01 Jun 2022 18:41:47
Who would you like to keep out of Phillips or Raph If one was to go this summer?
It's a tough one.

1.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 19:51:30
Heart says keep Phillips head says keep Raphinia

And that’s based on Phillips’s role being critical for Bielsa, where as Marsch more circumspect in approach and think Phillips would have far easier, progressive role at other clubs E. g. Citeh.

But under Bielsa….

Phillips playing we had 41.3% win rate
Phillips not playing we had 26.7% win rate

With Marsch way of playing, I don’t see that being similar stats, so critical.

2.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 20:45:52
I would say Raphini because he submitted a request to leave, hopefully we I’ll get a replacement just as good or better. Still let’s hope both stays.

3.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 21:07:59
Raphinha definitely ( logical reasoning from Class as to. why )

4.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 22:22:43
If one has to go, then it should be Roberts . no wait Cooper, no wait Firpo - keep both rapha and phillips. I'm sure the 49's will invest more.

5.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 22:39:52
The Leicester model of selling one of your best players to fund more incoming didn’t really work for Villa and their sale of Grealish.
Keep KP, keep Raphinha, make a statement that we are serious with the inclusion of two or three quality players this summer.