19 Apr 2021 06:07:14
Question for Ed001. Could a player playing for one of the breakaway clubs claim breach of contract, walk away and demand the return of his registration or something along them lines on the basis that he disagrees fundamentally with what's about to happen and he just wants to play regular Premier League and Champions League football which might be the reason he joined in first place or worked very hard in the academy?

{Ed001's Note - there will certainly be issues with player registrations as the teams will not be within the FIFA system. Potentially a player could challenge it, at the very least, as they would be banned from competing for their nation as well.}

1.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 08:51:16
I believe they would have a very strong case in doing so George. IF it happens (remember the breakaways announcement has them remaining in their domestic leagues this is just a European breakaway jolly to replace European cup they state)

But i’m sure there will be some player with a modicum of morals and values who will fight this. Fundamentally the player would have to resign their contract claiming constructive dismissal against his football Employer.

Probably citing the loss of playing in European Cup FA Cup and for their respective Countries as a breach of their current terms of employment which will no doubt currently reference these terms.

Of course with a £425 million joining fee for each founder member the clubs will request a ‘mutual variation’ of the current contract in which the player will be rewarded with many millions of pounds to tear up the old terms and sign the new.

Have yet to read a football supporter come out and say it’s good news, even VD may agree with us all on this point!

2.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 09:19:08
Why would a player challenge it? Why wouldn't they want to play in the most glamourous league ever devised with no doubt even more money?

I can't see them being banned form playing for their country as they tend to be the best players in the world so their country needs them. If that happens I can see the rebels forming their own World cup which will superseded FIFA as the best players will be in it. FIFA have to know that as do the FAs around the world so they will be powerless to stop it and have to either play ball to survive or see their power, influence and finances disappear.