 09:07:58
So you want to play a lad who came in as a right back initially, who failed there, failed at lb, and now you want to try him in CM? the boy can pass, ok. your best midfield 2 right now for me is forshaw and dallas. i fully understand why norwich were after him, he's such a hard working player, he gets us up the pitch, he hasn't got the skill element of a winger but he can cross a ball. anita is no where near good enough, and was made to look good last year by matt ritchie who worked hard all the way down the right, defending and attacking. I've said it for so long that there is so much dead wood in this squad that we cannot afford to be paying the wages of.

02 Mar 2018 22:48:14
I too do not fully blame Hecky for tonight but I am puzzled on his midfield pairing. How could he not play Forshaw with Viera the mistake was highlighted at half time when we competed a little better with their introduction.

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03 Mar 2018 08:34:48
Can understand him not picking Vieira as he’s been awful recently but to be honest so have O’Kane and Philips. Forshaw should have started but toss a coin for who should have been along side him as not one of the other 3 is producing at the moment.

03 Mar 2018 11:02:37
I think Forshaw as been on maternaty leave and as probable not trained all week coming back from injury didn't want to risk him.

02 Mar 2018 22:36:03
You cannot tell me that in the whole of Europe, the first division, the Championship there isn't a brick wall, gobby, defender who could do a job at Elland Road. Same goes for a GK. There must even be a few GKs rotting in the reserves of a Prem team who would jump at the chance to revive their careers with Leeds. Orta, earn your corn for once, get to work now. Scour every anue but JFDI.

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03 Mar 2018 09:13:49
Expect Rob Green would like a game. Oh forgot Orta got rid of him.

03 Mar 2018 11:36:06
Shay Given is still available. You could break his arms and he'd still out perform Felix. Orta out.


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