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04 Sep 2018 22:29:29
Worked on a house hopkins sold to a mate of mine. found a wage slip. take home was 37k.10k was appearance money. he left about 30k of fittings and furniture.
Don't think he was doing a moonlight with those kind of wages back thenwhen will that have been? can't remember.

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05 Sep 2018 18:49:34
Please tell me that wasn’t his monthly take home and we weren’t paying him that a week.

05 Sep 2018 19:13:39
Monthly mate.

05 Sep 2018 19:34:53
Yeah, that’s what I meant but my spud fingers got then message wrong! About 9 grand a week - wonder what we pay nowadays.

03 Sep 2018 10:08:19
Hi guys, new to this site. Loved reading all of your disagreements so I thought it was about time I joined in.
I think Bielsa has got the boys believing in themselves this season and there is definitely a real team ethic showing. When you can get Hernandez and Saiz going box to box to get the ball you are doing something right.
Does anyone else think we might have wasted some money on Bamford? He might come good when he is up to speed with the way we play but i am not so sure?

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03 Sep 2018 12:05:26
Certainly my jury is still out on Bamford. He needs a long run to prove himself but I hope that never comes. It can mean only one thing.

03 Sep 2018 14:41:20
Do not think we can judge him yet on the playing time he has had. Strikers need a few full games under their belt to get up to speed with rest of squad. Only time he has started is with reserve team so hard to say. Think he has goals in him but as leodis says will not worry too much if he never starts.

03 Sep 2018 16:41:33
Welcome mutley! I think he will prove his value in time, but like Leodis and BIGE, I'll be quite happy if Roofe continues in the form that has him nominated for player of the month for August, high he deserves!

04 Sep 2018 13:45:55
Disagreements? I don't know what you are talking about are you sure you have the right site?

welcome to the madness buddy.

04 Sep 2018 22:09:04
Hi mutley and welcome to the site. We don't all agree at times but we all love leeds!

01 Sep 2018 22:44:09
That acid test for us is the 15th of September against the in breads ( millwall)
Last year top of the league and unbeaten .
Went to milkwall got bullied, lost and it all went south from there. Just watched millwall lose at home after being 1 up and Swansea down to ten men.
There manager was fuming, they are going to be angry, physical and it's leeds.
What happens there will I think shape our season.

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02 Sep 2018 09:03:06
Agree slough i had similar thoughts, the Millwall game and Preston game our next Two. Maybe tougher games than what we have faced so far. Teams know how we play now and don't think we are going to be a surprise with our style of play. Do think we have more than enough to get a result but these type of teams will be up for us and in our faces.

02 Sep 2018 13:39:08
We'll be fine, IF we get a decent ref.

03 Sep 2018 14:07:51
Mutley a big welcome to the mad house, I would agree with you can’t see how he will fit in the squad a team the moment, needs to prove a lot as to date he’s far a part, still we are doing great at the moment, in joy you time on this site.

03 Sep 2018 14:47:30
Think we will beat Millwall, different team from last year, more grit and commitment. Wall have not got much to offer and will be surprised if they finish with ten men. Preston play well but against our first team they will struggle. Think Bielsa may have a plan for them.

03 Sep 2018 14:49:59
Absolutely AL! That boro ref was a joker! Just watched back the Friend tackle on Harrison that wasn't a booking, and the accidental tangle of legs that got Samu booked! Shocking double standards!

04 Sep 2018 13:48:09
depends if Bermo is going to the game - he doesn't have the best of luck when watching his beloved Leeds.

04 Sep 2018 14:55:52
It's the same every game Bright, I think someone will have to drive a car onto the pitch and run one of our players over to get a penalty.

01 Sep 2018 13:15:06
We will be top going in to the international break

Absolutely would of lost that game last season . Actually we would of probably lost 4 games already this season without bielsa

Boro will win the league and we competed well . Although I think already I'm seeing with our style of play we will pick up injuries and I think bielsa May of underestimated the size of squad we need .

He has let 22 players I go I think which is good because they weren't good enough but we absolutely needed another defender as cover .

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01 Sep 2018 17:04:40
I tend to agree Mighty that Boro will win this league. They have to hope so, as they've spent a lot of money over the last 2 years, and I'm sure they will have some problems if they don't. Like you say, we more than matched them, so hoping we will be right in the mix come May!

01 Sep 2018 18:15:39
Surprised if they have not already broken the fpr budget to be honest but then again other teams do seem able to overspend only to be punished later which really makes the ruling a joke in my opinion .
Saying that Middles look like being a top of the table team so happy with a point and clean sheet.
Thought gk was excellent last night, we really missed PH with those cutting passes .
Big tall physical side and it really showed at times .

01 Sep 2018 13:14:28
Bloody international break! Flip side is that we have a rest and Bielsa has another two weeks to work with most of the players and to analyse what has gone before.

For me two areas that we need to improve on to make a sustained challenge, our performance against the top six and that against the dirtier, tougher, park the bus type teams.

On the first, last year, I think we got 9 points against the top 6 and 1 win. Always difficult to know how the top six will shake up, but if you take Stoke, Derby, Swansea and Borough, that's 8 points, 2 wins and no losses by the international break. No bad start. Like to see us against Villa, Forest, Brentford and West Brom, but there seems to be progress.

Now on the second, Preston showed how tough we can find it against this type of team, ok the B team but our A teams have struggled in the same way in the past. The difference hopefully is Bielsa, but I think we still need to put this one to bed and guess what, we have Millwall away and then Preston at home and Bielsa has two weeks to think about it. I think, strangely enough that if we can deliver two back to back performances against those two teams and 6 points, then we should start to feel that top six is definitely on!

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01 Sep 2018 18:18:24
On the other side hopefully we could get Forshaw and Izzy settled in .

31 Aug 2018 22:40:37
Just got back from the game. Well I've watched 3 Leeds games this week and we've got 2 points from them! Don't know how it looked on the tele but the atmosphere was electric, great support, 35 k! Losing Hernandez was a gutter. Shows how important he is to the team and how often he had a hand in a goal somewhere along the line.

Harrison had his best game so far and although Ayling was off defensively he and Douglas pinged some really good pases across the park. Solid game for Bailey and you e said it all about Berardi. Lots of times Alioski was in a good position and we chose not to use him, Saiz, tried but struggled to find the space and make the impact.

But it's another point against one of the seemingly better teams and now a rest!

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31 Aug 2018 21:54:48
That's another game we would have lost last season. Good point, I'll take that. Still top with a 4 point gap to third.

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31 Aug 2018 21:53:55
what a display and what a great performance

some might say we was not great going forward but I think we was up against a great team defensivley with good defenders and best defensive coach in UK (maybe world pulis is great at that)

borough are top team and they didn't outclass us today

thought BPF was great and showed class and matuirty in hard game

also thought i would never ever say this but Baridi was MOTM for me, he was pure class, one bad note was his stuipd tackle that lead to yellow, it can be costly but other than that he was so good and i was really impressed (which is something from me as his harshes critic)

cooper showed his lack of class and was poor tonight against a better team (history repeates)

KP aka the crab had one of his better games but is still poor

worried we got no cover for KP again he just ain't good enough (its the same old song) and cover in defence as cooper is hit and miss, beradi is 5'8 and pontus is injury prone and suspenion prone

outside of all the negitive great performance and went toe to toe with team who I think will be champs so MOT.

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31 Aug 2018 23:37:44
Agree with your comments regarding Cooper. Against the better teams he shows up as a liability. To be fair he didn't make any major gaffs but my heart beats faster every time he's involved.

01 Sep 2018 08:33:11
Agree with you overall but thought Phillips did a brilliant job of protecting his defenders. He was so disciplined. Always covering angles. Always offering an outlet ball to his defenders. And always supporting behind the dynamic forward players in case a reverse pass was all that was on. I do agree he is "over optomistic" with some of his challenges but his decision making will improve with time and good coaching.

01 Sep 2018 10:04:39
Also thought Cooper was a rock. The only Leeds player, beside BPF, over 6ft. He took responsibility to compete against Boro's giants each and every time. He showed character.

There won't be many centre backs who keep Assombolonga as quiet as he did this season.

01 Sep 2018 16:14:17
Axe if that’s your assessment and opinion of Cooper then fair enough. Personally I think his idea of keeping the opposition quiet is a combination of wrestling and rugby.
Liability is ‘red card’ Cooper, he will cost us with his poor football discipline.

01 Sep 2018 20:06:23
IBilko, i have no doubt that Cooper will be recipient of more than a few yellow cards. Maybe even red ones too. But he is giving his all for Leeds United so I am going to be 100% behind him

In my time I have watched lots of physical centre halves. Some better than Cooper some much worse. As long as he trys his best for Leeds with the talent he possesses then i will back him. If the manager finds a better cb, then i will support that person too.

01 Sep 2018 20:21:55
Spot on Axe, and ditto!

03 Sep 2018 10:37:02
In terms of cover for KP, Forshaw is now back when the international break is done, and izzy brown also back so if needs be klich or baker can sit deeper to fill that role. KP needs bigger performances against team like wall or he will be dropped, saw that against Bolton when he was brought off that bielsa isn't afraid.

31 Aug 2018 21:44:32
Great game to watch. Great ad for the quality of this league. My dislike for Ayala, Friend and assombalonga has grown! Good point!

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01 Sep 2018 15:36:02
Ayala and Flint are a pair of freaks, be good to see how they get on with Crouchy when they play Stoke. Pulis will get some stick from the Stokies as well.

31 Aug 2018 21:42:05
That was a hard fought game and a good point IMO. We stay top and four wins and 2 draws is excellent stuff. We did miss Pablo though. Enjoy your weekend lads.

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