14 Aug 2019 22:40:02
Really wouldn't take anything from last nights game a team a lightyear below the standard of what we will be facing this season its really comparing apples to oranges.

1.) 15 Aug 2019
15 Aug 2019 00:17:33
Thing is Wex we do not need to learn a lot. We know how we are going to play, we know we will dominate games its just if it is all going to come together. In Costa, Eddie and Shacks we have 3 class players who are not in the first team yet but could solve some problems. Wish Bogus had got to show what he can do. Got to hope everyone stays fit and Ayling is back soon. Think it will be another season that plays out right to the last game.

2.) 15 Aug 2019
15 Aug 2019 08:19:59
We did learn that with seven changes the younger players can still play Bielsaball and in previous seasons we have been turned over by lower league teams.
The other thing we learnt is we now have some pace in the team .
One time where White was sprinting back he looked so fast, in Eddie, Costa, Shacks we can add pace to our attack.
It was the biggest game of their careers for the opposition, they were not going at it half hearted.
Sky kept showing all the Manu connections in the stand, until they went behind they never showed them again.

3.) 15 Aug 2019
15 Aug 2019 08:36:38
Salford are probably the best in league 2 and possibly at the moment would be a mid / top league 1 team. Yes we should still be beating them but they are not as bad as their league position would suggest. They caused us some issues.

4.) 15 Aug 2019
15 Aug 2019 08:49:40
Wed, I think you can take something from every game if you use it in the right way, lot more minutes for Costa, introducing Eddie, first game for Alfie, White and Davis, useful test.