07 Jun 2022 11:54:53
Rasmus kristensen is officially in Leeds, he’s currently at Thorpe arch and will return back to Leeds and Bradford airport this evening after spending the day. That part is factual

My personal assumption is he’s having a medical and probably looking at the facilities.

1.) 07 Jun 2022
07 Jun 2022 18:35:58
LAD My personal assumption is he attended Royal Armouries museum and Leeds city art gallery then he completed a medical.

2.) 08 Jun 2022
07 Jun 2022 23:45:33
Ooh, I liked the royal armouries, maybe on the next visit in September.
May as well go on a match day as there won't be any chance of getting a ticket for the game!

3.) 08 Jun 2022
08 Jun 2022 07:59:05
Spotted him in The Dragon pub, Wortley, eating a bowl of chicken wings with a lager shandy.