23 May 2022 21:48:20
Can't believe Leeds have let Nohan Kenna leave to join Hibs . looked a great prospect should have given him a contract and sent out on loan.

1.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 00:34:54
Very disappointing
Why have they done that?

2.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 06:50:14
Baz Probably based on an informal arrangement that if he didn't feature this season he'd be allowed to leave to progress his career. Makes sense because we're going to be concentrating on acquiring midfielders this summer too. If he couldn't get a look in now, best not to hamper his opportunity. At least he got a booking without even playing a second for us.

3.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 09:46:46
Shocked and dissappointed. I had him down to feature next season. Maybe not every week but certainly regularily. Try him in a DM pairing see how he fares? I can only assume that their are plans for a big momey DM to come in (hopefully pair with KP) .

4.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 20:05:32
Apparently we offered him a new contract, but he decided to move to Hibs as felt more likely to get first team football there this season.