23 Jan 2021 08:56:05
Leeds interested in Marseille left back Jordan Amavi gor a summer move. Played in PL previously.

1.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 15:34:37
Good player when we had him he was unfortunate with his injury, was sorry to see him go to be honest.

2.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 22:07:00
When we had him?

3.) 23 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 22:45:06
Yes, he played for us for two years, he cut his premiership teeth with us.
We paid Nice 9 mil for him.

4.) 24 Jan 2021
23 Jan 2021 23:48:27
Villa fans. Confusing isn't it? They prefer the Leeds forum to their own (for obvious reasons) but when they say 'we' they mean Birmingham.

5.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 11:42:02
You've got same sense of humour as me Alf 😂.

6.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 13:28:40
It appears so, it is that of a young mind.

7.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 14:46:28
Well said Villa Dave they seem to have it in for you and wack on hear don't they it's only banter I say banter but some of comments beggar beleave malc the Wigan white they con say what they want against me I don't give a flying stay save pal MOT everyone.

8.) 24 Jan 2021
24 Jan 2021 15:04:11
Hello Whitey, I am all good thank you, hope you and your family are well.
Yes mate, I was not sure that some of you guys new Amavi`s history, that`s why I answered the post, shame really.
To be honest Whitey, he blew hot and cold with us, and found it hard to settle, and that is one of the reasons we moved him on.
Good player though if you get him.