23 May 2022 18:19:36
We averaged 1.25 points per game under Jesse with a depleted squad and off the back of a run of Heavy defeats and a lack of confidence in the team .
That would equate to 47 points over a full season . I'd take that next season.

1.) 23 May 2022
23 May 2022 19:53:49
Surely we should be aiming higher 57 points at least, especially if we have any chance of holding on to our best players.

2.) 23 May 2022
23 May 2022 20:32:29
With a proper transfer window and preseason, JM is capable of 60 points.

3.) 23 May 2022
23 May 2022 22:38:37
A little vague George. What constitutes a proper transfer window? We could spend a net 100 million and still struggle. We really need a successful summer with players ready to go.

4.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 06:36:30
Cork In posts below I recommend a net spend of around £150M.

5.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 06:43:18
You only have to look at Villa’s huge spending last summer and them only finishing on 45 points. I think if we finish on that amount of points for next season it will be a successful season. If we can keep hold of Raphinha with two or three top quality players and if Marsch turns out to be a maestro we might have slightly more elevated position but that is unlikely.
It’s good to be positive though and believe we will do really well next season but it was so disappointing this season that I do understand that the Premiership is a very competitive league and in our our debutant stage after a long absence from this league, we will do really well just to finish safe in the lower half in the league. Then hopefully with our continued status in the Prem we will gradually improve.
Even with Newcastle’s massively wealthy owners, I can see their growth being progressive and not instant.

6.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 09:53:18
Am I starting to hear rumbles of "Europe next season" Let's just consolidate, bed in new players have 3 windows and then let's see what a push brings.

7.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 10:26:51
100% agree with both leo and Op, let's walk before we can run, i'd take 45 points next season.