04 Jun 2024 16:30:02
Gruev to Dortmund? £30m rumoured? Prem teams sniffing around? Bite their hands off, we'll have gray and amps back in midfield next season. Gruev did superb after Xmas on the run, thanks for the memories.
Just hope it doesn't mean we're getting Kalvin back.

1.) 04 Jun 2024
04 Jun 2024 20:49:02
Where you hear £30m, mate? Haven't read a number in any of the articles I've read. And if £30m I'd drive him to LBA myself ?.

2.) 04 Jun 2024
04 Jun 2024 21:16:31
The oracle that is Facebook Dil, must be true.

3.) 05 Jun 2024
05 Jun 2024 07:13:42
Club are asking for 15-20m to consider selling him. Even at 20m, I would expect there to be add ons; still young, still a lot of potential there to go on to bugger and better things, based on his break through form, not when he was told to slow things down.

4.) 05 Jun 2024
05 Jun 2024 11:21:37
Bugger!?!? Pmsl! ???.

5.) 06 Jun 2024
06 Jun 2024 00:54:25
Not sure about letting him go. Was very good for a while. Has got heaps of potential and as you say bright still young. Would have to be 20 plus. Could get decent enough replacement for 20.

6.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 11:41:34
Gruev is solid in midfield, plays smart, fast football, is accurate with passes, even those at angles Jimmy White would wince at, and is often a solid wall stopping their attackers.

Kamara on the other hand.