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12 Dec 2014 18:20:33
Hear we have a new COO who will run the club when/if MC is away to March.

Matt childs is his name, has been working behind the scene for a while by all accounts, don't know him but is a fan from Leeds area.

A good move in my opinion so we can get on with things while the FL try to beat us up over the crossing of t's and dotting of i's!

3-1 against Fulham tomoz for sure, well hope but RM is bound to score

DG the voice of reason

1.) Make sure we applaud him it will confuse him as he is expected to be bood

2.) Who we booing?Matt Childs or McKiss the badge??

3.) 13 Dec 2014 06:00:35
Matt has been working a couple of days a week working on the commercial side at ER since Paul Bell left for Wednesday about 2 months ago.
Defo a Cellino man.

4.) Matt is from Rothwell
Anyone want his mob

5.) 15 Dec 2014 10:40:15
matt childs is he related to lee and if so can we sign Jack Reacher



21 Oct 2014 16:58:51
Have seen it mentioned on a couple of sites (HITC etc) that seems to be a bit of a rumour that if we lose at norwich tonight (which has to be on cards) and don't beat wolves on Sat then Milanic is out the door.

The thinking is that we have a ready made replacement in Redders. This could just be lazy rumour but if we do lose tonight then coach will have a worst record than big Dave Whackaday and that will not be good for him in MC eyes.

What do we all think? my opinion is it would be too soon to judge after 6 games, mind you if after 8 you haven't won then maybe it just ain't meant to be.

DG the voice of reason

1.) What with our latest results, I can't get no satisfaction.

2.) It's too early to sack Milanic. He came with some pedigree, so you give him time. Also, it's not just the results, but how the team plays. The team was clueless under Hockaday. The team has been in nearly every match under Milanic, though the results are satisfying to no one. At some point, you just have to be patient with a manager and give more than 5 matches to succeed or fail.

3.) You should become a phsycic! good prediction!



24 Sep 2014 12:14:29
Judge in Italy has made the decisions known re her ruling, FL may well now start again against MC even though MC is appealing the ruling so they should wait as I believe in Italian Law this is still early stages and MC not judged guilty yet (unlike our law system).

Of course the FL do appear over eager on this as we know so I'm pretty sure they will be jumping on this asap.

DG the voice of reason

1.) 24 Sep 2014 12:25:04
I've just read something similar myself, Harvey seems content on getting Cellino out of Leeds United. Would it be possible for him to name Ercole or Edoardo as main owners! The tax case isn't against them afterall and they have already been granted Directors approval?

2.) Yes, it would seem it's one law for us and another for the rest of football and I think the FL will be still smarting at their defeat to Cellino's original appeal. No doubt the press will be all over this scare mongering and penning utter garbage. I suppose it sells their papers. Who say's we're not famous anymore?!


3.) I read somewhere and it said MC cannot sell to anyone who he may have influence over regarding the running of the Club. This apparently is further to the Oyston saga at Blackpool.


4.) The FL do not have it their own way. If MC can buy a company in UK, register with HMRC and pay dues, then the FL are on dodgy ground. It may well be that FL do try, but an appeal from MC would win the day .
Interesting times ahead.

5.) FL on very dodgy ground - Can you imagine the fallout from the media, FL having found MC "improper", he appeals AND wins, runs Leeds, like he has for the last 6 months, then found "dishonest", FL try and get him out of Leeds. How "improper" of the FA is that!!
FL corrupt??
Surely it's time that the FL was investigated - You have more corruption going on in the game NOW, with fit & proper test - What was it like before??
Come on FL, leave us alone!!

6.) If he's allowed to trade in the UK, (which he is), if he's allowed to buy any business he likes, (which he can), and if he's allowed to register with HMRC and other regularity bodies, ( can't see why not ) then I don't see FL or PL having grounds for any refusal. That's what I have been trying to say.

7.) 25 Sep 2014 15:49:35
hi i'm 32 and i'm a leeds fan the fl dose nt like leeds and they wld do any think to get leedsutd out of the football league and all this that they r having a go MC he is doing the best job leeds in a long time. the fl r trying to get MC out of the league if leeds get done for this then Birmingham City should get done as well and if u ask why the fl r having a go at MC about this boat thing and all he could get is a fine but the owner of Birmingham City is in jail and he is still aloud to run the club so the fl need to pull they finger out of they butt and leave leeds alone

8.) In my opinion, neither the FL or MC have a strong case, rules are rules but the spirit of enforcing those rules on someone who has and is investing in a club as MC is doing needs to be questioned. The case could be drawn out have numerous iterations and cost FL and Leeds a lot of money. My suspicion is it could also undermine the whole system. Therefore if MC is convicted of dishonesty in Italy, but considering his current good work for Leeds United and it's impact on the FL, would a suspended sentence not server a better purpose? It would be a victory for both parties and keep MC in check should his actions become less than go honourable or dishonest?

9.) It's a tricky one for FL. The wording of the rule basically says that an owner fails the fit and proper persons test if they have 'unspent convictions for dishonesty'.
In other words; having a conviction for dishonesty is not enough. That person would have to have been found guilty and currently be serving the sentence handed down to be deemed 'unfit'.
If Cellino gets a suspended custodial sentence, FL will try and block him.
If Cellino gets a fine and pays it with no commuted sentence, I can't see that FL would have any reason to reapply the test.
That Cellino's lawyer has lodged a formal appeal citing a great many problems with the latest ruling in his fraud case just prolongs the waiting. Personally, I think he should just pay a big fine and be done with it. Must have cost a fortune in lawyers, already but it's probably not the money that's driving his actions in this, more a point of honour. Italians, eh?

10.) Oh and on the 'can buy any company' argument. Think of FL as a private members club. They can't stop anyone owning a football club, that would be a restriction of trade but, they can apply their own rules to determine whether that football club gets it's 'share ticket' allowing the team to compete.
If the club's owner is banned, FL can't force them to sell but, owner would have to have very deep pockets to keep a football club running without the revenue of actually playing football.

11.) Also to add if it is just a fine he has got that is regarded as spent after 12months under UK law. If he can drag this out some more??

12.) Lufc spain, good point, and the conviction will be considered, under UK law, to be "spent" in March next year :)

13.) That's quite right LUFC Spain, but it won't get into the 12 months until fine is paid, not as you seem to suggest at commencement of proceedings. And of course if it turns out to be a custodial sentence, even a "Suspended" one that's a whole new ball game.



15 Sep 2014 14:55:26
Hearing that Alejandro Sabella could be in line for a return to Leeds! (ex player in the 80's for us). Just done a good job for Argentina at world cup + has club management exp (not in England mind).

Now that would be interesting if true!

DG the voice of reason

1.) Would be excellent, but very much doubt he'd come back to us

2.) Yes not long seen that one, well let's face it a step up from D H .
I recon Redders to sort next two games, poss new boss in on sat .
M C has said next coach foreign .

3.) Massive massive state of intent if he pulls this one off.

4.) Wow! Our last manager had been out of work for nine months after being sacked as Forest Green Rovers and now we're going to replace him with the man who got to the World Cup final? Thanks for letting me know (PS - send me your bank account details and I'll send you a fiver for imparting this wonderful piece of news #gullible).

5.) 16 Sep 2014 11:40:14
I heard a similar rumor on the newsnow site, it had a quote from the man himself stating that the Leeds United job was an interesting one, as he felt he still had unfinished buisness with our mighty club (to paraphrase).
He might still baulk at the wages on offer though.

6.) Yes he is making all the right noises it would be from one extreme to another and M C has sort of made a hint with looking at a foreign coach with international experience comment .




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04 Oct 2016 16:07:29
With hindsight it was a good job that we got O'kane when we did, goes to show it makes sense to get a player if better than you have even if you have numbers in that position.

He will be a bit of an un-sung hero in the team the way he is playing.

Just imagine punters a back six of a fit Berardi, a re-motivated (? ) Taylor, the Giant Swed, Bartley, Bridcutt and O'Kane.

IMO that is as strong a defensive 6 unit as anyone else in the league with Phillips also starting to look good. At the start of the season not many of us would have believed that!

Just hope no-one else gets injured before xmas and it could well be good times here we come.

DG the voice of reason

1.) 04 Oct 2016 17:57:11
Acquisition of Okane a masterstroke. Makes everything and everyone else work better.

2.) 04 Oct 2016 17:57:20
Been saying about the quality if signings Brid, Bark, PH and O'kane all played championship or higher.
And I'm nor suggesting we go back to being has-beens corner but when you sign or loan players like this you have faith that they can cut the mustard .
For my liking we have rushed into far to many signings of unknowns who have proved under par .
Instead of eleven players signing four or five quality players looking forward, I believe will take us forward.
When you look at the clubs in the mix, they sign players performing for other champ clubs or prem players struggling to get a 1st team spot .

3.) 04 Oct 2016 19:37:49
Said it when O Kane was first mentioned that he would give us a bit of bite in midfield that we have been badly lacking and like has been said will be an unsung hero for us this season.

4.) 05 Oct 2016 14:54:24
Good post dg
Looking better than half prem in defense
Oh. To get boobs. Oops. Meant top half sorted.



26 Sep 2016 17:48:44
I wonder how Cook / Bryan would feel if we went up and West Ham / Bournemouth went down?

I know it won't happen, but watched those teams play on Sat and it seems they both can't get games at the moment.

SB had a mare last time he did for WH. saw it and he may not play again for a while after that and there is a guy called cook who plays for Bournemouth but not lewis cook, very confusing, as was looking forward to see him playing. he has only played 130 mins in all games this season by all accounts.

DG the voice of reason

1.) 27 Sep 2016 06:16:16
They could both end up going down dg, especially the hammers, and as keegan once said I'd love it, just love it if they did.



21 Sep 2016 12:45:55
Its official!

GM now has a better win rate than the mighty DON!

Monk just under 55% win rate (6 from 11) , Don 53%.

I know Don was over loads more games, but point is just 8-9 days ago GM on verge (well possibly but who knows really) of being sacked and if we win on Sat he will have around a 58% win rate.

O'Leary was 50%, Larry 50%, wise 44% and Redders 40% to put in context (off Wiki so hope right) .

Last night again average in many ways but we have a plan/ way of playing which should only get better.

Agree with most of Mowatt comments, he has gone backwards and to me just doesn't look really fit at all. Wood/ Pablo came on and made a real impact, changed the game, good to see.

DG the voice of reason

1.) 21 Sep 2016 13:53:54
Fantastic news, GM is our newly crowned greatest ever manager DG or are you stato in disguise?

2.) 21 Sep 2016 14:56:48

Why did you fail to mention the win percentages of Hockaday and Milanic? They must be up there. Lol.

3.) 21 Sep 2016 15:03:57
I ain't as fat (yet? ) as Stato off the box Lucas, but you have just got to love facts, I mean we all have opinions on stuff which is great but 6 wins from 11 games is a fact that no-one can argue about, bit like Wood scoring 6 from 10.

You don't have to rate him but 6 from 10 games says a lot, no matter how they go in.

Just glad the moaners are in the background again (until our next loss anyway) , just hope we have a decent crowd and a win on Sat no matter how we play.

4.) 21 Sep 2016 20:30:31
I wouldn't get too excited yet, the only teams we have actually beaten in the league this season are the bottom two teams?

Hopefully we can kick on now, but the Don's record includes EVERY team they ever played in the league, not just a few at the bottom of the championship?

5.) 23 Sep 2016 08:25:45
You forget our win at Sheff Wed!



12 Sep 2016 16:55:38
On Saturday it was clear to everyone that GM was playing people out of position again, but worst than that is that he never really tried to change the pattern of the game. Even when he did finally react his subs were not a reflection of what was happening in the match.

To me any decent manager should react if plan A not working quickly and change formation/ players if needed.

He didn't and that game should have been 0-0 as it was so dull. I blame us for not pressing them on the ball so they looked comfortable, but to be honest I would look comfortable on the ball the way we played and I'm Sunday league standard.

I could not post on Sat after the game as just angry really at lack of leadership from manager and team.

Jansson and Bridcut only did well, Bartley was OK as well but that is it.

Wood, Swedish Ant, Slow mo Mowatt, Phillips were really really poor.

Tomorrow play people in RIGHT positions! please GM.

I would play 4-2-3-1 but attack and press more.

Play same back 4 (I would play the Cat now we have a bigger defense as well but he wont, Green slow to move these days too old) .

O'Kane with Brid.

Sacko/ Roofe wide (or Dallas) with Pablo (Mowatt when Pablo gets tried or not doing it) just behind CF which would be Swedish Ant.

I would play that team at Cardiff as well and say to the players you have 2 games to keep shirt but maybe GM does do that but they don't listen?

On bench I would be tempted to include that young kid as a forward or try playing Roofe as a CF, we need to do something as no threat at the moment so nothing to lose really.

For me I just want to see what he is trying to do but I can't, he really needs 4 points from next 2 games but both Blackburn/ Cardiff can be beaten with the players we have, they should be good enough but we are going backwoods.

DG the voice of reason

1.) 12 Sep 2016 17:56:33
We hear you DG, it's going to be Wood alone up front .
Please fond hard wooden surface and bang head until pain out ways despair .

2.) 12 Sep 2016 18:00:48
Totally agree DG, the subs were like for like and made no sense. Roofe scored 20+ last season (in league 2) playing as a forward not a winger. Sacko, although inconsistent has pace to trouble defences. Antonnson, has movement buts requires a link man to feed him. Instead Monk persisted with the slowest winger in the world in Mowatt and a striker who is as mobile as a snail carrying a heavy bag of shopping. The mind boggles.

3.) 12 Sep 2016 18:09:34
Think with Roofe as a striker we pose a lot more of a threat, Monk has come out and said he knows what works and what doesnt, so how can he play Wood tomorrow?, because its odds on he will, even Evans has come out with a comment ofthere are 3 plaers who will always deliver, Talor, Bridcutt and Wood, good grief, first two yes, but wood?, is he watching Leeds play or what, so if y sme chance Evans does return, were still stuck with Wood, what a depressing thought.



02 Sep 2016 09:34:42
No game tomorrow so how about this as a thought of the day.

In 2001 Deloitte ranked us as the 5th richest football club in THE WORLD! in their football money list, ahead of teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid + Barcelona (hard to believe but true my friends) .

The above is a fact as I looked it up.

As that is only 15 years ago I can understand why a lot of our fans feel such anger at our lack of investment recently.

Makes you think even more about the potential of this club (i. e. to be a better potential investment than most of the current PL sides, if only it was that simples! )

DG the voice of reason

1.) 02 Sep 2016 14:59:18
Good post DG and it makes you scratch your head to think why no-one has really seen that potential as far as investment goes. I'm not slagging Cellino off as he's having a go this year but there's some silly money being splashed around this season and I don't think the investment we've made as a club will get us promoted. Sorry but that's my honest opinion - really hope I'm wrong before anyone says I'm negative.


2.) 02 Sep 2016 19:29:11
Well MM we all hope we will he up there, but I agree the evidence so far doesn't back up our dreams. Let's just hope the Monkey can prove us wrong.




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08 Feb 2016 22:20:14
I wish I knew "things" I could then become almost interesting or I could pretend now who would ever do that in the land of all things internet ha ha.

Guys I have no idea if Jeff telling porkies or not but I think most "normal " types on here are on here not to play games, so if anyone does wanta play games good for them but no-one will really give a toss.

Good read above guys enjoyed it.

PS I really do know no-one which thinking about it is bloody sad, I'm going to hang around the Thorpe arch car park every Friday so I can hear stuff.

DG the voice of reason



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26 Jan 2016 17:16:16
He looks a bit of a FAT lad to me, also goal stats about 1 in 5 in career so not that great, so a no from me.

DG the voice of reason



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22 Jan 2016 10:36:39
I have heard fee has been agreed for Toumani the French geezer above.

He is a strong tall (6 2") tackling midfielder who breaks things up and seems to pass pretty well, 28 so knows championship well and will provide strength in our midfield. Won't score much as doesn't get forward too much but can provide assists, not an attacting type midfielder.

won Brentfords fans player of year last year was wanted by Rangers, if true then in my opinion he would get into side as adds more strength/ knowhow than cook, more mobility/ speed than Mowatt, would be a good addition looking at the stats. for example he has about an 86% pass completion rate so looks better than a lot of our other midfield options.

So with Brid, this guy holding the middle, cook and playing Dallas/ Muzzy out wide that looks better moving forward.

DG the voice of reason



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04 Dec 2015 16:19:36
SB ain't worth more than 12k a week at the moment, seems fair offer to a player who has (no matter why) lost form and Berardi is playing better.

hope he signs but if not then sell him, hopefully get decent money and get someone else in. It is what most other clubs have to do when players don't accept a deal (unless you are R Madrid, Mau U or someone) so it it happens it is not the end of the world.

Mind you the papers will paint it this way, all doom n gloom and a lot of fans will believe them so for sake of unity I hope he stays and gets back to form of 18 months/2 years ago.

I would say that C Taylor seems to be a better full back than Sam as well and he would be a greater loss.

DG the voice of reason



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24 Nov 2015 12:54:46
At current prices/form/contract situation I would take 3-4 m for SB (with sell-on clause) and Cook (don't want him to go but hard to say no to prem) for 8-10m for sure (with sell-on) .

Just think what you could get in terms of pretty good championship players to add steel/know-how to our midfield/defense plus a decent forward, I dunno but I would say maybe 5m -6m for 3 good midfielders/defense types and maybe 3m for a fwd with change left over for MC to pay his legal bills ha ha.

DG the voice of reason




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01 Dec 2016 22:31:47
Roofe not scored yet so can't see the logic in dropping Wood for him, we don't have those players (Sergio/biter ) who are world class and also in championship it is good to have a focal point of attack, still interesting opinion White but for me wood is doing the business and roofe still needs to which I hope he will soon (score I mean) . We do need another player who is going to get us goals on a regular basis apart from wood and maybe if roofe scores 1 he will get loads otherwise to keep in top 6 the defense are going to have to keep playing real blinders, small margins in this league as we all know.

DG the voice of reason



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19 Nov 2016 22:58:14
Will be there and feeling like they can be beat as well, so 2-1 to us and we will go 4th, not bad as we still in november.

DG the voice of reason



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14 Nov 2016 22:21:54
Me DJ and I agree with you can't see why he would sell right now just as we are starting to get good, not much sense in that. I don't think it was ever really a story that had legs.

DG the voice of reason



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25 Oct 2016 16:35:45
I hope we win, don't think he will change the whole team but I would expect 4-5 at least. I would rather take 3 points from Burton and a draw away to Norwich than to progress in the cup if it meant we don't lose in the league, still I may get all 3 of those. Would be good to go in to the Newcastle game having beaten Wolves, Norwich, Burton and not lost to Norwich away in league, can that be done?

DG the voice of reason



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21 Oct 2016 16:06:58
Mowatt not good enough on current form to be in team, give Roofe another go. Taylor ain't playing great either and don't play him out of position he will be worst, he is no winger really is he. Roofe is used to that role and OK has not done it yet but he does have the potential to be useful if he just had more confidence in himself.

DG the voice of reason