25 May 2022 07:57:39
Jesus Christ football relegation seems so ridiculous when you read what has happened overnight in Texas .

Oh my Christ horrendous . Sometimes there really are no words!

1.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 10:20:09
Indeed utterly horrendous
Will the US ever ditch it's gun culture though?

2.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 10:47:24
It won't Baz, have family in Texas and the standard answer from many in US is usually something like, if the bystanders had guns they'd have shot the shooter before they killed so many.
Scary society, certainly was odd to me walking round mall's down there and seeing so many people carrying.

3.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 14:32:56
They are an odd breed, to justify having guns to help stop other people with guns is ridiculous.
It will never change, too many right wing …. sters in too many positions of power. Nothing will change until it becomes illegal and you can’t buy a gun when you are getting your shredded wheat!

4.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 15:37:34
It's probably on the brink of being too late to change. If they banned guns tomorrow there are so many guns around and so many e=with a gun mentality that it would take something major to change. What major? is I do not know. Obviously massacres and presidential assasinations are not big enough. What is?

5.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 16:27:45
First of, even though I live in California, I'm not an American. I grew up in a neat little town they call Belfast in the 70's and have also lived in Toronto for a number of years. So yes it's absolutely horrible that these people have to attack unarmed little kids and it's absolutely astonishing how intellectual people will continue to use the phrase 'god giving rite' for owning guns, and yes that's plural. Normally I keep my mouth shut on these matters as arguing with stupid and against the 2nd amendment is pointless. Most normal caring people would understand what the real problem is, the availability of all types of guns to a less than lowly educated mass, who think they still live in the wild west. The last couple of years have made it increasingly clear that this place in which I currently live is NOT the UNITED States and that the Federal Government is a most 'get rich corrupted' place in the country and will never change that god given rite unless they can make a lot of money. As an example of how broken the great experiment of democracy is, is if the feds pass a law, each and every state can accept that law and put it into their OWN constitution, or can completely ignore it and make their own. So we have Texas, where it is legal to open carry, loaded weapons on your person, to California where it's not legal to have a loaded gun on your person without a permit, and there's NO open carry (unless you have a 3d printer and made your own) which 90% of all gang members have now

From the land of the strong and the free - but only if I have a bigger or more guns than you

Looking forward to a highly impressive transfer window, and please do not let Rapha or Kalvin go . and I'll give you the 2 quid for 'couldn't score in a hen house' roberts.